1. I think I ll watch this for awhile $PIP. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=PIP

  2. Insider Transaction: $PIP Automatic Sale at $2.10 per share of 29600 shares by Officer Chang Linda L on 2015-01-07.

  3. $PIP @Jumpman23 Yep, it can go to $1.40 just as easy KL. It can go to the moon or it can fall like a stone. Too many can s here.

  4. $PIP climbing on green

  5. $PIP Can go to $1.80 easily

  6. Stocks that tend to rise or fall with the market: $AGEN $ACM $FLR $PIP

  7. $PIP 8 of 10 days green, Friday green hammer on red DJI -60 pts.

  8. $PIP all green today

  9. $PIP....No Owl, I m not currently buying. I still just have my initial investment. The volume has been disappointing to say the least.

  10. $PIP Nice to see some green on the screen

  11. $PIP moving up good news

  12. $PIP another green day on a bear day

  13. $PIP Looking good

  14. $PIP 3-4 days in the green should go higher tomorrow

  15. $PIP Will get worse. Is Skippy_Von buying? When you re in court you have no friends,

  16. Update: Selling $UGAZ buying $FXCM Selling $PIP buying $FXCM ...$MHR Holding tight!

  17. $PIP We will be trespassing upon eternity when PIP any money lol

  18. $PIP...People should be buying this stock now before the company actually gets its hands on the $SIGA award money. It will skyrocket then.

  19. $PIP Let s do this!

  20. $PIP interesting

  21. $PIP Go green and get mean!

  22. $PIP Somebody just bought 1.5 million shares.

  23. $PIP HUGE vol spike here

  24. $PIP taking this one off my w/l, just doesnt have the vol...had more vol in AH yesterday. just from a day trade perspective

  25. $PIP I knew this pos would drop