1. $PLUG This investor really likes this company and will not participate in frivolous investigations. THIS investor will HOLD his shares

  2. $PLUG IKTS in germany is testin this fuel cell technology in an unique way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9lsc47V2zI also IKTS is helping GE w/FCs $FCEL $BLDP

  3. $PLUG Plug is averaging 1 Genkey site per month, will have 24 genkey sites end of 2015- 200 to 300 million revenue over 5 years as of 1/2015

  4. $PLUG Crude OIL going up.. Saudi Arabia increasing prices... Good for $PLUG... http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/future/crude%20oil%20-%20electronic

  5. $PLUG Daily market report http://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-stocks-futures-retreat-after-nasdaq-breaks-above-5000-2015-03-03

  6. $PLUG

  7. $PLUG go make that wedge http://stocktwits.com/message/33466031

  8. $PLUG big boys buy retail fight on ST.

  9. $PLUG SELL $BABA BEARISH BUY $PLUG .. It will be right strategy...

  10. $PLUG @snowshoejohn no lawsuit has been filed only a investigation LOL

  11. $PLUG Almost time to buy again now that the lawsuit has been filed.

  12. And who may be using $PLUG as a hedge as well

  13. @tomharder54 all are garbage companies. remember $PLUG is the future!!! LOL at like 10

  14. $PLUG 3mlskier : $PLUG People here really believe that ST posts affect the stock price?? WOW .. Of course NOT!!! Everybody knows this ..

  15. $PLUG Ok everyone block everyone

  16. $PLUG with all the blocking going on it will be just a love fest of us old pluggers , not much fun there i must say

  17. $PLUG This says it all for these bears >> http://stocktwits.com/message/33463368

  18. $PLUG for those chaps bashing me point out one thing I have said is incorrect - everything is an inconvenient truth for you

  19. $PLUG hasn t violated anything yet old chap - still perfectly within rules - it s not something that well run companies do

  20. $PLUG failure to meet the 15 day extension runs the risk of delisting

  21. $PLUG I m on the highway to hell!

  22. $PLUG Personally, you got to wonder why so many people & so much resources have been dedicated to pushing this stock down? Did anyone notice

  23. $PLUG Plug is RIGHT NOW tweaking a electrolzer for H2 production, wonder if that falls into the producton category☺

  24. $PLUG Who is going to gobble up a lot of the available money? Leaders in the fuel cell tech ? Who would that be?

  25. $PLUG just because they announced $35M for Fuel+Hydrogen cells doesn t mean its going to plug