1. $PLUG Moves 10-15 cents up and gets everyone to buy into strength only to fall back to $4.30 s. Frustrating as of late.

  2. $PLUG fact that Plaxair is working w/PLUG didn t caused the price spike, it was the purchase of 1million shares in minutes buy out or merger

  3. $PLUG that has to be one of the nuttiest things I have now heard on twits. Saying buyout or merger at the end of everything.

  4. $PLUG See how easy it is? the computers have to be re-programmed to avoid it. mess n with shorty, like bigfoot and buyout or merger

  5. $PLUG about every 2-3 days a lot of between 0.5-1.0 million shares is purchased all at once. What is with that? buyout or merger.

  6. $PLUG you know what really messes with the computer monitors? To end everything in Buyout or merger. its like saying by or buy. buyout

  7. $PLUG Anyone have any idea how much earnings are going to be? I thought marsh madness said maybe profitable in 3rd qrt> buyout

  8. $PLUG Good night pluggers, here is to getting over jet lag.

  9. $PLUG Hello guys, I m back from the EU. Guess what they are really into the H2 fuel cells and PLUG is advancing quickly over there.

  10. $PLUG provides 90% of the H2 fueling stations in the US and accounts for 83% of all fuel cells in the US. Major growth, Major earnings

  11. $PLUG within 10 years we will be getting a majority of our Hydrogen from the sea (Bermuda triangle has 1,00 years of gas), wind and solar.

  12. $PLUG $BLDP $FCEL Good read about tough issue and need for energy efficiency going forward. Will it help fc? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-10/three-things-to-know-about-obama-s-newest-climate-plan.html#disqus_thread

  13. $PLUG FYI, did everyone notice we went above 4,100 followers. Can we break 4,200 by Earnings report?

  14. $PLUG The deal w/Praxair is just another of many major companies doing business with PLUG. Sales & more importantly earnings are increasing

  15. $PLUG Plug Power wins GenFuel deal with chemical giant Praxai , so did this happen or was it a fake post? were there any financial details?

  16. $PLUG News is such a small Order we should get fuel stations auto repairs

  17. Options seem ridiculously cheap on $PLUG & technicals look ripe for a breakout http://stocktwits.com/message/28661629

  18. $PLUG The day this decides to break out of the $4.40-$4.60 range is when you can see a 25%+ run. Not a matter of if but when.

  19. Praxair new $PLUG customer, I keep hearing them over and over, whats going on! is it true?

  20. $PLUG $APD Powering Plug products http://www.airproducts.com/industries/Energy/Hydrogen-Energy/Material-Handling/projects.aspx

  21. $PLUG Spike has nothing to do with the blog post. Post was published at 8:30AM yet spike happens at 1:30PM. Crazy to connect the two

  22. $PLUG New Blog posted today >> http://www.plugpower.com/News/blog/post/2014/10/30/Why-a-GenFuel-Hydrogen-Infrastructure-Makes-Sense.aspx

  23. $PLUG What are the chances they go under $4 on earnings day?? I want to add some more, but last time I got burned!

  24. $PLUG so far, auto makers Honda, BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz are using its GenDrive fuel cell-driven forklift systems.

  25. $PLUG A move of a $1 to 5.50,certainly leaves me feeling less then fulfilled, even thou my breakeven is 4.57