1. $PANW Protect us!! Putin wants to own the world!! China wants to be the richest in the world. We are the nicest and kind. At the EOD

  2. $PANW The world is getting more dangerous. Are we too nice and naive . I hope our government and leaders working behind the scene to

  3. $PANW. Systems, worse damages than rockets and guns. I fear about this a lot. How about you. A stock does not mean much.

  4. $PANW. Bloomberg now..Canada accuses china of cyber attach. Yesterday Putin is payingeople to break his network. We need to protect our

  5. Palo Alto Networks upgraded by Zacks to neutral. $83.10 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/kMThgxAo $PANW

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  9. $PANW. Will break to new high. Yellen wants to compare PE for tech in 1999 and now ..was $152, now about 25 or so. Get numbers on CNBC

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  11. $PANW Looking to add here on any pullback of -3% or more going into earnings! BULLISH

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  16. I still expect to see $PANW on the Fab 5 candidate list soon

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  23. $PANW hitting resistance today like a brick

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