1. $SPY $AAPL $PCLN After reviewing options expiration Pin days, They only happen on expiration days. If Holiday on OTM exp day, then NO Pin

  2. @Zubair84: Gwenn where you at? $PCLN we going higher she is not gonna holla. hah

  3. I really really really like three names going into next week $PCLN $LNKD $TWTR i will post my reasons and the charts on sunday

  4. Airbnb Has Closed Its $500M Funding At A $10B Valuation Led By TPG http://y.ahoo.it/qKtZYcMs Say what? Funny money still chasing. $AWAY $PCLN

  5. $PCLN OI for maturity 04/19/2014. 1100.00 Highest put. 1200.00 Highest call.

  6. $PCLN Max Pain is 1185.00 for maturity 04/19/2014. Last close = 1208.36.

  7. $PCLN $SPX SES_F weekly report enjoy long holiday http://y.ahoo.it/3qA4RnnF

  8. Top tech stocks>> http://y.ahoo.it/3dI2sro1 $aapl $pcln $msft $goog $amzn $aapl $nflx $spy

  9. Banu Simmons holds an allocation of 3.4% in $PCLN in his Long Only Sector Rotation Investment Portfolio

  10. @NYCStox holding 53 puts on $TSLA for jan15 and 98% cash for the long weekend mostly played $FB $SPY $JNJ and $PCLN this month

  11. $PCLN DAILY-Price has been in accumulation for the past few weeks. Should breakout of the box soon. http://y.ahoo.it/v92Wyxmc

  12. $PCLN $AAPL Before earnings ramp down complete? Check! Now time for pre-earnings ramp up next week. Stealth accumulation in process. :D

  13. out $PCLN for pennies gain

  14. $PCLN Price rejected at channel top on the 30 min and then price stopped moving with momentum http://y.ahoo.it/6V2C3Wuc

  15. $PCLN Looks like the pin is in. SPY vol not even 75M and PCLN at 734k. IMO, unless a massive sell off, MM s got this pinn d above 1210.

  16. $PCLN high open interest range is 1100.00 to 1200.00 for option expiration 04/19/2014. http://y.ahoo.it/4nsDDi3E

  17. @MarketSwingPlayer: $AAPL $PCLN Big Boys constantly accumulating shares now and MM can t pin Too much volume coming in. --6 Mill lots??

  18. $PCLN Seems like accumulation price action pop and drop this wk. Once they are done, watch out http://y.ahoo.it/opw0ke0u

  19. $PCLN Max Pain = 1185.00. Maturity = 04/19/2014. Previous close = 1216.00. http://y.ahoo.it/6XRfRROy

  20. $AAPL $PCLN Big Boys constantly accumulating shares now and MM can t pin Too much volume coming in.

  21. $PCLN Big Boys Constant ALGO buying behind the scenes. Look good on the Daily http://y.ahoo.it/kyQ9KC8R

  22. $PCLN - $5.50 from 3.80 is all I got & I was lucky to get it so I cut the loss by half. -500 on the 1210 s over lunch. Triple top attempt?

  23. $GOOGL filled for $1.95 credit wk.#4 545/540 bull puts; $PCLN filled $1.80 credit wk.#4 1205/1200 bull puts.

  24. $PCLN As I have mentioned earlier, algo plays with both longs and shorts, not that tradable.

  25. $PCLN *soon