1. $OXGN held some important support levels on low volume selling. 4th attempt at that 3.30 res http://y.ahoo.it/X9LeGpTU

  2. $OXGN i guess we arent out of the woods yet

  3. $OXGN That s interesting. MM has a very powerful computer to manipulate the market. Mon 3.12; Tue 3.11; Wen 3.24; Thr 3.11. Real Value is !!

  4. $OXGN let me know when the run is over....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. $OXGN boo!

  6. $OXGN is the VDAs technology Leader !! VDAs are the Future not RNA !! VDAs = Small molecule vascular disrupting agents:

  7. @RoseTrades read facts !! ZYBRESTAT Potential http://y.ahoo.it/7XPEQ6LV !! Oxi4503 potential http://y.ahoo.it/mtHqm2NJ $OXGN

  8. $OXGN I have a feeling the running is indeed starting, dependent or independent of $IBB (50% to 50%). We may see 3.25-3.50 today.

  9. $OXGN SOAR ! ZYBRESTAT is 32% more Powerfull than Avastin 6 Billion Drug !! No more bad Chemo needed ! Billion $$$ Market OXI4503 !

  10. $OXGN Oxigene inc : A $ 3 Stock That Should Be Trading At $15.00 http://y.ahoo.it/25fWD3Uf $AGEN $KERX $ISIS $ALYN $PFE $MNKD $AMRN

  11. @apaschea accumulation is ongoing , shaking weak hands out at open Market the last 16 days $OXGN see you over $6 soon

  12. $OXGN love this action. Less downside when ibb tanks, and recovers faster whe. It moves back up. Also some nice bids and not as choppy

  13. $OXGN ibb getting pounded again. Hope our last few days aren t erased

  14. $OXGN 3.5 today. Let s run....

  15. @gregpap @ValueInvestor2013 Haha. I pump it too. But I am pathetic at all. I hope more people know $oxgn is a free money printer. :-) Cheers

  16. @gregpap $OXGN people like you have no background !! go Home ! Cover short

  17. $OXGN don t expect b/o from roche/gsk,the company has no major shareholders to sell,so its difficult...only sell of the drug,as zogenix did

  18. $OXGN A PM continuation of last night s AH. $3.30, though it s only 500 shares. Hoping for a great day. http://y.ahoo.it/mE80f54e


  20. $OXGN AH trading 14000 shares by 4:30 PM, and then 5500 more by 7:30 PM. That s very interesting. Shorts want to take a free ride???

  21. @royal $oxgn you are welcome!

  22. $OXGN Small molecule vascular disrupting agents: potential new drugs for cancer treatment. OXI4503 Abstract :http://y.ahoo.it/XoWWPCtv

  23. $OXGN The priority drug Zebrestat tested in 400+ patient, both safety and efficacy are ensured. as fantastic as Avastin!!

  24. @royal Yep. It has been running (competing) with Genentech during 1990-2010. Roche bot Genentech at 2009 and will buy $OXGN. Interesting his

  25. $OXGN does everyone know this used to be a 100 dollar stock....