1. $OTIV ...wait...there s that $50 share claim in two years!

  2. $OTIV Sh.tty stock puts you in shi.tty places. Unless someone pump this again I m expecting this to 40 cents soon and flush my accnt.

  3. $OTIV Sub $1 coming to a Pump & Dump near you.

  4. $OTIV NFC going big in two yrs or less. Keep holding folks don t let them scare you. Pros know buy low sell high.

  5. $OTIV There hasn t been much to celebrate around here lately, but I think I see a hand reaching up out of its grave http://stocktwits.com/message/33395072

  6. $OTIV Just lurking. No sense in getting my hopes up already. I do miss my 5 grand though.

  7. $OTIV More buyers than sellers today...time to move.

  8. @NerdTrader heh, I know, looks like $1.30 could break, $OTIV And the CEO even offered a quote or two, probably not through clenched teeth.

  9. $OTIV about one of every four paid parking sessions in Israel is paid for using the EasyPark device

  10. $OTIV http://seekingalpha.com/pr/12683226-oti-receives-five-year-contract-extension-for-easypark-in-israel 5yr. contract extension for easypark in Israel.

  11. $OTIV Samsung newest phone S6 uses NFC - question is, does it buy components from OTIV? maybe?

  12. $OTIV

  13. @JoCo5049 @gettnthatguap $OTIV remember too, they removed the poison pill, last year.

  14. @gettnthatguap : to add $OTIV low PPS maybe makes for attractive buyout- value in suite of patents/customer base. NFC mkt needs mture time.

  15. $OTIV No body wants to hang up not knowing what the direction...looking to get out...waiting...may lose 90% of investment

  16. $OTIV Sinking ship after lunch...heheh

  17. $OTIV 2 gold nuggets riddled with maggots down. heheh

  18. @NerdTrader The key takeaway, for me, is that they won t PR orders if customer does not permit the PR. $OTIV

  19. $OTIV One penny gold nugget up.

  20. $OTIV Endless amount of trolls on this page.

  21. $OTIV I think we re seeing a pricing in of CEO leaving on bad terms because something is wrong with company They said, was on good terms

  22. $OTIV That is what we saw a couple quarters back, analysts were surprised by revenue because they didn t PR orders.

  23. $OTIV Some ask where are the orders? Well, they gave the answer, they don t PR orders if customer doesn t want it PRd.

  24. $OTIV Today, being options expiration & end of month. We either gonna run to $1.90 or down to $0.60 s. Drive it like it is...all the p & d

  25. $OTIV No real reason to fear. Board & mngmnt are working to launch details soon. Still 2 months PT $5.