1. $PEIX What an indecisive day. 0.01 up haha

  2. Other preliminary proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/M7hnBnle $PEIX

  3. $PEIX $CAR $AAL $TWTR $DANG all looking strong today

  4. $PEIX real battle going on with options expiration, trying to pin at $15

  5. $PEIX Looking for 20 on this one

  6. Biofuels are awesome, but I m more in favor of $AMRS than ethanol $BIOF and $PEIX, which were great during the 2012 Presidential Election.

  7. $PEIX $BIOF, paceth almost get the added bonus of west coast premium pricing power, west coast is gateway to CHINA, INDIA

  8. $PEIX im in at 15.10. chart looks to good to resist

  9. $PEIX $BIOF corn futures free falling, ethanol futures up, investors forget paceth feedstock is well diversified, not just corn

  10. $PEIX This may be the easiest stock ever to average down, and I m not even that good!

  11. $PEIX What toolness!! I ve had a sell at 15.25 and they took it to .24!

  12. We may have seen all $PEIX can muster. Doubt there will be more buyers going into a long weekend. Not bad but it will probably close sub $15

  13. $PEIX damn market makers are taking this up on purpose

  14. $PEIX prefer a slow steady rise to $15.50, didn t expect the huge spike

  15. After several attempts, $PEIX finally broke through the $15 ceiling and is on the run.

  16. My long-side probes are encouraging: $MXWL $HART $PEIX $PAH $TQNT all showing a profit ranging from 1-4%.

  17. $PEIX shares have been under heavy accumulation, someone wants in, the offering scared a lot of retail longs,fundamentals rule

  18. $PEIX A close around 15.40 would be ideal. I ll take anything above 15 though.

  19. $PEIX no poison place that i m aware of, so anybody can literally buy millions of shares and have ichan like activist position

  20. $PEIX $rex new 52 week high. Ethanol back in play? Added some $peix right here. May calls could be a gold mine.

  21. @MickeyD007 With the market pressure if $PEIX doesn t breakout we will see sub $14 again on Monday. Market could hamper the ER breakout too

  22. @MickeyD007 $PEIX struggling to rise but If it is able to break free $15.50 today isn t out of the question.

  23. $PEIX my next target $15.50, then $16.25 over the next few days

  24. $PEIX beautiful base forming, heavy accumulation, decreasing volatlity

  25. $PEIX shorts about to throw in the towel, cannot get it back below $14, under steady accumulation, fundamentals rule