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  2. $PPHM @CLacoursiere did you mean BREAKDOWN ? BioTech, Cancer, disease, all good for society, PPHM has been here in the past, poor shape

  3. $PPHM @CLacoursiere Earnings 7/14, more hype?? treading water to stay a float, can only hope that new manufacturing is making money

  4. $PPHM Breakout, DOWN !!

  5. $PPHM My market order from Friday that never filled, filled this morning. It didn t cancel on market close Friday. Thanks for higher price.

  6. $PPHM break out imminent heading into July CC 14th Avid doubles capacity update on Opdivo trial breast trial Sunrise first look in BTD?

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  8. $PPHM Bavi / Cancer, great for society, bad for investors, Year 2020

  9. $PPHM This is old news and nothing came of it...

  10. $PPHM what s the catalyst in near future and any short term price target

  11. $PPHM Happy and Safe 4th to all !!!!

  12. $PPHM have the same thing going on over @JCP shorts getting desperate to find a seller, no takers. Bulls will finally control again.

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  18. $PPHM when is news due on this?

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  20. $PPHM 0

  21. $PPHM hmmm..1-might not work as expected. 2-be more expensive to get approved than expected. 3-not sure it will sell as expected...REALLY??

  22. $PPHM Small Cap Stocks to Watch in Biotech http://www.nasdaq.com/article/small-cap-stocks-to-watch-in-biotech-cm492197

  23. $PPHM may 2012 I bought this made an absolute killing +800% and I got out before it crashed and burned

  24. $PPHM why you can t hold green for one day.. SMH

  25. $PPHM value 1B now to BMS except drop the lawsuit