1. @2DD Depends on when they bought, right. Cost basis includes transportation. Maybe $5.50 is a bit low for $PEIX.

  2. @UpTrendr: $PEIX Is it possible we take out the 52wkhigh before the ER itself? Or only after (with good #s) We get close -post ER to 24

  3. $PEIX Tomorrow, spike-dip-run, or dip-run?

  4. $PEIX Thanks once agin to the lunchtime PEIZ putzes -- bought more at 15.64.....

  5. $PEIX If last quarter they made 21 million/ margins this quarter were much better, what do you think 31 million close?

  6. $PEIX Depending on business model of contacts with customers on ethanol prices @ how much was on hand for open market. what maybe 50%/50%?

  7. $PEIX Have been looking for Analysis reports on this stocks 1st quarter performance /anyone?

  8. $PEIX Wow, some putz dumps 17k shares in a minute and the price drops .02%

  9. $PEIX - a close over 16.30 looks great

  10. $PEIX Look at all this excitement. Possible MACD crossover, STO ticking upwards. It s only begun! http://y.ahoo.it/ckFRX1SQ

  11. $BLDP $PEIX Loving today and the outlook on both these! Hoping for a great next few weeks

  12. $PEIX Bought MAY 15s today to go along with my MAY 12.50s.

  13. $PEIX Down -1.53% with a volume of 80.00 ?? Well I m baffled...

  14. $PEIX After very high prices for ethanol during part of the 1st quarter it would not be a surprise to see 52 week high be pasted.

  15. @Johnny67 Oh of course, it flew up so quickly... Well I won t be touching this thing for a while, going to focus on $PEIX for now

  16. $PEIX Is it possible we take out the 52wkhigh before the ER itself? Or only after (with good #s)

  17. $PEIX looking to add more May calls tomorrow as we get closer to earnings.

  18. $PEIX Futures on still on upswing/ profit in 2nd quarter is still on + side. corn prices will probably be stable to lower if rains help out.

  19. @UpTrendr i ve been trading this and hopping to reach 100 in $PEIX please check my PEIX charts

  20. $PEIX It is happening as I said 4 days ago

  21. $PEIX : uptrend solidly intact.. higher highs and higher lows

  22. $peix making that pre earnings run

  23. $PEIX niiiice! In since 14.44 last week.

  24. $PEIX New HOD :)

  25. $PEIX nice bounce off 15.02 triple support area, huge volume +234% normal >> http://y.ahoo.it/eKW2C2zR http://y.ahoo.it/5nu9OZr8