1. Planting #Dividend Seeds With #TimberREITs $PCL $RYN $PCH $WY $CTT #timber #reits http://y.ahoo.it/EQnWjTOw

  2. Planting #Dividend Seeds With #TimberREITs $PCL $RYN $PCH $WY $CTT #timber #reits http://y.ahoo.it/4pvopEWJ

  3. $PCH Potlatch Extends $250 Million Revolving Credit Facility.. http://y.ahoo.it/yb3dhTyq

  4. $PCH, 13G filed by Janus Capital Management LLC http://y.ahoo.it/As9F2nuD

  5. Potlatch Corporation just filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://y.ahoo.it/KIsPSMS2 $PCH

  6. Potlatch Corporation downgraded by DA Davidson to neutral. http://y.ahoo.it/AwXnHXee $PCH

  7. $PCH has 3 analyst ratings in last 4 days and 33% are positive. Median target: $45 View here: http://y.ahoo.it/klkgqLBo

  8. Potlatch Corporation downgraded by Davidson to neutral. http://y.ahoo.it/EhO7dR8V $PCH

  9. Potlatch Corporation Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: EARNINGS PER SHARETh... http://y.ahoo.it/e1FpuatD $PCH

  10. $PCH Potlatch Corp files Form 10-Q (Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/RJu6QmxG

  11. Interesting reasons advanced on the subject of $PCH conference transcript http://y.ahoo.it/1lJboWZ6

  12. Potlatch Corp. downgraded by DA Davidson to neutral. $45.00 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/Ty5vLkXj $PCH

  13. Listen to $PCH Q2 2014 earnings call - live at 12:00 PM, ondemand after - http://y.ahoo.it/7CuVMkFA

  14. Potlatch Corp. announces earnings. $0.40 EPS. Misses estimates. $143.90m revenue. $PCH http://y.ahoo.it/kgpjJObR

  15. Potlatch Corporation601 W. First Ave., Suite 1600Spokane, Wa http://y.ahoo.it/DDW2qNFI $PCH

  16. $PCH Potlatch Corp files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/L0d7SLId

  17. $PCH Potlatch Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results.. http://y.ahoo.it/Qt3zonpQ

  18. $PCH Earnings out BMO EPS Estimate 0.42

  19. Potlatch Corp. upgraded by Zacks to outperform. $47.90 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/6lb2KZIE $PCH

  20. Potlatch Corp. to release Q214 earnings on Wednesday. Analysts expect 0.42 EPS. $PCH http://y.ahoo.it/d0IvFToO

  21. A sign of good things to come for $PCH and $RSH http://y.ahoo.it/MaLAbdMe with innovative Kickstarter / IndieGoGo vibes entering $RSH stores.

  22. Potlatch Corporation director was just granted 385 restricted shares http://y.ahoo.it/p9JhEO8l $PCH

  23. Potlatch Corporation director was just granted 480 restricted shares http://y.ahoo.it/VFvek8Qf $PCH

  24. Earnings announcement: $PCH is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Jul 23 2014

  25. $PCH Potlatch Schedules Second Quarter 2014 Earnings Release and Conference Call for July 23rd.. http://y.ahoo.it/MnRpcrYA