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  2. Oversold Conditions For Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan ($POT.CA) http://y.ahoo.it/vF4hR4M1

  3. $POT $POT.CA big call buying here...like it over 37.6

  4. PotashCorp Q2 Earnings Conference Call - Transcript Now Available http://y.ahoo.it/eR1khmte $POT $POT.CA

  5. AltaCorp upgrades Potash Corp. to sector perform from underperform, hikes target to $34 Cdn from $30 $POT.CA $POT

  6. PotashCorp Q2 Earnings Conference Call - Replay Now Available http://y.ahoo.it/3KEBsX3U $POT $POT.CA

  7. A replay of this webcast will be available on our website soon. http://y.ahoo.it/mQV6LYd0 #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  8. @PotashCorp: We are now conducting a Q&A session. Submit your question online. http://y.ahoo.it/LYQtu3Yp #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  9. We are now conducting a Q&A session. Submit your question online. http://y.ahoo.it/WO5LEsx1 #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  10. We increased our full-year earnings guidance to $1.70-$1.90 per share. http://y.ahoo.it/qDQwH9PQ #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  11. We have increased our 2014 potash sales volume guidance to 8.9 to 9.2 million tonnes. http://y.ahoo.it/QrhrxDao #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  12. We have raised our full-year estimate for global potash shipments to 56.5-58 million tonnes. http://y.ahoo.it/7YdEpkhC #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  13. We completed our repurchased program; 43.3 million shares at an average price of US $34 per share. http://y.ahoo.it/kqVD6xSt $POT $POT.CA

  14. In nitrogen, we delivered the second-best gross margin total in our history. http://y.ahoo.it/8cpCGk9F #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  15. At $0.56 per share, our earnings for the quarter surpassed the upper-end of our April guidance range. http://y.ahoo.it/SDTfo4Yp $POT $POT.CA

  16. PotashCorp CEO Jochen Tilk is now starting the Q2 Earnings Conference Call. http://y.ahoo.it/paYQWvEs #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  17. Submit your questions online for the Q2 Earnings Conference Call Q&A session. http://y.ahoo.it/yMxcW8Kb #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  18. PotashCorp Q2 Earnings webcast will begin shortly. http://y.ahoo.it/CLiByvhH #POTQ2 $POT $POT.CA

  19. We’ll be tweeting live our Q2 Earnings Conference call; please ensure to read the FLS at www.potashcorp.com/fls/ $POT $POT.CA

  20. Midday brief: Apple-IBM deal like when two elephants start dancing http://y.ahoo.it/Ci2GujYa $BBRY $POT $POT.CA $ECA $L.CA $RCI.B.CA $ $GM $F

  21. Join us today at 1pm ET as we live tweet our Q2 Earnings Conference Call. #POTQ2 http://y.ahoo.it/YIY2ksBj $POT $POT.CA

  22. Morning brief: Whole lotta shakin goin on http://y.ahoo.it/v6dcTC7K $TCK $TCK.B.CA $POT $POT.CA $ECA $ECA.CA $L.CA $RCI.B.CA $ $GM $HSE.CA $PDS

  23. Fast & furious: Earnings flood in http://y.ahoo.it/9ElhS2sF $TCK $TCK.B.CA $POT $POT.CA $ECA $ECA.CA $L.CA $RCI.B.CA $ $GM $HSE.CA $PDS $PD.CA

  24. The Morning Playbook: A Smörgåsbord Of Earnings http://y.ahoo.it/WM8n4Md3 $POT $POT.CA $RCI $RCI.B.CA $HSE.CA $L.CA $ECA $ECA.CA $TCK.B.CA

  25. @michaelbabad: Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan up in premarket after second-quarter earnings, guidance http://y.ahoo.it/NRXkYiqi $POT $POT.CA