1. $YELP $FB $TSLA $TWTR $P $LNKD $GRPN $GOOG $GOOGL the day when google broke the market.

  2. $GOOG and $IBM are going to make it hard on the markets tom., momo s which have been struggling could have a tough time $FB $SCTY $P $AMZN

  3. $KNDI Must be a scam... just like $P $LNKD and the countless other stocks that got shelled by the bearish influx... SMFH

  4. @Thorgood $p is better

  5. $P is looking even worse now that $GOOGL shows decline ad prices.

  6. Momo Sectors Bounced | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://y.ahoo.it/bpqe43nu $YELP $P $VJET $ALGN $IMGN $VIPS $FIO $AMZN

  7. $GOOG $IBM $AXP all missed, what makes idiots think that garbage stocks like $YELP $P $GRPN are a buy? lol

  8. $P Looks like it ll flag to 28.50 before we see this pull back to break 24.

  9. $P Technical indicators show a bullish cross in MACD and Stochastics, 75% chance up. http://y.ahoo.it/4D8Dtche

  10. @PeterCTrader Shorted again for a Quick Trade from 4000 X $27.39 to 27.28. Lot of VOLUME in $P

  11. @PeterCTrader U don t have Cristal ball nor than U don t know how mrkt will react to ER good/bad. $P could be well over 28-30 for ER. G-Luck

  12. $P True there will be a cap but with more users Pandora is getting it will cost them more Cash.

  13. Looking at the nasdaq, you want to short $FB $SCTY $TWTR $P type stock for a play through tomorrow. Thats my thought and likely plays.

  14. $P Despite all the lobbying with Congress to reduce the price of fee from record labels fees are just going to get higher and higher.

  15. $P Investors need to know that $P is full of freeloaders. Costing them Millions...

  16. $P $26.32- 26.41 cover range/ closing range

  17. $P Short 1700 shares @ $26.99.

  18. $P I think it will hold 26.50, maybe P is out of wood. Been long and short today on $P but Overall I m more bullish with the action today.

  19. $P Triple top. At $26.97 sell sell sell

  20. $P adding shorts. Will close around $26.25 a share

  21. $P short if this hits 29.95. Not going to hold

  22. $P - http://y.ahoo.it/DFhonkar - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 26.845. Time: 6 days 1 hour. Volume: 60,029,252.

  23. what happens when company is raising guidance? $FANG $CREE $P $MU $RH http://y.ahoo.it/VIUKyCwD

  24. @BeckyHiu Take a look @ $P too Becky price action is looking good too. ;-)

  25. $P Good Price Action here !