1. Sparrow Capital Management holds an allocation of 5.3% in $PEP in his Fundamental Growth Investment Portfolio

  2. Covestor holds an allocation of 0.5% in $PEP in his Yield Investment Portfolio

  3. Atlas Capital holds an allocation of 2.2% in $PEP in his 100-30 Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  4. Harvest Financial Partners holds an allocation of 1.5% in $PEP in his Domestic Dividend Investment Portfolio

  5. Buybacks, Buybacks, Buybacks (Barron s) http://blogs.barrons.com/focusonfunds/2015/03/03/buybacks-buybacks-buybacks/?mod=yahoobarrons $GILD $HD $PEP

  6. Trimmed by $PEP by 30% at $98.40, potential double top at ~$100

  7. March 2015 List Of Dividend Aristocrats $KO $WMT $PEP $JNJ $MMM $TGT $CLX $MCD $T http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/march-2015-list-of-dividend-aristocrats?post=59980

  8. Covestor holds an allocation of 1.4% in $PEP in his Diversified Equity Investment Portfolio

  9. Free March 2015 list of Dividend Aristocrats: http://www.suredividend.com/march-2015-list-dividend-aristocrats/ $WMT $TGT $FDO $MCD $PEP $KO $CLX $KMB $JNJ $T http://stocktwits.com/message/33433344

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  11. $PEP can i buy this after hours and still get the div?

  12. Timberline Investment Management holds an allocation of 2.5% in $PEP in his Dividend and Growth Investment Portfolio

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  14. $PEP expect a break when you least expect it, when the market is down or flat

  15. $PEP In at 99.05 ex-div wed.. Buying 2mrw for divy ready for new 52 week highs imo

  16. 6 Things Coca-Cola Might Bring To A Store Near You: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1357 $KO $PEP

  17. $GMCR makes 2/3rd s of its money off its K cups. No reason why $SODA can t do the same. Hook 2 mill of 8 mill in US on $PEP or $KO products

  18. Its hard to believe the big wigs at $KO or $PEP haven t figured this out yet. Indra Nooyi are you sleeping over their at Pepsi. $SODA

  19. Then that means $PEP or $KO could have a chance of doing $10.3mill in sales a week with $SODA. 50/50 split means 250 mill added revenue

  20. Here is simple math for $KO Coke & $PEP Pepsi. $SODA Sodastream has 8.6 million users in US. If 2.3 mill buy SODA CAPS of your brand a week

  21. Remember chewing on GatorGum? http://www.thestreet.com/story/13061736/1/3-classic-products-burger-king-pepsi-and-general-mills-should-bring-back.html $PEP $GIS $QSR $MCD $NKE $$

  22. 3 Classic Products Burger King, Pepsi and General Mills Should Bring Back $PEP http://www.thestreet.com/story/13061736/1/3-classic-products-burger-king-pepsi-and-general-mills-should-bring-back.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  23. @500pagesAday I think that would be a mistake. $PEP won t buy them because the end result does not taste like the original. $KO will b same

  24. I invite the possible good headwinds for 2015 for $SODA - $GMCR release of Keurig Cold and/or $PEP partnership. 2 good catalysts

  25. Insider Transaction: $PEP Sale at $99.60 per share of 2464 shares by Director Vasella Daniel on 2015-02-24.