1. $PBMD at 3 am both big red candles showed up, 1,2,1,2,2,2,2,1 K trades at even 3, 1 single share twice (3,3,3,3,3) 1 share AH to make 3

  2. $PBMD I m curious why u bears r still shorting, enlighten a grasshopper please ?

  3. Biotech Tweets of the Week: http://www.biotechduediligence.com/blog $ENDP $BLUE $EBIO $ACHN $ICPT $KITE $SRPT $PBYI $PBMD $OTIC $ATMN $ONTY c/o @23aloha

  4. $PBMD Many upward gaps she s gotta test now. Holding. You can only short her down so far. But she can blast off anytime. Any moment.

  5. $PBMD i honestly think we will head north next week. what we need to see is some higher highs. every pattern i found new highs came in

  6. $PBMD i think lotta people just wanted to clear there books for the long week end...hagwe everbody thank you vets cuz im one of em go usa

  7. $PBMD this just keeps dropping and dropping!

  8. $PBMD what s going on?

  9. $PBMD bought some and holding overnight hope it doesn t go back to 2a

  10. $PBMD Tests 4 Tuesday.

  11. $PBMD long weekend, damn! I feel like the wheel is spinning and spinning and spinning # roulette

  12. $PBMD 4 minutes left to get in before you regret it Tuesday. Holding well above $3

  13. $PBMD whoever is painting the tape w 1 share AH - u r my hero! Thanks for keeping this in the 3s ;-)

  14. $PBMD

  15. $PBMD I have a cure for cancer to Baking Soda Please deposit 100 dollars each in my paypal account thanks

  16. $PBMD 1,2,1,2,2,2,2,1 K trades at even3 , then 1 single share twice, weird

  17. $PBMD is the cure for cancer @ $3 share? Buying Tues!

  18. $PBMD is treating the DekmarTrades Traders pretty good this week!

  19. $PBMD the only reason this dropped so much was it was tied to the timing of af article on Isr.itwould not have fell so hard

  20. $PBMD Is back up. Will it last? - CNA Finance http://cnafinance.com/prima-boimed-pbmd-stock-is-back-up-will-it-last/3434

  21. End Of Day Scan: Volume Gainers $PBMD $EROC $PBIB $TNAV $BYDDF $DZZ $DBJP $EOX $CLLS $HSTM www.dailystockplays.com

  22. @hakihika Nice work w/ $PBMD. $HEB has some catalysts coming up, might be a good short if/when it pops.

  23. $PBMD They are stealing your shares in AH, 100 by 100 and some of you will be buying them back in 3.80/4.80 again

  24. @BioMedInvestor $AMDA Check AVXL - starting to run again on + data (up 15% today) $PTBI $PBMD great results! Will be running higher

  25. $PBMD if I had more money, I d buy a few hundred shares of this and forget about it for a few months.