1. $PBR that leaves 27 days to clean up a short book and maybe go long to collect a div instead of paying one if the co votes yes don t ask me

  2. $PBR if the co did earn around 1.70 in 2014 then I m moving my price objective to 34 FM 20 A PE of 20 sounds about right

  3. $PBR Why wld the other writer guess 44c div simple estimate earnings u think for 2014 x 25% if he s right earnings around 1.70 IHope possibl

  4. $PBR accidently hit the bearish sign how cld I be bearish with a div looming make all this worthwhile with 880000 shareholdrs I bet vote yes

  5. $PBR someone was wondering what happened to the stock when it got abv 6 lot of selling pressure wld be nice to have one week without it

  6. $PBR I think we may have to wait until Apr27 when they announce and vote on the div but 44c wld be the jolt of good news this stock needs

  7. Doji Stocks http://www.dailystockplays.com/Doji-Stocks-2015-03-27.html $PBR $EPI $GLD $LLY $SBUX $NPBC $PLD $AGNC $VNQ $CVC $JCI $BIIB $FTI $LYG $OHI $AFL $CHRW $MPW $KERX

  8. $PBR What dividends?

  9. $PBR will not even sell my shares at $6.50. Dilma will be visiting the US soon. Probably more $$ assistance for Brazil.

  10. $PBR is holding up well with oil down this much

  11. $PBR so what was that? Any news?

  12. $PBR y is this tanking??????

  13. $PBR what happened ???????

  14. $PBR such a scam

  15. $PBR top oil firm dirt cheap .44 cent div news on the way

  16. $PBR early down now up will close in green more buyers than sellers on pbr

  17. $PBR dividend news .44 cent coming this year

  18. $PBR pbr is on the move before the dividend announcement april 2nd due date on pbr .44 cent maybe

  19. $PBR i love pbr at this price the new mngt will drive the price of pbr up www.yeptrade.com

  20. Share an idea on $PBR dirt cheap pbr will rebound this year got to go up from here the bottom is here already next stop is 6.50

  21. $PBR div will save pbr price might go to 6.50

  22. $PBR pbr .44 cent coming on april 2 this year

  23. $PBR div is on the way guys

  24. $PBR 5,500 May $6 calls bought @40c and 5,000 $5 May puts bought

  25. $PBR still holding to my shares