1. $PLI.CA $WIN.CA Europe not heading for recession says EU s Barroso https://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/finance/news/euro-zone-not-heading-recession-095959924.html?.b=index&.cf3=Jumbotron&.cf4=3&.cf5=Reuters&.cf6=%2F&.ts=1413729819&.intl=ca&.lang=en-ca

  2. CAD Swing Portfolio, selling $PLI.CA, $ATD-B.CA at end of day next trading day. http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#CADSWING1

  3. $PLI.CA nice little turn on technicals with a little help from the markets we reach pivot Monday 😉

  4. $PLI.CA Hopefully back to 1.80 range very soon

  5. Sorry - correct link to the $PLI.CA Oct 17 news release: http://www.rtmagazine.com/2014/10/prometic-seeking-orphan-indication-ipf-drug-candidate/#sthash.On0fmHZT.dpuf $PLI.CA moving higher-last was $1.62, + 8% The cat is alive!

  6. $PLI.CA opened higher this morning(+6%) SP will be $2 by year end, & $4-$5. in 12 mo. Link to Oct 17 FDA appl. news: http://www.rtmagazine.com/2014/10/prometic-seeking-orphan-indication-ipf-drug-candidate/#sthash.On0fmHZT.dpuf.

  7. Oct 17: $PLI.CA is currently preparing a request to the FDA for an idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis ODD for its new drug candidate PBI-4050.

  8. $PLI.CA Dead cat bounce? Be patient!

  9. PROMETIC S PBI-4050 TO TARGET IDIOPATHIC PULMONARY FIBROSIS ( IPF ) http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=1205547 $PLI.CA

  10. $PLI.CA November till May brings 80% of a years gains that mihht make it move!

  11. $PLI.CA range bound between $1.40 - $1.50. What s it going to take to move this?

  12. @seer 4) $PLI.CA Cont d PBI4050 orphan indication #2 5) Plasminogen ind filing 6) Plasminogen clinical trial initiation 7) IVIG ind filing

  13. $PLI.CA Good company no reason to sell a 10% correction that has held up really well. Im call it russel turns from here unless oil falls mor

  14. @Tofuburger: $PLI.CA unable to break $1.50 resistance! why u still here. I thought you said not worth the risk. Sitting on cash blah blah

  15. $PLI.CA unable to break $1.50 resistance! Even with the news release. Needs a major catalyst to help take off! Earnings will be negative!

  16. Another brutal day for the markets: DOW -175/TSX -138. $PLI.CA is positive1.4% this morning! I am long on this stock & expecting $2. in Dec!

  17. @valentino0427 $PLI.CA play it as a trade. Get out by end of day. Will end lower!

  18. This was an anticipated event for $PLI.CA. There should be quite a few more news and milestone releases for this stock before year is up!

  19. $PLI.CA Was this PR anticipated or a pleasant surprise?

  20. $PLI.CA ProMetic s PBI-4050 to Target Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis ( IPF ) as One of Its Orphan Indic.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/PLI.TO/communique/789483

  21. $PLI.CA TSX is reversing after CDN finance minister says economy doing well, germany buffered by usa growth https://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/finance/news/canada-sees-european-threat-economy-largely-offset-u-154909341--business.html?.b=index&.cf3=Jumbotron&.cf4=1&.cf5=Reuters&.cf6=%2F&.ts=1413307700&.intl=ca&.lang=en-ca

  22. The TSX down 186 points at the open catching up with Monday s drop in the DOW. $PLI.CA off it s lows of the morning and heading higher $1.47

  23. $PLI.CA another day of underperformance. If it breaks resistance at $1.40 watch out for the free fall.

  24. Tue trading should be interesting. $PFSCF(PLI on US OTC) was +7.8% on the US markets Monday when the DOW was -223 points. $PLI.CA going up?

  25. I think you will be happy with your $PLI.CA stock. The fact that the TSX has lost 6 months of gains over the last 40 days = good time to buy