1. $PIP Here s the chart for my post below. Pop to 4.32 then 4.04 bounce to 4.32 then 4.69 then 4.97 http://y.ahoo.it/0bdFQqUA

  2. $PIP My guess when settlement announced- pops to 4.32 then bounces off 4.04 gets support again at 4.32 then 4.6 then 4.97. Here s chart

  3. Watchlist for Nextweek $ivan $pip $hsgh $jcjp $DGLY $rsh $ASTI $TUBE $KITE $DRL Follow me for all my trades

  4. $PIP Bought at 2.28.

  5. $PIP What an incredible daily chart!! Consolidated and now awaiting breakout

  6. $IVAN I m out moving to $PIP $$

  7. $IVAN Moving to $pip will buy above $2.31.

  8. $PIP Couldnt break $2.3 will goto $4+ once settlement comes

  9. $PIP Alerted at $2.3. Watching

  10. $PIP Will but above 2.31. Major resistance there

  11. $IVAN afternoon Watchlist $ivan $tube $drl $rsh $pip $mnst $dgly $qihu $ncty $ASTI

  12. $PIP nice daily

  13. $PIP, $GALE, $RNN...PIP is on the move folks! GIDDY UP!

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  15. @StockKingz Watchlist for morning trades- $creg $tkmr $hpj $jrjc $hsgh $vii $pip

  16. $CREG Watching this today along with $TKMR $FB $HPJ $pip $kite $jrjc $dgly $hgsh

  17. $pip, entry summary http://y.ahoo.it/Dp1eTXsp

  18. $PIP Bull setup for Spec Stock! #Bull #TrendFollowing #Stock #Speculative http://y.ahoo.it/zVT6L7vF

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  20. $PIP The scope of these objections shall be limited to computational errors made by NERA. Merit objections are gone.. award will be big..

  21. $PIP flaggin 5 minute

  22. $PIP in

  23. $pip likey

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  25. $PIP http://y.ahoo.it/be2Wy9Ne