1. $PBR I feel it deep in my Bones #PELE

  2. $PBR Super

  3. $PBR bullish

  4. I love $PBR. Not talking about Pats Blue Ribbon either. This stock will continue to climb in price, peaking in June.

  5. $PBR A guess: Pin at 14

  6. Daytraded: $TWTR $WB $FB $KNDI $NFLX $PLUG $SUNE $IDRA $GWPH $ARIA $PBR went 13/13 no losers for +2030$ All trades in realtime on Stocktwits

  7. $PBR What happens when it breaks and holds $14+

  8. adding on $PBR dips, oil production is a Key metric/catalyst w oil analysts & $PBR has & is projecting an increase w latest news out.

  9. Petrobras $PBR said to agree terms to win back Argentine shale field

  10. $PBR Monster gain in the last month, let it digest a bit then it s blast off

  11. $PBR Nice triangle! Going to explode up! This week maybe..

  12. $PBR yeah! It is going up. Hold it. Today close up $ 13,95

  13. $PBR It s looks nice reversal from 13.55

  14. $PBR Okay getting frustrated here.

  15. @Jumpman23 big fan of the $PBR still. also like the $POT

  16. $PBR hits production record in Santos, Campos basins. It hit a new production peak of 428K bbl/day with 15 more wells expected by year end.

  17. $PBR Petrobras hits production record in Santos http://y.ahoo.it/FR2zt55d

  18. $PBR Nice break of the triangle on the daily! See where it ripped on the 5min? Right at the spot! http://y.ahoo.it/HCoscjI4

  19. $RMBS quietly with $PBR have done really well in this market. Plan on holding into this report. Good luck everyone

  20. $PBR C&H! from

  21. Position Updates (cont): $DDD $KING $RRC $SNDK $V $STKL $FNSR $FSLR $JBHT $KR $PBR $PG

  22. Vista IM holds an allocation of 0.9% in $PBR in his Core Holding Investment Portfolio

  23. Andy Djordjalian holds an allocation of 4.8% in $PBR in his South America Investment Portfolio

  24. $PBR Looks like a great story building here. The presidential candidates want PBR to win. Funds are buying. We should see 18 by World Cup.

  25. $PBR what happened after hours