1. $PCLN because of google

  2. @BotMuncher Will look at $pcln 1220 calls on a pullback to 1195. Need to see if upswing in the indices is sustainable. looks a bit heavy...

  3. $PCLN Why is this down so much after hours?

  4. $SPY $GOOG $FB $PCLN $QQQ Looks like we may see 184 levels due to bad tech stock results

  5. Stock Market analysis Video $TSLA $FB $XOM $CAT $PCLN $IBM and others http://y.ahoo.it/ru8T6m6I http://y.ahoo.it/bqEOx6jb

  6. $PCLN New 30 min Channel Fibonacci Support Resistance Levels. $1175 anyone? http://y.ahoo.it/dgsH3eMS

  7. $TSLA Loading up on puts on every single momo name tomorrow for apr 25 weeklies..none will be spared..$fb $nflx $pcln $goog $amzn $lnkd

  8. amazing how powerful the psychology is behind going negative/staying positive YTD $PCLN $STUDY http://y.ahoo.it/w5HwMNA5

  9. @MarketMaker $pcln. That doesn t make sense. You set the price you want with pcln, don t let it give you random prices. Kayak best too

  10. The Quiet Before More Storm #SassyMusings 4/16/14 $SPY $GOOG $GOOGL $TLT $AGN $IBB $IWM $QQQ $AMZN $AAPL $PCLN http://y.ahoo.it/qRyZ5431

  11. Priceline Group Inc ($PCLN): Today s Featured Leisure Winner http://y.ahoo.it/HoeuHCfK via @TheStreet

  12. Tried to book a flight on $pcln, the total was $666. Um no Lol. So I checked $expe and got it cheaper

  13. @NextTrade1122 During cc $goog said teavel and real estate have been on fire in USA. so i see $130 for $trip. not sure about $pcln though.

  14. $AAPL $GOOG $PCLN Some ppl have outright stopped posting. I understand posting less, but to outright stop after bad calls? They went broke.

  15. $PCLN textbook short

  16. $PCLN $goog nice bounce of lows. Don t care until 9:30. Time for a steak dinner!!!

  17. $PCLN Play the swings off fibs& you ll never be wrong

  18. $PCLN is in down trend. I took bought and sold weekly calls for a quick bounce. Until it breaks the trend, stay short. $GOOG will not help

  19. @standardoil interesting because $PCLN report $GOOG best for adds and not mobile. Time will tell I guess.

  20. What to do with $PCLN...?!? It s so volatile. Huge swings every week. Maybe need to switch strategies? Shorten holding periods?

  21. $PCLN Priceline will Miss ER 2!!! Tomorrow goes down $60

  22. $PCLN Holly Grail, Googl cracked pcln code! Right or wrong.

  23. $PCLN down in sympathy with Goog?

  24. $PCLN Holly Grail!

  25. @SFCcapital We ve been gone at the Master s golf tournament last week, do you know what the current short int. % on $PCLN is by chance?