2. $PEIX REX and GPRE doing wonderful, PEIX barely hanging in the green. This thing needs to show some sign of life before the major dilution

  3. $PEIX mixed market response ethanol cut by 1 billion this year but will increase by 1.8 next year....great for longs...not day traders

  4. $PEIX Sort of old news by now, but still good news: http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/21b8983ffa5d0e4685257dd4006b85e2/4f4bb602ad5b51b985257e54004b6e5f!OpenDocument

  5. $PEIX Trendline posted earlier was upheld and confirmed. Only up from here.

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  7. $PEIX Wow, i saw this flying early and now tanking. I ll buy at $11

  8. $PEIX Very

  9. $PEIX looking for a bounce off trend line

  10. $PEIX Jeez, used the spike to get out at 12. Wish I had at 12.50. Crazy whipsaw.

  11. $PEIX $GPRE $REX $AMTX - BUY ALERT on catalyst. See article by Cody Smal: http://www.storytrading.com/peix-buy-alert-on-news-100m-from-government-to-increase-ethanol-blend-the-pump/

  12. $PEIX EPA to lower corn ethanol mandate, Bloomberg reports http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-05-29/epa-said-to-cut-mandates-for-corn-ethanol-for-this-year-and-next

  13. $PEIX worst case scenario is that epa makes no move but that just means a stagnant stock price

  14. $PEIX epa would prob set guidelines for ethanol requirements by monday. The ethanol req def wont decrease thus no downside unlimited upside

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  16. @cody1422 $PEIX story trade alert. BUY HERE. Details coming soon.

  17. $PEIX There have been so many shorts waiting to pounce on this.

  18. @ah141189: $PEIX expect a 14 percent gain today looks like we are expecting good news from the govt WHAT NEWS?

  19. $PEIX ..looks like higher oil good for PEIX

  20. $PEIX looks like it will mimic post earnings performance perhaps back to 13 soon

  21. First 3 decent size front month option plays immediate winners for scalpers $PEIX $ESI $EBAY

  22. $PEIX expect a 14 percent gain today looks like we are expecting good news from the govt


  24. $PEIX Jun 12 Call buyers, paying $0.65

  25. $PEIX Institutional ownership up 23.14% Q/Q, with 2,345,830 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/PEIX