1. 📡 $PIP #((KETA))-Knarf-ETA *HL/HH*VOL*TTM*CNHOD *click pic. for TTM Squeeze* 👽Website On Profile Page👽

  2. $PIP Unusual volume on Friday s session. Setting up a possible resistance breakout trade. Long over 1.74

  3. $PIP SIGMA is finally going to pay up

  4. $AGEN $PIP Try this if you haven t already. http://www.psyfitec.com/

  5. $PIP looks like a massive insider buy today...

  6. Stocks to ut on your radar tomorrow $PIP $PSDV $ DSKX $BXC $HBIO $ VBIV

  7. $SPY Whow $AGEN & $PIP Urh it s a Bear Market now you know. Keep Laughing

  8. $PIP @marsrover Not Roll up , Roll over and forget about it till 2024/25. Keep Laughing

  9. $PIP This is a good roll-up to 1.90 then back down. Could break-Out.

  10. $PIP Optimistic for the long term, but short term this doesn t seem like its going anywhere. Still have a long position here and holding.

  11. $AGEN $PIP $SPY Old Turkey says It s A Bear Market . Keep Laughing

  12. $PIP here we go

  13. $PIP = RIP

  14. $PIP 😡

  15. $PIP will you please go up :)

  16. $PIP It s Toast

  17. $PIP buy the dips...that is all

  18. $PIP Well the ruling came & down we go, wait now for next court hearing. I have always said it ll be 2024/25 before final outcocome

  19. $PIP no stock is safe from this economy

  20. $PIP considering at one point mkt was down over 400pts outcome could ve been worse 👍

  21. $PIP has been in the 1.80 s give or take for years!

  22. Active Movers: $PIP $EGRX $X http://streetwisereport.com/pharmathene-inc-nysemktpip-eagle-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqegrx-u-s-steel-corp-nysex/141015/

  23. $PIP interesting take on situation. Found on another board. Thoughts? Read next several posts for entire view.

  24. $PIP It will happen in time. As the bankruptcy plan unfolds. Let me ask a question. The market cap on Siga is now around...

  25. $PIP ...16.5 million. I think PIP should secure a line of credit and buy all of Siga. If they offered twice the market cap--33 million...