1. $P ,The Fool owns P,& pumps it incessantly

  2. Is the Spotify IPO Right for You? ($AAPL, $P): http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/09/30/is-the-spotify-ipo-right-for-you.aspx#.VCsVLjlPpwI.twitter via @themotleyfool

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  4. @CARRAWAYP was getting a list together, thinking $F $GM $ADHD $FSLR $TSLA $SCTY $CLF $CNET $GPRO $amzn $P $z $NFLX and macro analysis atm.

  5. Buying $SOCL for easy rebound play, upcoming catalyst plays $EBAY $P $LNFLX KD $N $EVRY

  6. $P LOL so they bribed the only bear analyst left and he even left his PT same, hilarious joke.

  7. $P dump again, its heading lower

  8. Pandora Media upgraded by Albert Fried & Company to market perform. $20.00 PT. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NYSE/P/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $P

  9. $P Set s a record for stick save upgrades as its price drops. Well, if such records were kept.

  10. $P ,short on bounce,market perform is a sell

  11. $P always uses the mkt bounce to propel it and then continues to float up. Why would you buy this?

  12. $P ..market perform

  13. Pandora $P upgraded at Albert Fried

  14. $P .dump again

  15. $p in the 23s! fun stuff!

  16. $P getting giddy on the downside again... http://stocktwits.com/message/27356939

  17. $P Spotify launches in Canada for all while Pandora snoozes. http://globalnews.ca/news/1589553/music-streaming-service-spotify-launches-in-canada/

  18. $P big dump

  19. $P Still holding short from 37 long term acct. Looking for -20.

  20. $P Breaking down could retest previous low about $21.50

  21. New market analysis video and $P $YELP $YHOO http://y.ahoo.it/SXPDLTty

  22. Thoughts on $P? I have a block, avg price 30.57, I ve been selling CC since May, avg price now 25.57. Will it get back up near 30?

  23. $P ... Pandora just needs to add more skips, give less ads and add a replay button.

  24. $P ,headed to 20

  25. $gpro, is it to late to declare $gpro the anointed stock of 2014? the $p and $nflx of yesteryear? I think not.Not looking for a breakdown.