1. $OXGN It has been said many times, growth for big pharma companies comes from acquiring small cap bios.

  2. $OXGN Tomar Howson is now on the board of directors. She was in on the IDIX deal. Seriously people do you need a safe to fall on your head?

  3. $OXGN how much cash does this company have on hand and when was their last offering? thanks in advance, looking for a starter position soon

  4. $OXGN hangin tough on low volume. any news and this will explode.

  5. $IPCI idea for you, move your IPCI money to $OXGN

  6. $OXGN Wow is this rally really starting? I was expecting around sept. Way undervalued and up nicely in premarket. Double digits ahead!

  7. $OXGN @Secret Wainwright and his henchmen on the job!!!

  8. $OXGN Why is this stock pps so beat down? Pos ph2 in March but then keep dropping everyday!

  9. $OXGN (2.57)Trading Higher In Pre-Markets...May Go Today

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  14. $OXGN Dont posted old NEWS

  15. $OXGN if it gets to 2.60 s it s heading back to $3 imo

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  17. $OXGN this will not be single digits for long!!

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  19. $OXGN OXiGENE Announces Second Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast.. http://y.ahoo.it/7Gn7xX83

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  25. $OXGN in 2.45