1. $PLUG Why not PR that

  2. $PLUG well i gave you the FB link and its right there GL

  3. $PLUG Plus I am not getting any emails back from IR....So I gues your it!!!

  4. $PLUG This banking deal is the last piece that they needed before the major $30 million contract news.

  5. $PLUG Ha ha - You came out and said that so......

  6. $PLUG Plug Power Facebook LINK http://y.ahoo.it/UYBDg33q

  7. $PLUG no where they said Rockefeller wl invest in PLUG. Radio talk says, they want Political circle to listen and support green big time.

  8. $PLUG must i do the research for you all LOL

  9. $PLUG I live in the Norhteast so I know the bank - Is there a link?

  10. $PLUG justnow I heard it on Radio that Rockefeller s Non Profit will invest in overall Green energy to get political to support.

  11. $PLUG Warren Buffett s Berkshire Hathaway financial investment syndicate owns 5.66% of M&T s shares


  13. $PLUG M&T Bank wiki info LINK http://y.ahoo.it/zaiO2es3

  14. $PLUG Rockefeller funds to divest of all oil and gas holdings...major money going green

  15. $PLUG Can t decide if it wants to be a full terd or just a semi terd today....

  16. $PLUG M&T Bank to support plug powers customers in financing, its a Northeast/mid atlantic bank btw Warrent Buffet owns a chunk of this bank

  17. $PLUG it is in RED why StockTwits showing green?

  18. $PLUG What are you guys talking about banking - Did I miss something?

  19. $PLUG let s roll for low $3s

  20. $PLUG we would be in for a great day, if the market was green

  21. $PLUG its not plug itselt, its the market dragging it down today

  22. $PLUG What a joke 4.55 and back down this must be on crack

  23. $PLUG Does the old adage ring true follow the money? if another commercial bank opens its doors to Plugs customers, would think it applies

  24. $PLUG Someone sure wanted a 1,000,000 (million) share of PLUG. Why would they do that? A great buy or know something...BOTH.