1. $PPHM Ticket To Ride_Roche And $PPHM In Advanced Acquisition Negotiations http://y.ahoo.it/vijwjknA

  2. $PPHM what s up with the big block for 350 000 and 370 000 @ 4:00.., interesting

  3. $PPHM What just happened here??

  4. $PPHM up,ready for the next move.

  5. $SGYP $CYTR $GALE $PPHM $OXGN back to Dec 2013 or lower level now ... bad year for small/midcap Bio

  6. $PPHM Tomorrow next week next month dangling JV/Partnership carrots over heads is getting OLD, IF they want to stay on Russell 2k prove2us

  7. $PPHM EVERY shareholder should send IR letter remind them who been paying their high salary+options 4 yrs NOW investors want 2c ROI

  8. $PPHM Management are ALL Multi Millionaires, They MUST step up NOW each buy 100k minimum IF they want others to believe prove they believe2

  9. $PPHM Trying 2Shake out shares? Buyers 2day could buy at same or lower SP as 10yr long term loyal holders, don t 4get reverse split 28cents

  10. $PPHM this thing is an eye sore in my portfolio...

  11. $PPHM Sunrise Now Has 138 International Trial Locations. They Are Trying To Shake Out Shares. Hold Tight! GLTA Real Stockholders & Patients!

  12. $PPHM the not so quick bleed to 1 continues....

  13. $HLF(short) $HK my only 2 overall LT green positions, $IDRA, $PLUG, $CYTR, $SZYM, $PPHM slow bleed past 2 months, starting the weekend early

  14. $PPHM Wow

  15. @Lincoln777 Not sure of your time-frame on $PPHM, but I don t expect much positive movement until late 2015, early 2016.

  16. $IDRA $HK $SZYM $CYTR $PLUG $PPHM I haven t took this much a 2 month beating since March-April of this year, I don t know what to do here

  17. $PPHM Apparently, When GAP Was Retraced Not Everyone Bought Enough To Cover and Some Still Need To FILL Before TakeOff! GLTA Stockholders!

  18. $INO $PPHM at least 2 of mine are seeing a little green today...whoop!

  19. $PPHM finally this stock has life. big expectations for NSCLC refractory

  20. $PPHM I don t see selling pressure, I see a Wall at $1.63 that is trying to keep PPS from continuing its climb! Jump Over Wall Folks! glta!

  21. Best Stocks: $TWTR $ZNGA $INCY $PPHM $BIDU http://y.ahoo.it/YJ2sxlSx

  22. $PPHM Huge selling pressure at 1.63, people want to reduce .....

  23. $PPHM Now Bounced Off $1.63? Just Aim For $1.64! International FDA FastTracked PhaseIII Sunrise Trial For Bavituximab (Google It!) GLTA!

  24. $PPHM Added Another Sunrise Trial Site. Now 136 International Locations Providing Bavituximab to LateStage LungCancer Patients. GLTA!

  25. $PPHM Bounced Off $1.61? So, Just Aim For $1.62. UnderValued, OverSold, With 15.7 million shares Shorted! GLTA Real Stockholders!