1. $PLUG all the bulls are desperate, way too emotional. I simply use facts. If the numbers were good, you guys would love me.

  2. @howardlindzon: @ZorTrades: Quick video on $PLUG $FCEL trade set ups http://y.ahoo.it/32RTyI8L thx for posting

  3. @ZorTrades: Quick video on $PLUG $FCEL trade set ups http://y.ahoo.it/6u55TtYm

  4. $PLUG http://y.ahoo.it/OmrtHzIg

  5. Quick video on $PLUG $FCEL trade set ups http://y.ahoo.it/tnDpRUxr

  6. $PLUG Can t believe u all haven t blocked Ryan B!!! What a joke, can only imagine what he is saying now.

  7. $PLUG fellow pluggers have a happy Easter, don t worry be happy!!!

  8. $PLUG on last repeated thought.. Bulls have balls and bears are scavengers to be hunted!

  9. $PLUG @RYANLABALABA dont try to constantly bring up old facts that everyone knows, you are boring me are you the investment sheriff??Please!

  10. $PLUG Andy needs to be asked on Monday about the joint agreement with $F & $NSANY as well as how the $FDX trials are going, tuggers & trucks

  11. $PLUG So $F & $NSANY have joint tri-agreement with PLUG on H2 FCEV s. News at China auto show on Sunday. http://y.ahoo.it/D8I0ETYM

  12. $PLUG What did $F tell me? That they have a tri-agreement with $NSANY on Fed-ex H2 fuel cells. http://y.ahoo.it/AMpfqgLh

  13. $PLUG @Ryaba

  14. $PLUG @ryanbaptiste When Toyota sells Hybrids for a loss its ok, PLUG does the same not ok. Both creating new tech/prod market. Diff pls??

  15. $PLUG I give my respect to people in the stock market because I believe only people with strong stomach (Or big balls) can be in the market.

  16. $BLDP $PLUG nice video summary on Ballard! http://y.ahoo.it/v9Z8dty7

  17. @MoneyMikey to make sure I ain t behind I ve $PLUG for 25% of my account& 75% is cash. I ll be all in when a short squeeze is triggered. GL

  18. $NQ Weekly review http://y.ahoo.it/PVE3QYfd $FANG $AA $AER $PLUG $XCO $VLP $TWTR $SAIC

  19. $PLUG see ya all Monday , have my buy orders loaded. GN

  20. $PLUG sounds like a bit of panic setting in - LOL x2

  21. $PLUG I just wish I knew what s so darn crucial about holding down and playing with plug.

  22. $PLUG But I still feel like this stock is being played with all the orchestration and even being brought down and held down..... 4 now.

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