1. $PGNX Where is the stinking volume here?? Everyone this is a stellar stock that s about to get a huge expanded label on their approval.

  2. @YazzJr Fed comes in clutch. Hope $YHOO pops enough this Friday/next Monday so I can come back in time for $PGNX !

  3. $PGNX stock is a dog with fleas. it is a hopeless pos.

  4. $pgnx WTF

  5. $PGNX Just go to $4.99 already you POS so I can buy more.

  6. $PGNX At what price does this become a buy? $3?? Jeez.

  7. $PGNX Hello!! Earth to Progenics. Are you still alive out there??

  8. $PGNX Apparently it s not done retracing.

  9. $pgnx early approval would be nice right about now

  10. $PGNX Wow, they have manipulated it down with less than 50K shares trades. Total BS.

  11. @YazzJr I actually think I m going to average down here. Usually try to avoid that but I like the chances of good news with $PGNX

  12. $PGNX This is like OREX all over again. A stock nobody cares about.

  13. $PGNX Wow the weakness here is unbelievable..

  14. If $PGNX breaks and holds below 5.20 we will be low 5 s EOD. Let this be the base!

  15. $PGNX This is becoming a better short sell candidate than anything. LOL.

  16. $PGNX No run up to be found.

  17. $PGNX We are two weeks from the PDUFA and this stock is sitting on its a$$. Very frustrating.

  18. $RNN Trying to make some noise! Who s real and who s fake in bio stocks$NSPH,$ARIA,$MNKD,$INO,$OREX,$PGNX,$ARWR,$ACRX,NURO,$SYN,$OXGN,$XOMA

  19. $PGNX Nice turn around today.

  20. $SGEN Partners Up With $GMXAY http://y.ahoo.it/ePO8xztM $ABBV $JNJ $PGNX

  21. $PGNX As long as we are trending up.

  22. $PGNX This stocks movement is pretty typical though. It moves up a bit, then dips, moves up a bit more, then dips again. Very typical.

  23. $PGNX So far this stock stinks.

  24. $PGNX moving up today.. will try to add

  25. $PGNX A weak pos!!