1. $PBMD nice win with $GIGA and $NETE today...hoping waiting for $PBMD to move up!

  2. buyin back some $pbmd on this pullback...cvac partnership question not if, but when. Plus great pipeline...funded till 2017

  3. $PBMD Daily/weekly charts still look good. Also check out $NWBO for possible breakout to upside

  4. $PBMD like this one. Great co. Future looks good. Pipeline + partnership = 2.5-3$ in a 1-3 months.

  5. $PBMD Added 4000 today in my IRA

  6. $PBMD I m long, I don t care what happens tomorrow

  7. $PBMD posts like this, with few followers, become remembered in very bullish premarkets

  8. $PBMD If you have no stomach, then sell. This stock is not for you. Its for the patient and future expectant. A particular class of investor

  9. $PBMD i heard prof triebel speak at AGM last week.Got his finger on the research pulse. Solid history, well positioned research,great future

  10. $PBMD worst stock in history

  11. $PBMD Range bound

  12. $PBMD

  13. $PBMD just as I said. This will be back to 1.05 and soon under 1

  14. $PBMD buying 109

  15. $PBMD Are people seriously still buying this garbage? Sub $1 by EOY, probably non existent next year

  16. $PBMD only stock in my folio in the red :/


  18. $PBMD everyone here is a drama queen, chart is still trending upward since NOV 9. Calm the eff down.

  19. $PBMD this a crap bag of dead money

  20. $PBMD over 1.30 EOY?

  21. $GBSN I watched $PBMD go from .42 to $6+ in 2days in April..still kicking myself for not loading up.. Same could happen here.

  22. $PBMD will buy in if it hits $1.05

  23. $PBMD this time it might finally go under $1

  24. $PBMD loaded more here

  25. $PBMD ummm... why the sell off?