1. $PPHM interesting video on their Bavi drug.

  2. $PPHM great price!

  3. Sunrise Patient Dosing Began BEFORE $PPHM PR d 3/17/14: ...Bavituximab SUNRISE Initiated and Patient Dosing Underway... GLTA Stockholders!

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  5. $PPHM looking at 1.90

  6. $PPHM Buy back in at 1.55

  7. My updated portfolio by size of position: $CYTK $RXII $JGW $DVAX (2-4 near same size), then $WWE $LJPC $RM $PPHM $BBY $SKUL for top 10.

  8. $CPST Top speculative technical bottom pick under $4, $SPEX,$RTK,$FST,$CREG,$DVAX, $PPHM, $VRNG, $DNDN, $LRAD, $LIQD, $HERO,$ZNGA, $SIRI,

  9. $PPHM Marching towards 1.78

  10. $PPHM Looks like a hard turn out of an anomaly, just stalking charts

  11. $PPHM held this stock for 7 months finally sold, pure junk stock

  12. $PPHM nothing but pipe dreams

  13. $PPHM is junk stock.

  14. $PPHM ... and I m going to lose 200$ on those Aug pphm calls. Oh well, good luck all. Before too long this ll be properly valued.

  15. $PPHM PPS Was Forced Down To FillTheGAP, Now Rebounding Nicely! GLTA Real Stockholders. Hold Shares Tight!

  16. $PPHM Sunrise Trial Now Up To 128 International Sites :-) GLTA Real Stockholders, Employees, Patients, and Families! http://y.ahoo.it/kqKwOxMF

  17. $PPHM Results from Advanced Liver Cancer should be published Q4.

  18. $PPHM Two dollars coming, nice chart

  19. $PPHM Management been dangling partnership, JV, Buyout carrots over longs heads for 10+ yrs, Management MUST $hit or get off the pot already

  20. $PPHM YH message board iHub boards longs been saying watch wait and see Monday Friday next week next month for 10+ Years getting diluted

  21. $PPHM in 2 years this stock has never held a gain more than 1 day, same SP today as 1yr ago 2yr ago been drop dead $$ for long time now

  22. $PPHM Well apparently no one remembers that they just produced new positive preclinical data. I feel like this company is under the radar.

  23. $PPHM Roth Capital Reiterates Buy On Peregrine Following New Preclinical Data http://y.ahoo.it/HJWoCZ9i

  24. $PPHM Roth Capital Reiterates Buy On Peregrine Following New Preclinical Data http://y.ahoo.it/vmuc6WjV

  25. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PPHM) Stock Chart Technical Analysis for 8-11-14 http://y.ahoo.it/TvqC41Zu $PPHM