1. $PLUG looking at tda, it s rating agencies has a sell on it

  2. $PLUG www.insiderslab.com/pr3/090214a/plug/plugpower

  3. $PLUG why the street rates plug as a sell . Answer - to buy shares lower and fool all the dummies into giving them shares

  4. $PLUG not what i was expecting

  5. $PLUG lets rock

  6. $PLUG New month same old plug

  7. @supergreen thanks - that s for going forward. To date - most of my gain was in big swing wins in $PLUG $KNDI $TSLA $TKMR $VRNG & $PEIX

  8. $PLUG Good morning all

  9. $PLUG opening above pivot 5.57, time to get long


  11. $PLUG Dont react to the tool claiming to be from harvard - just postin the same nonsense over and over. This is at least the third time.

  12. $PLUG always be suspicious when someone quotes j. cramer.

  13. My Watchlist for Tuesday: $GENE $GEVO $DGLY $PLUG

  14. $PLUG Staring a new month and following a long holiday weekend. People are ready to make some money today.

  15. $PLUG always....

  16. $PLUG For any bears or bulls who missed this: http://y.ahoo.it/HhOsmNiW

  17. $PLUG go to IHUB/Plug post 15325

  18. @Harvard_Stock_Analyst: $PLUG Jim Cramer has said dont get plugged by PLUG

  19. $DGLY Always be suspicious when a company who has an actual penney stock value, exploits the news!! This is what $PLUG did before crashing!!

  20. @reuvenohr stop tagging me to the main streams to reply to my. sorry $DGLY and $PLUG steams

  21. @speedytrader: @reuvenohr not a good price to get in lol...terrible price <-whats a terrible price to get in? $plug or $dgly ?1100

  22. $PLUG Trade it don t fall in love with it!

  23. $PLUG Good morning Pluggers! Here s to a great day!!!

  24. $PLUG If this was a great price to get into the director wouldn t have sold over 5M shares holding only 39k now. That tells the story for LT

  25. @reuvenohr i was not talking about $PLUG, i was saying $PLUG at $11 is like $DGLY now