1. $PACB cover 5.88

  2. Short $PACB 5.97

  3. $PACB Sold +.11 gain. Was greedy looking for 6 break never happened left .08 on table. Daily hot like hansel tho $CGIX $BGMD could go.

  4. $PACB looking good

  5. $PACB looking good today. $ILMN field.

  6. $PACB come close @6.

  7. $PACB 46k block @ 5.90 lets see her go.

  8. $PACB holding, POWER HOUR COMING.

  9. $PACB 6 dolla holla

  10. $PACB easy 6 today.. just getting started.. may trim for +.19

  11. $PACB trying?

  12. $PACB looks like it wants 6

  13. $PACB going in here.

  14. $PACB almost 6$.Good

  15. $PACB a definite acquisition target with the value of their tech

  16. $PACB looks like it wants to take out 6

  17. $PACB in on 2nd hodb @ 573 ...tight brackets

  18. $PACB Pacific Biosciences.. daily dynamic chart: http://y.ahoo.it/jTSAtu87 (no posn)

  19. $PACB A close above 5.50 can easily push the stock over $6 short term

  20. $CGIX Gap up yesterday, S test at 50MA today, we shall see where she goes. $PACB $ILMN $SQNM we might have a run in the diagnostics soon.

  21. $PACB go go.

  22. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 1.6% in $PACB in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  23. $PACB grinding higher

  24. $PACB pop

  25. $PACB great news from Roche.Nice.Should get some high soon.