1. $PETX great merchandise on sale here around 6. Freed funds today to gobble tomorrow. Original position @ 5.30. Long & Strong

  2. $PETX If I was at lease with a small loss here I will join you on the short side LOL

  3. $PETX anyone here ever heard of the Acorns app? :)

  4. $PETX shorting more here. Sorry boys, this volume sucks @$$

  5. $PETX or maybe this is the higher low :D

  6. $PETX or maybe that s a prevailing uptrend? 😬😬

  7. $PETX what a great day for be long in PETX :-(

  8. $PETX do I see a red candle engulfing the high and low of the previous day characterized by a prevailing downtrend? Yes yes I do

  9. $PETX when is this bullish? Remind me to be a bull please

  10. $PETX i ll have to yell again, U GET GREEN U STOCK

  11. $PETX bah. The volatility sucks.

  12. $PETX u get green now !!!

  13. $PETX I decide long or short on this stock based on how many ants are in my peanut butter in the morning

  14. $PETX time to load up.. gift today ... Cash up front, royalties, pipeline

  15. $PETX Gallaprant cash basis covers approx. 1/2 of market cap. Entyce on board and a large pipeline. What a gift here!

  16. $PETX Chart is really shaping up.

  17. $PETX lets go giddy up !!!!

  18. $PETX Stock plummeted due to news of 1 med not being as effective as thought but they have several in pipeline to replace. Massive upside.

  19. $PETX this happens a lot but when i yell at it it seems to listen !!

  20. $PETX here it comes

  21. $PETX stop it you !!!!

  22. $PETX slow & steady wins the race. I ll be happy with that.


  24. iStockPicker correct predictions for Mon: SRPT 10.71%. Correct YTD $PETX added to watchlist http://www.istockpicker.com/dailytradeperformance.aspx?date=5/2/2016

  25. $PETX let s hear some predictions. I m thinking $10 by Wednesday of next week.