1. Precision Castparts has some exciting earnings growth coming up. $PCP

  2. $PCP FY15 10-K: During FY15-end, PCP repurchased 7,213,594 shares at an avg. price of $222.64 for an aggregate price of approx. $1,606MM.

  3. $PCP FY15 10-K: As of March 29, 2015, PCP had repurchased a total of 9,812,094 shares for an aggregate purchase price of $2,186MM.

  4. $PCP FY15 10-K: At March 29, 2015, projected U.S. pension benefit obligation was $1,715MM &non-U.S. pension benefit obligation was $1,128MM.

  5. $PCP FY15 10-K: Total environmental liabilities accrued at March 29, 2015 and March 30, 2014 were $448MM and $525MM, respectively.

  6. $PCP FY15 10-K: Total capitalization at March 29, 2015 was $15,52Bil, consisting $4.59Bil of debt & $10.93Bil of PCC shareholders equity.

  7. $PCP FY15 10-K: Operating lease obligations attributable to operations held-for-sale were $8MM.

  8. $PCP FY15 10-K: Net interest expense was $65MM vs. $71MM in FY14. Backlog of unfilled orders $8.1Bil at FY15-end vs. $7.3Bil at FY14-end.

  9. $PCP FY15 10-K: At May 19, 2015, PCP had 138,228,926 shares. At March 29, 2015, there were 793 shareholders of record of PCP’s common stock.

  10. $PCP FY15 10-K: In FY15, PCP acquired two businesses in Airframe Products segment, including ADI, which employs approx. 625 people.

  11. $PCP FY15 10-K: Working capital was $3,145MM vs. $3,899MM in FY14. Debt-to-capitalization ratio was 29.6% vs. 23.9% at FY14-end.

  12. $PCP FY15 10-K: Effective tax rate was 32.1% in both FY15 & FY14. Capital expenditures were $457MM vs.$355MM in FY14.

  13. $PCP FY15 10-K: Total employees at FY15-end were 30,106 vs. 29,085 in FY14. Interest income $4MM vs. $5MM in FY14.

  14. $PCP FY15 10-K: Segment Net Sales: Investment Cast Products $2.54Bil; Forged Products $4.26Bil; Airframe $3.21Bil.

  15. $PCP FY15 10-K: As of March 29, 2015, cash and cash equivalents were $474MM vs. $361MM as of March 30, 2014.

  16. $PCP FY15 10-K: As of March 29, 2015, assets were $19.43Bil, liabilities $8.47Bil and long-term debt was $3.49Bil.

  17. $PCP FY15 10-K: Net sales were $10Bil vs. $9.53Bil in FY14. Net income was $1.53Bil vs. $1.78Bil in FY14.

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