1. 💊Biotech 10/06/15 closed DOW▲13 NAS▼32 S&P▼7 BIB▼4 IBB▼11 XBI▼2 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $REE $SGEN $SHPG


  3. $ALNY $ICPT $INO $ARWR $PBYI $GERN $GILD ETF s getting hammered; stay near a lifeboat with a Type-1 life preserver in hand!

  4. $PBYI

  5. @parthasai $CALA With adage buying, are we looking at another $PBYI or $ADXS

  6. @parthasai With adage buying, are we looking at another $PBYI Or $ADXS

  7. 💊Biotech 10/05/15 closed DOW▲304 NAS▲73 S&P▲35 BIB▼.77 IBB▼2 XBI▲.52 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  8. $PBYI some Aholes have offered 63ashare for pbyi they must think sellers are pretty stupid. hopefully they will be reported to nasdaq

  9. 💊Biotech 10/02/15 closed DOW▲200 NAS▲80 S&P▲27 BIB▲3 IBB▲10 XBI▲3 $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG $SRPT

  10. $PBYI anyone wanna comment on the results. They look quite good. I thought it would pop on it.

  11. 💊Biotech 10/01/15 closed DOW▼12 NAS▲6 S&P▲3 BIB▲1 IBB▲1 XBI▲.18 $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG $SRPT

  12. $PBYI anyone know why down alot. after hours

  13. $PBYI anyone know why down alot. after hours

  14. 💊Biotech 09/30/15 closed DOW▲235 NAS▲102 S&P▲35 BIB▲4 IBB▲13 XBI▲2 $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG $SRPT

  15. $PBYI please advise - will it go back to 200? I have some cash and I feel that it is a good chance to scoop up some pharma stocks..

  16. 💊Biotech 09/29/15 closed DOW▲47 NAS▼26 S&P▲2 BIB▼.29 IBB▼1 XBI▼2 $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG $SRPT $VRTX

  17. $PBYI Retired down from 2.1 million to 700,000 in four months $gmcr $sina $feye $gild sick to my stomach

  18. $PBYI hope it holds 71 avg cost 130

  19. $PBYI no dilemma. neuratinib. taken with immodium. Works

  20. 💊Biotech 09/28/15 closed DOW▼312 NAS▼142 S&P▼49 BIB▼7 IBB▼17 XBI▼4 $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG $SRPT

  21. $ISIS dent my account. What a day, been a long time to have such this feeling. I sold 1st Intraday LOD> $PBYI on the brink of exit.

  22. The majority of users on Vetr are bullish on Puma Biot..., indicating a STRONG BUY Rating (4.5 stars) for $PBYI https://www.vetr.com/research/NYSE:PBYI/ratings

  23. Puma Biotech ($PBYI) presents positive results from Phase III Trial of PB272 in extended adjuvant breast cancer.

  24. $PBYI Hoping this does not tank on the phase 3 results

  25. $pbyi we might help you with BC but we have to put you on high doses of loperamide to subdue awful diarrhea