1. $PBR Seems the mojo is over. Volume less than $SDRL and $RIG. Also moodys affirms rating. Stay out today. Market and oil down too.

  2. $PBR i refilled m position yesterday during the dip. I am very confident with this too big to fall oil giant. My judgement will be right.

  3. @hetjoshi87: $PBR Still the main problem lies. THE HIGHEST DEBTED COMPANY. Too difficult to win investors confidence. Bearish for short te

  4. $PBR The company makes more money when the oil is at 60s than at 100s. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3060546-petrobras-finally-time-to-buy

  5. $PBR what do these idiot analysts not get? Their debt just got slashed 12% with the strength of BRL. I ll stick w BAML $11.50 price target

  6. $PBR when oil gets back to 70+ (and it will) this will shoot to the moon

  7. $PBR long run this is worth $20+, but most of you won t stick around for that long

  8. $PBR Sold 22% of my position at $10.04 (even) last week. Will add back later if she drops more.

  9. $PBR upgraded by Moody s credit risk from in revision to stable /normal. http://br.reuters.com/article/businessNews/idBRKBN0NI2D620150427

  10. $PBR Selling $PBR and buying $PBR.A paid off today

  11. Is Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA (ADR) $PBR Stock Fully Priced? Barron’s Has Its Say http://snip.ly/P2fj

  12. $PBR It should also contribute to the decisions more technical - something that in the long term, favor to all.

  13. $PBR It is expected that the presence of Ferreira at the head of the council table not only help curb the fury of corrupt and corrupting.

  14. $PBR http://www.istoedinheiro.com.br/noticias/negocios/20150427/murilo-ferreira-vale-proxima-arma-petrobras/254808.shtml

  15. $PBR Executive, will arrive in time for the review of the business plan and decide which assets to sell.

  16. $PBR The next step Petrobras: Confirm Murilo Ferreira, Vale, on the board.

  17. Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA downgraded by TheStreet to sell. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NYSE/PBR/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $PBR

  18. $PBR tomorrow green

  19. $CYTX About 30% of my portfolio is $cytx long till 6 on this one and others that make up the rest $ONCY $CPRX $ECIG $ZIOP $PBR $BIOC $GENE

  20. $PBR one day down after a week of ramping up and bearishness overtakes the board. I guess it will go up tomorrow then.

  21. $PBR Moody s - The outlook is stable for Petrobras and its guaranteed debt. https://www.moodys.com/research/Moodys-confirms-Petrobras-Ba2-rating-outlook-is-stable--PR_323562?WT.mc_id=AM~WWFob29fRmluYW5jZV9TQl9SYXRpbmcgTmV3c19BbGxfRW5n~20150427_PR_323562

  22. $PBR Ohh boy how this will react tomorrow.Moody maintains debt rating. For them it seems this wont do good till 2015. https://www.moodys.com/research/Moodys-confirms-Petrobras-Ba2-rating-outlook-is-stable--PR_323562?WT.mc_id=AM~WWFob29fRmluYW5jZV9TQl9SYXRpbmcgTmV3c19BbGxfRW5n~20150427_PR_323562

  23. $GGB Asymmetric Trade: Risk $1000, buy 50 Contracts Sept $4 Calls, Net $29000 if pps gets to $10 $EWZ $BRZU $PBR $NBG

  24. $PBR Still the main problem lies. THE HIGHEST DEBTED COMPANY. Too difficult to win investors confidence. Bearish for short term.

  25. $PBR did anyone watch the 5 minutes volume at the closing bell? over 5 million.