1. $PIP anyone having issues with the link?

  2. $PIP so sad.

  3. $PIP picked up 8k on 1,7

  4. $PIP now I m getting pizzed off 👊

  5. $PIP still waiting for this thing to move up!!

  6. $PIP ok, that one stung, but I m not backed into the corner yet! 💪👊

  7. $PIP been waiting for 5 yrs no reason to quit now

  8. $PIP grrrrr.

  9. $PIP move!!!

  10. $PIP rough day. Tough fight. Let s get to 1.90!!!

  11. $PIP WTF!! Just stopped? No ticket, no movement? No charts?

  12. $PIP ok Greece seems to be settling down back up with you now $PIP

  13. Tuesdays Strong Volume Decliners (Healthcare #Stocks) - Could See Bounce Today $OHRP $TNXP $ONCY $PIP ++ Full List: http://www.tradepilot.com/screener/results#si=1400/t=mc:gt50m,av:gt30k,vsi:gt,pc:lt/s=pc:a

  14. $PIP you ain t chasing me out

  15. Losers-2 $TNXP -9%, $OHRP -9%, $ABIO -9%, $GGB -9%, $GTT -8%, $PIP -8%, $PPP -8%, $SAVE -8%, $SSTK -7%, $BBLU -7%, $VLTC -7%, $VRML -7%,

  16. $PIP Stopped Out @ 1.82... Oh, well...

  17. $PIP wtf

  18. Your <$3 idea mission today... $PIP $ABIO $HMPR $AVNW $OPTT $PTNR ... Good Luck and do due diligence.

  19. <$3 ideas to watch... $NWY $PIP (Holding) $ABIO (Holding) $FLL (Lookin to re-enter) ...do due diligence.

  20. Watch list for Monday, $ABIO,$SYN,$PIP,$FOLD$POWR. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

  21. $ENZN $XOMA $SYN $PIP people that followed me has earned 20%+++ this week, shouldn t you? follow me building a army!!

  22. $PIP yep, still here

  23. <$3 plan for today... $PIP $NWY $DPW ...do due diligence.

  24. $PIP after 1,92 break Will pop higher into 2,20-2,50 range

  25. $PIP don t keep teasing me...