1. $PLUG Ima longterm holder of PLUG...frankly I think those name callers using word PUMPERS 24/7 should be blocked. Its a broken record IMO

  2. $PLUG FSA give it a rest man.

  3. $PLUG ha ha ha GN :-)

  4. $PLUG do you need the last word with your little sister also...why don t u picked up all your toys and head to bed

  5. $PLUG man some ppl are so negative that they think all negative comments, jokes are being pisted for them.... u need to meditate to think +v

  6. $PLUG U ..Girba and your buddy FF...can lie to each other and continue your circle je#k

  7. @Ontheway: $PLUG puk puk puk .. -( thats why frustrated and suggesting ...I NEVER tell others to buy, sale or hold...unlike u PUMPERS !

  8. $PLUG puk puk puk ..I cant fly : -( thats why frustrated and suggesting others how to fly Lmao

  9. @Ontheway: $PLUG I dont like predictions, eye openers and ppl who waste their time on others...MAN...a SELF hater...give yourself a break

  10. $PLUG I also dont like predictions, eye openers and ppl who waste their time on others lmao

  11. @Ontheway: $PLUG I dont like red colored shirts...lol .......and the truth!!

  12. $PLUG I dont like red colored shirts...lol

  13. $PLUG Early Adoption of a Fuel Cell Technology http://energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/early-adoption-fuel-cell-technologies

  14. $PLUG Hydrogen Energy / Renewable Emergy World Article http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/tech/hydrogen

  15. $PLUG and all is minions....believe that crap n repeat it....

  16. $PLUG Like I have been saying 4 months, FF has a justification in any separation of oil n plug.....

  17. $PLUG How can oil cause plug be down 55% when Solar stocks are only down 3.6% in same period - some pumpers need lessons on doing research

  18. $PLUG One other nail in the heart of the oil conspiracy - Solar stocks are only down 3.6% as measured by ETF $TAN since August 2014

  19. $PLUG http://www.excite.co.jp/News/economy_g/20150325/Kyodo_BR_MN2015032501001520.html $BLDP $FCEL UK first now Japan has hydrogen power cabs yet a Leading Nation like us can t keep up.

  20. doing a Q&A this weekend want to ask me some trading questions #askthewolf i will answer them via video $tvix $plug $mvis $blrx $rexx $exxi

  21. $PLUG a guaranteed PR Horse and Pony show at Memphis $FDX HQ so make sure you have all the pieces of the pie under $2.70

  22. $PLUG Alphadog.who is Nuguy on Yahoo message boards...they r also concerned about him...his post have diminished as the same rate as Plug SP

  23. $PLUG Oil my friends is NOT the problem - CEO Marsh is the problem

  24. $PLUG So there 52% of 55% decline since August 2014 directly following calls when Marsh confirmed his inability to meet commitments

  25. $PLUG CC2 Q3 earnings call Marsh confirmed Q3/4 2014 profitability goals he committed were pushed to Q4 15 - Down 31% in following 30 days