1. $PACB Feb 2 (Tuesday) high $13.98 noted

  2. $PACB won t work though, IGEN sued Roche in 03 and got their ask price...

  3. $PACB someone s (*cough Roche) is manipulating,look on NASDAQ real time,100 shares sold every time it goes up one cent.R tried with IGEN too

  4. $PACB day trade market this month get set up and play it or live in the hole for the near future

  5. $PACB Such a scam...

  6. $PACB holding @9.8 missed sell order @10. This morning riding it out but no avg down. To many buy in opportunity, lxrx, aemd

  7. $PACB so tempted to cover and sell other positions to buy more PACB...bought more @ 9.65 yesterday with powder...

  8. $PACB so oversold ... Big buy opportunity


  10. 2/5 Trade Plan - $PACB $LNKD $DATA $SPLK $VHC $GLUU $TRXC $CLX - http://mintcapitaltrading.com/daily-watch-lists/25-daily-scan/

  11. Who can tell me when $PACB will make a profit

  12. $PACB If you don t believe that the 21st century is about genomics, or if you re a day trader -- get out of this stock.

  13. $PACB Anyone who truly understands the evolutionary technological innovation that is SMRT is not paying attention to day traders.

  14. $PACB tomorrow could be big up or down, I m holding cash so looking forward to something incredible to happen one way or another.

  15. $PACB doing exactly what I was hoping it could do. Looks like a good buy back now. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/PACB/WMCgduGj-PACB-Spiking-with-volume-but-under-trend-line/

  16. $PACB sold on the rumor and made out like a bandit.

  17. 2⃣0⃣ Biggest Market Losers $PPP $RL $PACB $RFP $SPSC $KSS $SNCR $DUST $PMT $IMPV $AWH $FORM $CS $CRK $GPRO $UGAZ

  18. $PACB Bears have their victory for a day, bulls will have theirs for many days to come

  19. $PACB No trade at 9,57 so get these tomorrow! Good night.

  20. $PACB Accumulation Distribution facing Down, don t fight the trend, take your profits, if you have something Left, this going down.

  21. $PACB http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2016/02/04/analysts-weigh-two-falling-biotechs-pacific-biosciences-california-pacb-osiris-therapeutics-inc-osir/

  22. $PACB

  23. $PACB: OMG...this is way- way oversold....crazy buy opportunity. Can be bought out on any given day......LOL

  24. $PACB Order in for 1500 at 9,57.

  25. $PACB got those 1500 as well. Thank you for for this.