1. $PPHM Bullish day in a beat down name.

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  3. $PPHM

  4. $PPHM....HEB,CYTX,NIHD, ADXS all in the upswing!!!!!

  5. @Snoooop40 $PPHM OverSold & 16 MillionShorts Just Need A Spark To Light Rocket, imho. GLTA Real Stockholders, HangTight!

  6. @Snoooop40 Do you have an updated chart showing current GAP in play and future projections? GLTA $PPHM Stockholders!

  7. $Z my 3rd jinx trade by far,I went nap Thurs w/gains on commons short & green puts.woke up red &puts worthless. $PPHM 70%loss. Jinx girl Lol

  8. $PPHM buy at 1.30 will get there in next month every month .30 cents off

  9. $PPHM Now 115 International Sites for Phase III Sunrise Trial. GLTA!

  10. @thomas517 I agree with @Cash_Cab. Lots of good people and info for research on iHub $PPHM message board including header above messages!

  11. $PPHM Buying and holding

  12. $PPHM Out at 1.60.

  13. $PPHM zzzz...yawn

  14. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PPHM) Stock Chart Technical Analysis http://y.ahoo.it/sL7gBAd1 $PPHM

  15. $PPHM garbage

  16. $PPHM Stock Chart Analysis_ 7-23-14 - watch here: http://y.ahoo.it/NxwPuOd8

  17. $PPHM Disappointing.....>.<

  18. $INO $EXEL $PPHM - 1/3 Battle Won, I await the remaining 2.$$$$$

  19. 3 Longtime Losers About to See Green? ($GERN, $MNKD, $PPHM): http://y.ahoo.it/aptnAkAw via @themotleyfool

  20. $PPHM This is a 2015 play. Its early to get in now but you never know what surprise we might get.

  21. $PPHM gonna cut my remaining shares here for a 15% loss, does seem like dead money


  23. $PPHM options can be speculation or insurance. Maybe you would benefit from some nice, long term calls.

  24. $PPHM so are options to blame for this amazing and innovative company s poor performance? I m too poor to buy shares.

  25. $PPHM OK Folks, Few Options for Aug & ZERO Options So Far For Sept. TWO GOOD MONTHS For Possibile RunUP. Let s Light This Rocket! GLTA!