1. $PBPB Looks like the bottom fell out at the close today. http://y.ahoo.it/5muSXVGl

  2. $PBPB $PCYC $WFM $WB Removing from list, bearish engulfing on daily chart. Make room new setups http://y.ahoo.it/T2NL1GX3

  3. $AAPL Followers rest 23/39 I cover+from open All3monsters $aapl $goog & $amzn $rlgy $raly $pbpb New mkt highs dontExcite meTheyFrighten me!

  4. $feye Followers mktGoin nowhere fast but 25of39 I cover up from open! My antihack play $feye 5% $raly 3% $gpro 3% $sstk 2% $rlgy 2% $pbpb 2%

  5. Mis charts favoritos para el 17 de Septiembre: $ROX $PEG $LTS $LRCX $EXC $LPX $SVU $COH $SIRI $EMC $GPK $PBPB

  6. $PBPB Closed on the low of the day. http://y.ahoo.it/1RP1GHSc

  7. $PBPB Weekly chart still on the weak side. http://y.ahoo.it/mQpeG7dH

  8. Put Buying $FIVE $MNTA $MTH $LYB $BHP $SNTA $AGCO $MLM $PHH $PBPB http://y.ahoo.it/yqLNPaVk

  9. $PBPB Long trade: L on break above 12.65. 1.5MM shares short since Mid July avg daily vol of 350k http://y.ahoo.it/STAw4ApL

  10. HIGH PUT VOLU $THOR 1804% $AVNR 1634% $MNTA 1605% $COMM 1578% $BHP 1504% $PBPB 1186% $GLPI 1136% $TRW 1091% http://y.ahoo.it/zxNyTLhA

  11. $BKW saw SSS of 3.7% for July and August... looks like consumers going down the ladder from the QSR s $PBPB $ZOES $NDLS $BLMN

  12. $data Followrs rest 21/39 I covr monOpnFri closeMy $data soars 12% 69.00-77.16 $cvt 25.14-26.97 +7% $pbpb 12.12-12.59 +4% $rmax 30.96-31.38

  13. $PBPB Closes in strong uptrend with 8 day exponential sliding above 10 day on green volume. Raise your head Potbellys to all the naysayers

  14. Insider Transaction: $PBPB Sale at $12.39 per share of 37354 shares by Director Keil Bryant L on 2014-09-11.

  15. Potbelly Corp Director Bryant Keil Sells $462,816 in $PBPB http://y.ahoo.it/YfzoMnt3

  16. eat or be eaten - food stocks on the move $LOCO $MCD $PBPB

  17. Potbelly Corp Director Bryant Keil Sells $731,288 in $PBPB http://y.ahoo.it/2W6CmgGH

  18. $goog FollowersRest 26/39 I cover+from open! $goog $pbpb $omex $raly $rlgy $rmax $mrin $modn NiceDay whileMktSux! Can uSayRelative strength?

  19. @MaxSeeley Testy! but not sure it s like $PBPB and $NDLS. Their chicken rocks and they open in areas with hispanic populations. smart.

  20. $PBPB Right after individuals begin the bottom out claims, this thing finds strength.

  21. $LOCO On my radar to short. Should follow in $PBPB and $NDLS footsteps. Once I see $38 it s go time

  22. $modn FollowersRest 27of39 I cover+from open! My $modn soars 8% $wday $sstk $pf $pbpb $omex $kyth $fb $bsmx safe play $bcc NiceDay/Scary mkt

  23. $LOCO $PBPB $NDLS Restaurants had a good day today http://y.ahoo.it/N0jAlgtd

  24. $PBPB bottom watch http://y.ahoo.it/O06camfQ

  25. $ssni FollowrsRest24/39 I covr+frm open.My $ssni soars9% $mrin 2% $z $wday $trla $sstk $pf $pbpb $kyth $icpt $fb $cvt $burl $bsmx $bnft $bcc