1. $SPY $QQQ $AAPL $PCLN BARRONS:Despite the Stock Rally, Charts Favor the Bears http://www.barrons.com/articles/despite-the-stock-rally-charts-favor-the-bears-1444249263?mod=trending_now_1

  2. $PCLN long since the 90s. fluctuations happen but fundamentals/earnings so good I can t let go. Soon pre-earnings build-up, $1450by mid-Nov

  3. $PCLN Friday opens at 1328...hod 1344...close at 1334

  4. $PCLN this is strong. Letting my options profits turns into a loss. Small loss but still $. Need a miracle

  5. $PCLN competition, rising TAC, declining air traffic, traveling activity in EM is slowing: all points to a miss

  6. $PCLN Usually when $AMZN tanks, its a bad sign for all the momos.

  7. $PCLN someone squeezed in $16M sale nicely close to the peak right at the close.

  8. $PCLN Alcoa bad earnings -11% revenue appears to have killed Yellen pep talk rally. Puts might pay off tomorrow. Pure luck, nothing more.

  9. $PCLN shorted at 1303.00

  10. $PCLN will hold $1295 puts overnight. Could see $1270 tomorrow (not $1370) but could also see $1330 flying over the Keltner Channel.

  11. $PCLN sold some here .

  12. $PCLN could gap up to $1330 tomorrow or down to $1370. They never make it easy, always make you guess and gamble.

  13. $PCLN 1320 easy by tomorrow if not earlier

  14. $PCLN Maybe Alcoa earnings will be awesome? Right? Take a little profit tomorrow?

  15. $PCLN thought there would be a bit more profit taking but no, holding pretty strong. Been wrong before so could be wrong again.

  16. $PCLN Bears are in panic mode, Lock your windows and doors, Could be searching for food later!

  17. @romanza $PCLN

  18. $PCLN Deutsche Bank downgraded PCLN june 22 2015

  19. $PCLN bought puts for next week... Lets see!

  20. $PCLN can t tame this beast!

  21. $PCLN WooHoo! Da MOON ! Lol

  22. $PCLN I m no longer technically negative on market...hahaha...wait for the tank!

  23. $PCLN the strong Dollar will hurt Priceline

  24. $PCLN look for 1320 soon.

  25. $PCLN here kitty kitty, come down out of that tree now. Lightning storm might zap you out up there. Come on down