1. BBC article on using satellite to map CO2 emissions. Very interesting. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-30399073 $FCEL $PLUG $BLDP $HYGS

  2. $PLUG Andy going to eat real good tonight and most likely making plans for another 2ndary diluting another 20%. Wouldnt be suprised by eoy.

  3. $PLUG Longs love to associate big names and words with this p&d. department of Energy, toyota, volkswagen, China, eyc etc. yadi yadi yada

  4. $PLUG is there a way to see short interest on a daily basis?

  5. $FCEL Nice AH activity, 50k buy, 40k buy, what s going on?? Think we see 2s soon??$BLDP $PLUG $HYGS $SCTY

  6. $PLUG will they short again on Monday with no news and if oil goes south?

  7. $PLUG From Yhoo board...1,149,000 PLUG shares bought at $3.05 per shares at the 16:00 closing bell. Shorts covering before weekend?

  8. $PLUG BTW...nice close...thanks....there u go Factfinder...a positive comment

  9. $PLUG http://finance.yahoo.com/mbview/threadview/?&bn=96fe1255-e032-340e-a739-e06072855b95&tid=1419030357622-81052106-1a13-4e31-84f8-d321eb62254e&tls=la%2Cd%2C0%2C3

  10. $PLUG people and there exp option story make me lol.The intraday action of exp option never bring that kind of movement.

  11. $PLUG option expiry friday --- today s action so perhaps not much to get excited unless it can hold gains on Monday

  12. $PLUG 1.6K where bought with DOE cost sharing 9K was W/O leverage. backup includes BLDP n Relion. Not FCEL DFCs. http://stocktwits.com/message/30494896

  13. $PLUG Most of the hydrogen related sales this year wasn t back up was mainly forklifts. DOE contribution was <1% http://stocktwits.com/message/30494678

  14. $PLUG Will continue my research but something with Toyota could be one of the reason of this volume spike.Im not sure yet but will see.

  15. $PLUG Those following Plug are waiting on more information regarding this PR who is the major telecom? >> http://www.b2i.us/profiles/investor/ResLibraryView.asp?BzID=604&ResLibraryID=74171&Category=44&G=795

  16. VIDEO - Plug Power Inc ($PLUG) Stock Chart Technical Analysis - 12-19-14 - watch here: http://claytrader.com/stock_chart/PLUG/

  17. $PLUG US DOE 2015 requested budget for fuel cellĀ is $92,983,000 . As predicted massive increase in weatherisation budget. $FCEL $BLDP

  18. $PLUG How much I will lol if A.L decide to buy back he s share in Plug. 1 100 000+ share block is what we can call a big buy.

  19. @LUCKE well, somewhat, but not exactly,especially with $PLUG uptrending today as I predicted,hopefully next week will b a continuation,stay

  20. $PLUG bough another 31,000 shares

  21. $FCEL & $HYGS red while $PLUG & $BLDP green. What a year for FCs waiting for it to end. n start fresh nxt yr. 2014 ended sucky.

  22. $PLUG What a close. Something is brewing. $3+ means less maintenance for some brokers.

  23. $PLUG Over $3. Is good to trade. More leverage. Thanks

  24. $PLUG close above $3. That s a good sight!

  25. $PLUG How high can the price go if there is a merger or acquisition ?