1. MEGA CrAP week vs. $SPY $QQQ $IWM $AMZN $GOOG $PCLN $TWTR $YHOO $NFLX https://www.rebelmouse.com/Yourpersonaltr1/mega-crapdug-a-hole-so-deepamz-887465128.html?xrs=RebelMouse_tw

  2. Priceline Group Given Buy Rating at Cantor Fitzgerald $PCLN http://www.wkrb13.com/markets/448623/priceline-group-given-buy-rating-at-cantor-fitzgerald-pcln-2/ via @RatingsNetwork

  3. $PCLN Another 131K block trade for $146M. That s two today for a total of $266M. HUGE moves today.

  4. $SPY Lightened up on energy names in this rally. Added to tech $GOOGL $PCLN $TWTR $MU $EBAY

  5. $PCLN A 3 day rally of anything is a confirmed trend. Pcln, tsla, nflx will go higher.

  6. $PCLN DTB: I m looking to go over 1200 by the year s end.

  7. $PCLN Weekly chart is nice. I am short term bullish

  8. $PCLN I m in the rally into the close campI longs need a break, shorts get afraid.

  9. $NFLX $TSLA $fb $pcln made mad money this week

  10. @AlphaScout Okay, time to play Guess the $PCLN Opex Pin. 1111.11 could happen. I d prefer 1126, though! :-)

  11. Looks like a bust today on $PCLN thought it would go much higher, but it isn t even over the middle BB on the daily/

  12. $PCLN What is this thing going to do heading into the close, .... anyone, ... anyone, .... anyone? Beuhlar?

  13. $PCLN 108K block share sale this morning worth about $120M at predetermined price. These things are always prearranged.

  14. $PCLN currently @ the 50% retracement on the daily chart, next area of interest 1125.97 on the daily

  15. $PCLN at $1103 y day huge volume.. some biggies bought it.. makes more bullish

  16. $PCLN Is beasting!!!

  17. $PCLN 2 pm seems to be a consistent time they sell this for about 30 minutes

  18. @tcamamo: $PCLN what is all time high anyone? 1378.96

  19. $PCLN breaking on through to the other side of 1112... finally! Been singing that Door song all morning! :-)

  20. $PCLN what is all time high anyone?

  21. $PCLN ST shows 1114.22 as high of the day..TOS shows 1114.07 wierd.

  22. @MarketSwingPlayer: $PCLN YLB $1099 YLB Never lose! Everything else is NONSENSE :D

  23. $PCLN TTM squeeze indicator on TOS always pays..good indicator of future prices ...

  24. $PCLN All set for 1125 and pull back?

  25. $PCLN Out of all pcln pos 2 day profit 15K - Look to re-enter on Monday -little bit nervous to hold this one over the weekend-been burned b4