1. $PEIX MMs/Big money will take this up when THEY are good and ready. Right now they re making money taking it down More shorts arr big money

  2. $PEIX If you want to be an opportunist, wait for price to crash through lower band in next session or two and dive in: Most will be selling

  3. $PEIX News, futures etc have nothing to do w price direction. Stk dropped to lower band on lower vol. It ll likely drop more on oil pretext

  4. $PEIX I ll tell you why it s doing what it s doing: Big money is churning and accumulating. MMs will keep driving it down to pry loose shrs

  5. $PEIX It Closed below the 50 MA on the Weekly Chart, I don t know what s causing the stock price to do what it s doing. needs News Or ?

  6. $PEIX No! No! No! Head pump is back! As long as we have pumps pumping here, this stock s chances of hitting an uptrend are dashed!!!

  7. $PEIX DTN Energy Report Wednesday 11/26/14 | Spot Ethanol Values Rally on Short Covering, Tighter Supply http://www.dtnprogressivefarmer.com/dtnag/common/link.do;jsessionid=7F098911F33813E248426D7D0284BEB0.agfreejvm1?symbolicName=/ag/blogs/template1&blogHandle=ethanol&blogEntryId=8a82c0bc464a51380149ed7d7e74225b

  8. $PEIX DTN Ethanol center 11/26 3:34PM | Falling Inventory Sparks Buyer Support http://www.dtnprogressivefarmer.com/dtnag/common/link.do;jsessionid=92131B5D15FF16FE9CF8FF97C656B9E6.agfreejvm2?symbolicName=/ag/blogs/template1&blogHandle=ethanol&blogEntryId=8a82c0bc464a51380149ee073dfe2260

  9. $PEIX (Reuters) U.S. ethanol production hits record high on profit margins,best profit margins in about six months http://af.reuters.com/article/energyOilNews/idAFL2N0TG15D20141126

  10. $PEIX Air Liquide signs carbon dioxide sourcing agreement with Kodiak Carbonic, a Pacific Ethanol subsidiary http://www.chemweek.com/regions/north_america/65682.html

  11. $PEIX Added more to my positions @ 13.43 let s see

  12. $PEIX Actually, I m thinking, this is as good as it gets: Buy before the close!

  13. $PEIX There may be a continuing bleed in the oil sector people beware...

  14. $PEIX Haha that one went out prematurely. I don t think Saudi s will back off...

  15. $PEIX I don t think Saudi

  16. $PEIX Buy Zone! If this closes here, look for another drop next session for a super buying op!!!

  17. $PEIX MIA alert: I guess our two head pumps drop down rabbit holes in times of distress! They ll show up w math #s next wk when we re green!

  18. $PEIX Ok, guys, here it comes: get ready to dive in: lower BB coming up...

  19. $PEIX A close below $13.30 would set it up for a rash of new buyers...

  20. $PEIX It s the day before Thanksgiving everyone. Low volume leads to easy manipulation. And everyone is nervous about OPEC. Chill out.

  21. $PEIX Sagging very ugly...

  22. $PEIX I have a bad hunch about this...

  23. $PEIX Prize for anyone who can correctly state what s going on with PEIX stock right now...

  24. $PEIX Total ethanol inventories dropped again. The US ethanol industry appears to be exporting a lot of ethanol. Yes, even at these prices.

  25. $PEIX I don t like the H&S that is in formation here