1. $PCLN base jumping intraday off the Burj.

  2. $PCLN Dang down she goes

  3. $PCLN Max Pain is 1215.00 for maturity 04/25/2014. Last close = 1223.25. http://y.ahoo.it/lOa3s9CC

  4. $PCLN well this sucks

  5. $pcln broke intraday suppport and taking a dive!

  6. $PCLN ticker renamed to $LINE

  7. $PCLN - http://y.ahoo.it/X4yoIddi - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 1222.39. Time: 1 day 4 hours. Volume: 871,128.

  8. $PCLN how many times can you knock the floor before it breaks down.

  9. @sombat sure we cover $PCLN daily each night on video report for full members and all twitter feed stocks

  10. $VIPS my other internet holdings include $PCLN, $DANG, $AMZN and many failed companies like Ariba/CommerceOne. Aribas got sold to SAP tho!

  11. $PCLN $ISRG $SPY $CMG $TSLA $NFLX Drop it like it s HOT! :D

  12. $PCLN Barely any volume - If price break low of day,price may finally move a little faster :D http://y.ahoo.it/5nqojpc5


  14. @DJCYStocks Excellent, I knew you would make a play. GL :D In $TSLA $ISRG $PCLN $NFLX puts. Was thinking about $CMG too :D

  15. $PCLN Above yesterday s highs and resistance at 1237 is move to 1250+

  16. $PCLN and $GOOG held up pretty well today.

  17. Fed goes back to drawing board.. Pumps more into market and high alphas soar again. $AMZN $IBB $GOOG $PCLN etc.

  18. $PCLN double bottom looks like intraday at 62

  19. $PCLN Good point, just don t trust this momo today with FB ER looming that will weigh on the SPY. Just keeping to NFLX for now.

  20. $PCLN I think we are back to computers trading with computers today. No one is touching this. lol

  21. @bkahuna123: $PCLN Breaking out. Leader stock today, 1150 I wish. I sold my $1150 call for $80 rolled to next wk $1160 for $74

  22. $PCLN Breaking out. Leader stock today, 1150

  23. $PCLN P.S. I ll wait on FB earnings - if they blow it out of the water which they might - party on here again.

  24. $PCLN hanging tight on 1225-1229 lvl. sideways with upward bias like this since last week.

  25. $PCLN In some 1185 puts for 1.10