1. $PEIX goddamn pig. Oil drops it drops, oil up it still drops.

  2. $PEIX ROTH capital singing the BUY song. This tops $11 again by 11am

  3. $PEIX if she breaks 11.15 i m selling and adding more into $GEVO

  4. $PEIX you wouldn t know it on the reiteration by the stock price.


  6. $PEIX Roth Capital Reiterates Buy on Pacific Ethanol Inc on Back of Ethanol Demand Growth http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/03/26/roth-capital-reiterates-buy-pacific-ethanol-inc-back-ethanol-demand-growth/

  7. $PEIX Roth Capital reiterates BUY on PEIX this afternoon. http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/03/26/roth-capital-reiterates-buy-pacific-ethanol-inc-back-ethanol-demand-growth/

  8. If one more person says Oil and $PEIX in the same sentence I m going to chuckle again.

  9. @damarketplayer: $PEIX I guess oil and peix are not as closely related as some think...The market is wise to something.....imo lke what?

  10. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 1.0% in $PEIX in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  11. $peix thanks for the shares weak hands. MA crossed for a reason. bullish $oas $gdp $rex

  12. $PEIX Oil up big...corn down. PEIX headed back to test resistance at 11.10 tomorrow.

  13. $PEIX Going to settle in 10.50ish range today and ramp to test resistance on Friday again

  14. $PEIX I guess oil and peix are not as closely related as some think. Rex did not help either. The market is wise to something.....imo

  15. $PEIX worth a buy here at the lower end with a tight stop

  16. $PEIX didn t love the way it was acting the last few days. Sold tuesday at 10.85. Starting to get interested again.

  17. @dinovix2778: $PEIX oh fuc...kkkkkk youuuuuu. RED?????? COME ON F..... This would be funny if I didn t agree.

  18. $PEIX oh fuc...kkkkkk youuuuuu. RED?????? COME ON F.....

  19. $PEIX cracking the lower end of the rectangle

  20. $PEIX $OIL rolling over, reacting exactly the same $UWTI

  21. $PEIX stock backing up mid day. Will sputter for a few hours

  22. $PEIX at least we are good for Aventine Merger LOLLLLL

  23. $PEIX Knew I should have rolled that spike. Damn, this stock is annoying...

  24. $PEIX well $corn is failing so this should support ethanol stocks

  25. $PEIX I am out , waiting for a good point to buy again