1. $PBPB Earnings report ahead of forecast.

  2. $PBPB The weekly chart. Draw your own conclusions. Use support & resistance areas when trading. http://stocktwits.com/message/28268077

  3. $PBPB April calls with 14 strike attractive here. Need to see some good same atore sales #s tho. This company needs to get off its a$$

  4. $PBPB @ Reno2700 $PBPB is down 38% from high this is a on-hit-wonder & I don t think any ones worried about them stealing market share!

  5. $pbpb taking market share from the likes of $mcd,$yum,$wen

  6. $pbpb Followers rest 25of40 I cover up mon open fri close! My potbelly $pbpb 10% fatter this week! 11.71-12.82

  7. $PBPB nice little flag starting to form. high and tight. that is what I like to see.

  8. **** Don t forget $pb announced $35M share repurchase in August. That s 10% of $pbpb market cap..

  9. $PBPB gonna run today

  10. @WallStJesus: $PBPB Unusual opening action: 1600 Nov $15 calls @SonOfAGun

  11. $PBPB Unusual opening action: 1600 Nov $15 calls

  12. $PBPB lower oil is good for my potbelly .... I mean PBPB position.

  13. $PBPB The flat breads are a game-changer.

  14. $PBPB love the food starting love the stock, falling food costs should result upside suprise

  15. $PBPB It was strong today, but I would not be surprised to see some mild correction to the move from the 11 s to 13 s in the days to come.

  16. $pbpb Followers 32of40 I cover up from open! My potbelly up from open 2day after 5% pop during monday crash & 5% pop Tues Can u say strong?

  17. $PBPB Got to admit that considering the market was down over 400 pts and still down 240 dow pts, this stock has held up very well.

  18. $PBPB The CO is great, technicals look good on this but the price looks a bit expensive at these levels for their level of growth

  19. I gave this $PBPB advice on 10/3. SHORTS: Time to stop being too greedy. Longs: BUY NOW!! . I feel sorry for the shorts who replied to me!

  20. *** To find out the 4 reasons why $PBPB would go up, read my posts from Oct 3. Since then (11 days) market down 5% while $PBPB up 10% ***

  21. $pbpb Followers 18of40 I cover up from open! My $pbpb soars 5% after soaring 5% during Mondays crash! Can u say relative strength?

  22. $PBPB One month chart. http://stocktwits.com/message/27974750

  23. $PBPB One year chart. http://stocktwits.com/message/27974719

  24. @reno2700: $PBPB destroy earnings!! Our local Potbelly leaves a lot to be desired and is never busy. Do you mean ER will destroy the co

  25. $PBPB Attached you will find the 6 month chart which shows the gap people are talking about. Will it fill it, anyone s guess. ER on Nov 10