2. $PPHM Wants

  3. That s the kind of day I like - $CYTK and $SKUL lead me up with just about everything else following $JGW $RM $LJPC $PPHM $DVAX $MDR

  4. $PPHM Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (PPHM) Price Target And Rating Issued 11/23/2014 BUY 5 Day Price Target: $1.64 http://stockpricetarget.blogspot.com/2014/11/peregrine-pharmaceuticals-pphm-price.html

  5. $PPHM Bavituximab Effective Binding of a PS-Targeting Antibody to Ebola Virus Infected Cells Jrnl Immunology Res, http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jir/aa/347903/

  6. $PPHM Was Volume low this week because many waiting to join a BullishRally? Maybe coming in the near future due to Overdue Price Correction!

  7. Monday, DavidCarbone $PPHM KeyOpinionLeader, Live Webinar at the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer! GLTA Stockholders!

  8. David Carbone $PPHM KOL Blood-Based Biomarkers to Guide Treatment of Advanced NSCLC Nov 24, 2014 - 2pm Webinar

  9. $PPHM stay away from all small guys they are doing worst don t lose your money invest future growth TUBE GM CYBR HAL

  10. $PPHM Every day sell off. today s short volume only 27%. http://www.shortanalytics.com/index2.php

  11. $PPHM It seems that this volcano fell asleep for a long time.

  12. $PPHM Does anyone know, will soon be the catalyst? Or is it a game blindly, at random?

  13. @NVTino - Agree they should be buying more shares using their own $$ and most shares were options given to them. $PPHM

  14. Many retail own more shares than these multi millionares, Did their Buys MOVE the SP up10% on news@mk54321: @NVTino - Does this count? $PPHM

  15. IF u consider multi millionaires 2spend $5k 2bGood@mk54321@NVTino Does this count? $PPHM President & CEO picked up 3,280 shares and VP 5,362

  16. @S007 Especially Since, imho, $PPHM Has Had TooMany PriceDrops To Shake Shares Loose. Undervalued&Oversold! GLTA Stockholders & Patients!

  17. @S007 I d Prefer $PPHM Skipping theDrop&Shop, Going StraightUp FromHere. Those Hoping ToCover @$1.25 Would HaveToBuy Now! GLTA Stockholders!

  18. @S007 If So, I hope it is a Quick Drop&Shop To Take Out Stops, Then Up&Away, Not Dragged Out For Weeks Or Months! GLTA $PPHM Stockholders!

  19. @NVTino - Does this count? $PPHM President & CEO picked up 3,280 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1239287 and VP 5,362 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1239288

  20. $PPHM so ALL U iHubbers need get management message ASAP, inform them investors are waking up to their BS

  21. $PPHM Show me post a link WHEN last insider bought 1 single share with their own cash? They ONLY sell ATM shares to keep paying salaries

  22. $PPHM Don t get me wrong I am LONG, just think logical, dangle carrots partnership talks for years, IF TRUE ALL insiders should buy MILLIONS

  23. $PPHM insider do not keep voting for raises without 1 nickel ROI for shareholders without buying shares for themselves IF they believed

  24. $PPHM IF insider believed their own science OR believe in real true JV/Partnership or even possible buyout, They be buying hand over fist

  25. $PPHM insiders ALL multi millionaires WHY not ALL buy $1m each IF they thought it would double $3 or triple from here? They NOT Believe