1. Stocks with news: $AST $PSTI $PBMD $GE $AXN(earnings winner) $BONE $LIFE

  2. $PBMD $$$$$$$$Nice news 1.50---1.70 today

  3. $PBMD Prima BioMed Raises A$1.55M Through Placement to Sophisticated European Healthcare Investor http://stocknewsnow.com/companynews/79824666/PBMD/101843

  4. $PBMD receives another 1.5 MILLION dollars, Oil and Gas tumbled yesterday, Rebound today? $CHK $EXXI $GASL NG not showing confidence $UGAZ

  5. $PBMD: New SEC Filing for PBMD: Form 6-K, No. 0001193125-15-341974 http://stocknewsflow.com/1506184_000119312515341974_0001193125-15-341974

  6. Prima BioMed: Asx/Media Release (Code: Asx: Prr, Nasdaq: Pbmd) http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2082403 $PBMD

  7. quality investor too $PBMD

  8. $PBMD more investment=good news!

  9. $PBMD News just out!! http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20151013/pdf/4321fwt2p1yrd6.pdf


  11. $PBMD .01 per day GREEN, Im fine with that....Big news is on its way....Every day gone, is one day closer.

  12. $CLSN power hour!!!!! Fly baby fly we need some help from $CANF & $PBMD $PACB

  13. $PBMD No trades since 11:12 am ET?? What s going on?

  14. $PBMD Phase2b initiation for IMP321 until the end of 2015. Also could be news from partners Nobartis and Glexo.

  15. $PBMD I think what we are looking for is the FDA approval from news in May.

  16. $PBMD even on such crappy news it pops. So what expect from something serious.I am long. Too many catalysts.

  17. $PBMD It s clear funding news won t hold this puppy. We need some concrete clinical news.

  18. $ISR I love to make my guys money thats why i recommend $ISR $VGGL $SFXE $PBMD and $HEB BIG$$$$

  19. @McDreamy $PBMD btw, this grant is nothing new. It s the last installment of an already existing contract. Not exactly news - back to $1.15

  20. Recap for 10 / 9. Traded: $ACRX $PBMD $BTU $WGBS Watching: $ZINC $EVOK $APDN $UTIW $LDRH $CBLH $CLF $NYMX

  21. $PBMD Overall not a bad day. News wasn t worthy of large jump. Constructive day technically...tested and bounced off the 50dma at 1.20

  22. Nice week overall. Up were $F $SGYP (big) $VHC $GMCR $RCMT $INVN $MNKD $PBMD $NBG and only down was $AMDA. These weeks do still happen!!

  23. $PBMD How many shares outstanding dor rhis company?

  24. $PBMD added another 6k in shares here today...she is bound to explode soon...you never know what day will be the day

  25. $PBMD If you feel disappointed b/c you wanted to sell pre-market around 1.70 don t worry too low of volume - transaction wouldn t go through