1. Deep Value ETF Accumulator 4-29-16: $FBT $EZA $XLE $DGS $EPP $EWY $FNI $EWD $RFG $EWW $PKW $QQQ $IJT $DFE $EZM $VBR

  2. Deep Value ETF Accumulator 4-28-16: $FBT $EZA $XLE $DGS $EPP $EWY $FNI $EWD $RFG $EWW $PKW $QQQ $DFE $IJT $EZM $VBR

  3. 2 Insider-Buying ETFs: Very Different Returns $PKW $NFO $KNOW $SPY http://www.etf.com/sections/features-and-news/2-insider-buying-etfs-alike-differ

  4. Deep Value ETF Accumulator 4-27-16: $FBT $EZA $DGS $XLE $EPP $EWY $FNI $EWD $EWW $RFG $DFE $QQQ $PKW $IJT $VBR $EZM

  5. An interesting article from SA on SHARE BUYBACKS. $PKW Powersharesh Buyback Achievers is my large cap blend ETF http://seekingalpha.com/article/3967889-share-buybacks-need-know?app=1&auth_param=f4664:1bhup26:20c4819503143cef9eb2a50adf41d9a5&uprof=45

  6. New trend started on $PKW when price was 46.13 http://shark-finance.com/index.php?stc=PKW #TradingSystem #Stock

  7. Deep Value ETF Investor 4-25-16: $FBT $EZA $XLE $DGS $EPP $EWY $FNI $EWW $EWD $RFG $DFE $PKW $IJT $VBR $EZM $IJR

  8. Deep Value ETF Investor weekend update 4-24-16: $FBT $EZA $XLE $DGS $EPP $EWY $FNI $EWD $EWW $RFG $DFE $PKW $VBR

  9. Deep Value ETF Investor weekend update 4-23-16: $FBT $EZA $XLE $DGS $EPP $EWY $FNI $EWD $EWW $RFG $DFE $PKW $VBR

  10. Deep Value ETF Investor 4-21-16: $FBT $EZA $XLE $DGS $EPP $EWC $EWY $RZG $FNI $EWW $EWD $XRT $RFG $IYT $DFE $PKW

  11. $VNQ $PKW $VYM

  12. Deep Value ETF Investor: $FBT $EZA $XLE $DGS $EPP $EWC $EWY $RZG $FNI $EWW $EWD $RFG $XRT $IYT $DFE $PKW $DLS $VBR

  13. Investors Look to Dividend-Paying Stock ETFs as Interest Rates Stay Low http://www.etftrends.com/2016/04/investors-look-to-dividend-paying-stock-etfs-as-interest-rates-stay-low/ $PKW

  14. 3 ETFs for a Happy Retirement $VNQ $PKW $VYM - http://investorplace.com/2016/04/3-etfs-to-fund-a-happy-retirement/

  15. $PKW a Yahoo Finance article on the PowerShares Buyback Achievers ETF. Thanks to the ETF Professor at Benzinga http://finance.yahoo.com/news/benefits-buyback-etf-171317569.html

  16. Deep Value ETF Investor 4-18-16: $FBT $EZA $XLE $DGS $EWC $EPP $EWY $EWW $EWD $RZG $FNI $RFG $XRT $IYT $DFE $PKW

  17. The Benefits Of A Buyback ETF $PKW $AAPL $BA $MCD http://www.benzinga.com/trading-ideas/long-ideas/16/04/7849140/the-benefits-of-a-buyback-etf

  18. $PKW Good reading material here on the PowerShares Buyback Achievers Portfolio ETF, thanks Mr. Owens http://www.forbes.com/sites/brettowens/2016/04/17/3-etfs-to-fund-a-happy-retirement/?utm_campaign=yahootix&partner=yahootix#b424dd969b95

  19. US Buybacks to Net Income 2004-2016 - $SPY $ES_F $PKW $SPYB

  20. Deep Value ETF Strategy 4-13-16: $FBT $EWP $EZA $XLE $EPP $DGS $EWC $EWY $RZG $EWD $FNI $EWW $RFG $XRT $IYT $PKW

  21. $PKW PowerShares Buyback Achievers is the ETF we utilize for our Large Cap Blend holdings. Here s an artcile at SA http://seekingalpha.com/article/3964283-buyback-activity-remains-healthy-excluding-energy-sector

  22. Deep Value ETF Strategy 4-7-16: $EZA $EWP $FBT $XLE $DGS $EPP $EWC $EWY $FNI $EWD $EWW $RZG $RFG $IYT $XRT $DLS $PKW

  23. ETF Investors Look to Dividend Payers Over Buybacks http://www.etftrends.com/2016/04/etf-investors-look-to-dividend-payers-over-buybacks/ $PKW $DVY

  24. Tuesday links: bad stock picks, $FB vs. $TWTR and choosing to focus. http://abnormalreturns.com/2016/04/05/tuesday-links-bad-stock-picks/ $FXY $USO $PKW $ALK $VA $PFE $AGN

  25. Stick to Dividend stocks $DVY, they are outperforming the $SPY and the buybackers $PKW!