1. $PANW new highs http://stocktwits.com/message/28426783

  2. $PANW It did seem expensive. But this is a great company with a great niche . Just wait for a new entry point.

  3. $PANW has been pumped too much. Time for $FEYE to steal the show

  4. @Swm @JaredTyndall $panw I wish I could go on National TV and say whatever I want to affect a direction in any particular stock. Get it?

  5. @Swm @JaredTyndall $panw Since his last pump with the CEO just 4 wks ago?He is not without complicity in some form.You are very gullible.

  6. @Swm @JaredTyndall $panw He pumped this stock with the CEO less than 4 weeks ago. Today he made a reversal. You be the judge.

  7. @JaredTyndall This ****er only talks his book. His trust sold $panw in the morning and he trashed it in his AH s show. The rich get richer.

  8. @JaredTyndall The chart,looks like any other good chart.So he bought in very early,go ahead and take profits,just don t trash on TV $panw

  9. $PANW Don t be mad at cramer ..you guys should have known this was over priced . Pigs and sheep getting slaughtered Monday

  10. Retail listening to Cramer right now because he did pretty well just called the recent bottom. $PANW $PAY $NXPI $BABA

  11. @alexanderhward $panw has a bigger market to play in but $feye has the ingredients for the next James Bond movie

  12. Jim Kardashian Cramer apparently lifting (and sinking) some boats tonight $PAY $PANW

  13. $PANW Cramer said sell sell sell so expect weakness on Monday..I took my profits already..better places to allocate now with less risk

  14. $AAPL $PANW $DATA why I am bullish these stock and my plan of action on these. Video link explains http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBmYZZgjCV8&feature=youtu.be

  15. @jimcramer on $PANW: 1 - too expensive at 100x calendar 15 2- insider selling recently 3 - convertible debt at $110 potential dilution

  16. Excellent takedown of $PANW by @jimcramer. Priced for perfection http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000323820

  17. $PANW - went too far too fast. I prefer Feye at this moment, it has more potential to go up to 40$ now.

  18. $PANW Didn t realize one person ( Cramer) can move markets.... That is scary $PAY

  19. $PANW Classic pump and dump.. How this keep hitting new high when nothing going on.... Like $feye the company doesn t make money fgs

  20. $PANW seem like I was right haha.. Willl sell my puts first thing in the morning!

  21. $panw There is a reason that Cramer s show is on after the market closes.

  22. @ExceedingExpectations $panw It s great that he can front run his trades on national TV.Sucks,he should be in jail.You bet his trust sold.

  23. @alexanderhward look at the income statement, $PANW makes double the sales of $FEYE

  24. $PANW didnt know cramer carries this much weight nowadays.

  25. $PANW Cramer foiled the plot to pump this to $110 and set off a wave of dilution. The conspirators will dump at will now. Could get oooogly