1. $PBMD anyone think this will ever fill gap at 5.90 or am I at a loss for how much more time???


  3. $PBMD no volumes

  4. $PBMD booooooo

  5. $PBMD captain sure but that when i turn 80 years old. I wont enjoy my money by then

  6. $PBMD The Cap t avg d down picked up 4k more shares at 90, so now own 44k shares total at .95, will be a seller with double or triple, easy.

  7. $PBMD new buyers in , lucky who is buying it now

  8. $PBMD Let s not awake the pig. He was saying indeed, this is going to 080. But, doesn t matter. I stay

  9. $PBMD bio is getting crushed today.

  10. $PBMD awesome just awesome 😟

  11. $PBMD@eddy1 what is happening? Dow is extra green , 800 points up and we are only stock down make sense?

  12. $PBMD whats happening?

  13. $PBMD news soon.I think

  14. $PBMD it was an accident. I mis read the year. Still

  15. $PBMD link ??

  16. $PBMD I don t see any. Did see this though. The Tactimel trial is the first human trial combining these. Huge. http://www.onclive.com/conference-coverage/smr-2015/new-treatments-for-novel-targets-next-step-in-immuno-oncology-revolution

  17. $PBMD@ctrader23 where is the link ???

  18. $PBMD news out !

  19. $GBSN hey $AAPL and $PTN $PBMD guess who is green and 2 FDA S pending anyday +4th quarter Earnings next week it s a steal at this price



  22. $PBMD Nice close. Next week we go!!

  23. $PBMD@RealDonaldTwits aha really have you checked others bios , or dowjones , or maybe $LNKD , and maybe $DATA , I am gonna text you on news

  24. $PBMD rapeeeeeeeedddd

  25. $PBMD It happens to me dozens of times a wk and it forces me to complete a transaction after being liable for the commission on so few shrs.