1. $PAL 10 minute chart never looked so good. http://y.ahoo.it/5NTftLTj

  2. $PAL when are we going to see an actual turn around?

  3. $PAL http://y.ahoo.it/MG6j4Dhl U-Tube Video

  4. $PAL 3/14 From Seeking Alpha http://y.ahoo.it/Qr88SZnJ Note Deep Value...Long

  5. $PAL The book called The Grand chessboard calls for USA control of Ukraine. Hmmmmmmm. Ad.

  6. $PAL So this deal is B.S. Talk the talk but can t walk. Me thinks USA wants this war. Ad

  7. $PAL Deal made,international monitors agreed upon,how to make it work is unclear. Ad.

  8. $PAL Only a beginner, but I spy an ugly bull flag http://y.ahoo.it/m0kiWz1J

  9. $PAL So Much For The De-escalation? Kiev Says Military Operation In East Ukraine To Continue. Stay tuned. Ad.

  10. @Me2Greedy @Stocktrader1234 @thinwood $SQQQ market bear $PAL bull

  11. $PAL Glad you are in here Charles21.

  12. $PAL No looser s here in my book

  13. $PAL Anyone trading this stock is at least into pgm s so with that in common I wish us all one thing.Do our best & make money.

  14. $PAL Trade/Invest. So,21 I hope you can understand my long position. If targets are met (per guidance) this penny stock is worth a lot Long

  15. $PAL Once before I said everyone in here is right.A lot just depends on you time frame. 21 I just did a swing trade with znga.Popped I sold

  16. $PAL Small trade 6k

  17. $PAL I am glad I got back in today.

  18. $PAL Investing is different than trading 21.Trading you sell on a catalyst.Investing you buy low as possible with the expection long growth

  19. The only truth is Price, it trumps everything. stories, bias, excuses why something isn t. It is the ultimate judge. what is $PAL PX?

  20. $PAL Think Bears can keep the hot air in thier balloon if all the spending & lending were for nothing? If not Bulls just might get a pop? :)

  21. $PAL Bearish,the Q1 report gives the fundamentals.Average sales price & spending.Reduction in cost per OZ & more

  22. $PAL stop treating this stock like a yo-yo and maybe you might get the CEO of the company to help prop up this stock.

  23. in $RTK 4/14/14 @ $2.12 a share. out 4/17/14 @ $2.21 a share. nice gain. still long $pal, also long $ko.

  24. $PAL Forming a base here going up soon added more today

  25. If a company can t AFFORD to close its business, it s in bad shape. Not sure what $pal longs r waiting 4 Q1, mkt already knows the prod #s