1. $GPRE $PEIX $GEVO Pure Play Ethanol Basket.

  2. $PEIX @stacks1274 still dont believe me huh? ... ;)

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  4. $PEIX buy again at the max pain indicato check it out....

  5. $PEIX Oil still sliding. Shorts who doubled their bets last week should see good gains this week...

  6. @561800 $PEIX definitely. interesting blog link by the way.... thx... comments under article are just as informative/good :)

  7. $PEIX @stacks1274 that break out though. .. jump on ship before its too late http://stocktwits.com/message/31722021

  8. $PEIX Oil will rebound as it has in the past. Money made by the buyers here will be massive.

  9. $PEIX Oil still 2 go lower. Debates are in all directions. Does that matter anymore wrt PEIX?

  10. $PEIX BUY NOW http://finance.yahoo.com/news/pacific-ethanol-reports-third-quarter-200300151.html

  11. $PEIX I m a buyer and will do quite well as in the past.

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  13. $PEIX Pacific Ethanol entered into a sizable contract with Dresser-Rand for two 1.75MW gas turbines which utilizes Ener-Core ...

  14. $PEIX Selling going on today: Longs closing out positions...Abdullah is 6 ft under but no uncertainty about oil policy under new Saudi dude!


  16. $PEIX http://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-MBB-32241

  17. $PEIX I think MMs are setting up longs and shaking out retail shorts before taking this down hard. Shorts should double their positions now!

  18. $PEIX @JorelLaraKalel (see directly below) prominently featured PEIX in his 5 Year Losers post just 3 days back.Shorts should remain short

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  20. $PEIX News flash: Saudi King Abdullah is dead. And what s that mean for oil? Saudis will start pumping more oil and add to global oil glut..

  21. $PEIX Oil still sliding and refiners buying RINs instead of ethanol.Today s move was pure manipulation. Shorts should double their positions

  22. $PEIX Nothing to see here folks: All smoke and mirrors. Go back to what you were doing...

  23. $PEIX it went down 5% in AH? let`s see how many shares traded. Oh look all fine again? LOL

  24. @je_double_f: $PEIX ...This action screams manipulation. Sure seems that way...

  25. $PEIX Only when $REX starts showing signs of life is it safe to get back into Pixie long. This action screams manipulation.