1. $OXBT lol 100% bullish

  2. $oxbt@barna u covered on 3/28 between 5.46 & 5.79 & now u r going to short again at 5.50? I am confused by your logic or lack thereof.

  3. $oxbt@barna Now u r saying I said not to buy in mid 4 s and today I said I will short if it gets to 5.50 seems right to me . So which is it

  4. $oxbt@barna so 2 days ago it hit $4.46 and now u r waiting on $5.50? Either we r all missing the logic or u sir are full of hot air.

  5. $oxbt@barna Not to belabor a point but a few days ago you told everyone not to get in yet @ low $5s because you were waiting for sub $5. ???

  6. Oxygen Biotherapeutics just filed its Confidential treatment order http://y.ahoo.it/LZITPydg $OXBT

  7. $oxbt@barna, NOW????????

  8. Oxygen Biotherapeutics s Chief Financial Officer just picked up 15 shares http://y.ahoo.it/sC05aRH7 $OXBT

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  11. @barna oh man! You are killing me! I want to pull the trigger! Throw me a number.. $OXBT

  12. $OXBT NOT YET!

  13. http://y.ahoo.it/YTrCzyMJ Morning Update $WAVX $UNXL $PSTI $PLUG $OXBT $ONVO $HPJ $HALO $GSI $ETRM

  14. $OXBT called sub 5 but not ready to buy in yet

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  16. $OXBT loading this up

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  18. @barna is $OXBT a good buy yet?

  19. @Gibbyc4s I also like $OXBT. I did a run 6 to.8 now waiting for 5.15 to get back in. Drug used in Europe and southamerica. Take a look

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  23. $MNKD Remember $OXBT and $LJPC everyone that bought the dips got crushed

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