1. $PBMD all indices r green and this is red, no relative strength. Find a new ticker everyone

  2. $PBMD that SPP for 5c might turn out 2 be a joke, if the comp doesn t have something good up their sleeve to release soon...ASX down to 5.2c

  3. $PBMD, PRR down 7% on 5.81M

  4. $PBMD those hoping 4 ground breaking news from meeting may be disappointed, Stuart just told me that only the 5 Resolutions will b discussed

  5. $PBMD meeting starts in three hours.

  6. $PBMD hoping that on friday this Baby will start heading in the right direccion.

  7. $PBMD there was a 9k share transaction exactly at 16:00 to bring this down from 1.29 to 1.27...such BS going on here

  8. $PBMD support at 1.23-1.26, resistance 1.30, 1.38, 1.43..good for swing trend, right now

  9. $PBMD http://www.primabiomed.com.au/investor/pdf/2015/29_06_2015_announcement.pdf here s a link to Fridays meeting

  10. $PBMD Weak! The one word that sums this girl up.

  11. $PBMD for something so great on Friday, we sure are experiencing low volume and no movement

  12. $PBMD Observation - Before May 19 vol was literally 1000s after May 19 least vol day was Jul 24 - 552,200 - http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=PBMD+Historical+Prices

  13. $PBMD After these 1.30 guys are done accumulating their shares, we may go back up. I am not selling my shares to them :D

  14. $PBMD what are catalysts for this stock? Thinking about getting involved

  15. $PBMD Another block coming in. 100k+

  16. $PBMD on 7/28 ValueEngine upgrades this stock from Sell to Hold

  17. $PBMD When are P2 results?

  18. $PBMD Sudden 59K+ activity at the 10:50th min for below 1.30s

  19. $PBMD As usual...weak follow through

  20. $PBMD New trend for last 2 days with PBMD - Start with a huge sell 13K etc at low price & go higher ! Yest - even a 5 min gap aft 1st trade

  21. $PBMD my op this is moving up soon

  22. @bksundar: $PBMD Nice coverage from STREET http://www.thestreet.com/story/13234647/1/4-breakout-stocks-under-10-making-big-moves.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO this kind of articles can trigger breakout.

  23. $PBMD Nice coverage from STREET http://www.thestreet.com/story/13234647/1/4-breakout-stocks-under-10-making-big-moves.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO

  24. $PBMD risk thousands to make hundreds, makes no sense to me.

  25. $PBMD so what s the consensus with the 7/31 meeting? What details will be disclosed? What do we want to hear for a bullish move?