1. $PEIX It looks bullish . Check out the details in the chart http://y.ahoo.it/YZRkbbGH

  2. $PEIX Why rely on The Street or SA when all you have to do is read the ER for yourself. It s a beat. Simple.

  3. @mcalamita10 Why did it decline after hours? $peix

  4. $peix The Street.com wrote an er. miss of .07 expectations for .84, act. .77 WRONG! my records indicate exp..64 and a beat by .13

  5. $PEIX Missed earnings estimate. uh oh

  6. @OneTwit: $PEIX Have patience: There s only one direction for PEIX: UP...Give it time and it ll rise 3X.. Well said. Guidance is key.

  7. $PEIX Have patience: There s only one direction for PEIX: UP. Right now the crush of new buyers is missing. Give it time and it ll rise 3X..

  8. $PEIX crazy activity in the AH http://y.ahoo.it/H7d4zSva

  9. $PEIX A tale of two earnings. Shrieking Alpo vs reality

  10. $PEIX One article says they missed the estimate another is telling us another story ? What s the truth? Long @ :)

  11. $PEIX BEAT. Shrieking Alpo wrong. NO surprise since SA didn t even post an earnings estimate in advance.

  12. $PEIX beats by $0.12 http://y.ahoo.it/REYfWs7r

  13. $PEIX Finally someone got the earnings beat right!

  14. $PEIX $12.6M income tax difference between Q1 and Q2. $7M+ Madera start-up costs = blowout. $1+ in Q3. Should be $30-$50

  15. $PEIX and they say it s down 1.38% to 18.81...Uh, that would be even.

  16. $PEIX Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX) Tops Q2 EPS by 12c http://y.ahoo.it/Yxd2hVbT

  17. $PEIX Thestreet article re : company did not meet expectations (-.07) is flat out wrong. Company needs to do a better job with investors...

  18. @cody1422: $PEIX My buy at 18.15 AH is already in the green... Eh, I m only even

  19. $PEIX it looks like they spent at least $7M in startup costs for Madera which increased cost of goods sold . Back that out and EPS is $1.12

  20. Pacific Ethanol announces earnings. $0.77 EPS. Beats estimates. $321.10m revenue. $PEIX http://y.ahoo.it/zIEt9BWu

  21. $PEIX My buy at 18.15 AH is already in the green...

  22. $PEIX Why Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) Stock Is Down In After-Hours Trading http://y.ahoo.it/ZHyRg0JV

  23. $PEIX I agree Ben. doing a side by side with GPRE, PEIX should be about double

  24. $PEIX tomorrow will be a very interesting day. Hopefully, the markets will be up.

  25. $PEIX I thought the street was looking for $.65, not $.83