1. $MGNX trades at 500m mkt cap. $PBYI trades at 8B market cap or 16X more. Both have lead programs in HER2 BC, MGNX deep pipe, PBYI no pipe

  2. @fact4 I did not short $PBYI

  3. $PBYI momos not ready to give this one yet,bidders popped @ 260.

  4. $PBYI surprise rebound of day lows...??

  5. $PBYI wow ... heating up into the close

  6. $ICPT sell off $PBYI too both bubble

  7. $ZIOP trading @ multiples support level at $3. P2 breast cancer by yr end maybe like $PBYI ? also melanoma data. Randal Kirk play like $XON

  8. $PBYI yeah this two steps forward one step back does nothing - the gap up really worked for this one

  9. $YELP $LNKD matching red day today huh, Dora popping bubbles today. $TSLA $SCTY $BITA $FEYE $PBYI $SPLK $SPY

  10. @1nvestor: 50/50 Basket to end the week: $DRL $JRJC $PBYI $TKMR $VJET

  11. 50/50 Basket to end the week: $DRL $JRJC $PBYI $TKMR $VJET

  12. $WSM Glad this week is over! Winners for me this week $WSM $AAPL $GTAT $YHOO $PBYI Losers were $LULU $XOM $AMZN

  13. $PBYI losing momentum

  14. $PBYI Ya ll know Feuerstein loves to throw hit pieces at companies like this that prices sky rocket on spec. happened to $ICPT be ready.

  15. @tradegame $PBYI This is just weird. I ll be thoroughly impressed if this is a 2 billion $ in sales Co. by 2017. but it s worth 8.2B today!

  16. @tradegame $pbyi I

  17. $PBYI 8.2 Billion market cap? boy I feel for the buyers who actually buy this now expecting what? 10B? 15, 20 Billion? No approv No sales.

  18. $PBYI Is PBYI one of the best stocks ever?

  19. $PBYI huge turnaround

  20. @djcodeman except that $PBYI is a LONG way from FDA approval.

  21. $OREX short manipulation... FDA approval is about as great as it gets for bios! $PBYI .....

  22. $PBYI Bears continue to take. Beating here.

  23. $PBYI had a nice run today, Bulls be Bulling cc @gtlackey

  24. $EMES such beauty scalp on this one, the $PBYI of its class. PBYI the coil on $248 did pop today,beautifully.

  25. $PBYI I have to say.. if this stock really reveals itself to be worth this much right now it better have nothing less than a cure for cancer