1. $PLUG Now we can analyse the conservative numbers for 2015:100M rev with 3300 units.Pls.see the next steps of calculation in the comments:

  2. $PLUG http://www.bizjournals.com/albany/news/2015/01/29/report-plug-power-could-break-even-in-2015.html aside from the “under deliver” thing, CEO really helps the company grow.

  3. @Factfinder $PLUG heading to right direction every quarter, with the this growth rate, as gross margin keep up, it will become a monster.

  4. $PLUG I found the copy of the FIRST unedited version of article of Albany newspaper, here is the link: http://www.dispatchb2b.com/TheNewsletters/FuelCellDispatch/TabId/229/ArtMID/1132/ArticleID/3760/Plug-Power-CEO-says-Revenues-will-Double-in-2015.aspx

  5. $PLUG BUT, u won t find doubling sentance in this interview any more. BUT we all remember it and we discussed it: http://stocktwits.com/message/30999214

  6. $PLUG Another interesting thing: the aricle of Albany Bus Rev. from Jan 6 can be still read here: Link: http://www.bizjournals.com/albany/news/2015/01/06/plug-powers-ceo-on-new-deals-2015-revenue-goals.html?page=all But u won t

  7. $PLUG 130 = 65x2, We thought reporter is guilty in missinterpreting the numbers. (70x2 = 140 so it would not be doubling )

  8. $PLUG In the interw. Anbany newspaper, Marsh said that 130M for 2015 would be doubling of 2014 Rev. We didn t got it right way at that time

  9. $PLUG My calculations show, that Rev 2014 is about 65M (miss 5M of revised 2014 guidance). Interesting, that there is another proof of it.

  10. @calv @ALPHADOGSPARTAN Hi! Can you say what will be the Q4 2014 Revenue ? Roughly? Do you have opinion? 27,2 mil $ possible? $PLUG

  11. $PLUG Not looking good here

  12. $$PLUG Ad and hold 5 years or less u will makes tons of cash

  13. $PLUG The reason I say cursed cause this stock was 2 dollars when they made 5 million revenue and it 2 dollars even 60 million revenue

  14. $PLUG .. and investors will look and judge if the business make sense. If so, they will have confident to put in their monsy.

  15. $PLUG I still believe they have great products, but they should show us how they can (eventually) gen profit from sale. Be transparent...

  16. $PLUG lol found Andy s Picture online keep up the good work. http://stocktwits.com/message/32051202

  17. $PLUG this stock is cursed period.

  18. $PLUG Its insulting and manipulative IMO and I feel Plug Power management see s it the same, hence the guidance reset. thus removing games

  19. $PLUG The street punishs Plug Power because they project and GET massive percentage Rev gains and then punish for 1 or 2 mill short?

  20. $PLUG I felt they re like telling us to sell now and buy later. You see how Q1-2015 sale gonna drop from Q4-2014?

  21. $PLUG In theory if we go over 3000 units this year and if margins improve, we go EBITDAS+ Plug Power seems tired of the street nit picking#s

  22. $PLUG Government subsidies to end soon and profitability is still at least a year away...cash burn quarter after quarter

  23. $PLUG Margins are projected to get MUCH better by end of year, and likely even this next Q4 report we see them go back up to Q2 levels

  24. $PLUG They have shown us, scaling up over 3000 units while improving margins. Margins have been improving. they slipped a little last Q

  25. $PLUG They should, while continue to boost sales, show us how they gen profits from there. That s business, but they don t. How to trust?