1. @smurfvainvestorshub: $IBIO $APT $VSR $PLX $PPHM Far from over. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-19/ebola-front-line-doctors-at-breaking-point.html

  2. $IBIO $APT $VSR $PLX $PPHM Far from over. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-19/ebola-front-line-doctors-at-breaking-point.html

  3. @noguess: $NLNK BREAKING NEWS http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-2800351/EU-offers-benefits-orphan-disease-status-Ebola-drugs.html Load until its too late!!! $INO $TKMR $CMRX $IBIO $ARIA $SRPT $PPHM

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  6. $HEB is the stock to move today$IBIO $APT $LAKE $VSR $CMRX $NLNK $TKMR $BCRX $INO $PPHM http://boardvote.com/symbol/HEB/communique/793034

  7. @smakkdaddy @TucsonCraig Def. Ebola not going away anytime soon. $APT $PLX $VSR $IBIO $PPHM are all weapons I own to fight Ebola.

  8. $APT $VSR $PPHM $IBIO $PLX Ebola is disaster of our generation ..etc.. http://news.yahoo.com/obama-calls-end-ebola-hysteria-110006011.html

  9. @Urameshi84: $INO http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video/#!/news/local/Local-Company-Developing-Ebola-Vaccine/279632072 watch this latest video. Interview with Dr Kim $TKMR $NLNK $IBIO $HEB $PPHM $LAKE $APT $VSR

  10. @live42day $NLNK Requ contracts w/HHS expand manufactr, adding 3rd site, scaling up. http://www.c-span.org/video/?321976-1/hearing-us-response-ebola-outbreak&live 1:30:10 $TKMR $INO $PPHM $CMRX

  11. $NLNK http://t.thestar.com/#/article/news/canada/2014/10/18/canada_to_start_shipping_experimental_ebola_vaccine_on_monday.html $GSK will get vaccine by late 2015. We already have it! $INO $TKMR $CMRX $PPHM $LAKE $APT $IBIO $MNKD $MSTX

  12. $nlnk http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/canada-commits-30-million-more-in-fight-against-ebola/article21150928/ overall 65 mil committed to NLNK. $tkmr $ino $cmrx $ibio $pphm $lake $apt $VSR

  13. $IBIO What s the deal though? People spammed $AHPI $OSUR $PPHM, etc too- none of those made any big moves. Why is this one so inconsistent?

  14. @rmdvisions: $APT $IBIO $PPHM $LAKE $TKMR they will be back. This is not over!! you forgot the best one $INO

  15. $PPHM The PPHM ebola study article is actually a very interesting read re: bavituximab: downloads.hindawi.com/journals/jir/raa/347903.pdf

  16. $PPHM Anyone Else Feel Like An Overdue BreakOut Rally? Seemssomething good is brewing! Glta Real Stockholders, Patients, andFamilies!

  17. $PPHM Hmmm... Possible EndOfDay RunUp Past $1.50? Hmmm...glta,eom.

  18. $PPHM thoughts?

  19. $PPHM Bought the low.

  20. $PPHM Top general worried about Ebola can go airborne-cnn.

  21. $NLNK $PPHM five school are closed for the prevention.

  22. $APT $IBIO $PPHM $LAKE $TKMR they will be back. This is not over!!

  23. $PPHM any news?

  24. $PPHM Now 145 Sunrise Trial Sites in 14 Countries Around The World! GLTA Real Stockholders!

  25. $PPHM great presentation http://www.peregrineinc.com/images/stories/pdfs/asm_2014.pdf and great music http://www.media-server.com/m/p/esce8gvh