1. $PBMD think it may be time to quit this comment board can t tell who s pumpin who...

  2. $PBMD why would anyone lowball themselves like that

  3. $PBMD who is waiting till it gets to 2 bucks...I am looking for 12

  4. $PBMD it only has to go up 44% to get back to 2 bucks when it hits and only 100% when it hits 1 buck

  5. $PBMD Just a matter of time, One PR will fry all the shorty

  6. $PBMD i think this could possibly get as low as $1 at this rate. Same thing happened with CYTX.

  7. $PBMD Probe Biotech s Diverse Subsectors for Strong, Undervalued Wijmahttp://www.thelifesciencesreport.com/pub/na/16701#.VZQ6MNMhl3U.twitter

  8. $PBMD I hope people doing enough research before enter this at least. If you buy stock only base on numbers or color. Maybe casino is easier

  9. $PBMD I knew porky was good for something http://tg.51.com/search/webgame/tuiguang.html?f_com=zpbh2_287018&baidu_domain=news.baidu.com

  10. $PBMD if lag3 and cvac get partners or just advance or get FDA fastrack, 6.40 will be the base. #powehousebiotech

  11. $PBMD that article gives enough confidence :)

  12. $PBMD http://www.thelifesciencesreport.com/pub/na/16701

  13. $PBMD check your hair color again, @southernbelle...that was on ASX...not Nasdaq

  14. $PBMD Does anyone else remember in recent times where the bid/ask was 0.02 vs 0.01?

  15. $PBMD why people not dump all in once....where is the patient? Just try harder be patient....

  16. $PBMD read street report below understand why this is a powerhouse . Very lucky to have shared this low.

  17. $PBMD Price right now is 222% above 52 week low. Why didn t I look at that when I bought. Need new hair color

  18. Probe Biotech s Diverse Subsectors for Strong, Undervalued Companies: Van Leeuwenhoeck s Marcel Wijma http://www.thelifesciencesreport.com/pub/na/16701 $GLPG $PBMD

  19. $PBMD anyone who has done homework knows this company is SOLID I m guarding my shares like Ft Knox no worries here BULLISH

  20. $PBMD low volume for such a drop its retail folks selling

  21. $PBMD 6k avg 1.55, anyone think this will go up above that soon?

  22. $PBMD Porky Don t work too hard for small short. lol

  23. $PBMD every day you hold this stock your deciding to buy. Monday s mass dilution announcement changed everything. perma-bulls go broke.

  24. $PBMD just block liars when they are the real pump and dumpers in the same months. First person I ever blocked was porky

  25. $PBMD @californiamaster be mad at the company for doing this to you and others. hopefully other investors will not have to loose money!