1. $PPHM is about as useful as a poopie-flavored lollipop

  2. $PPHM NO reason why IF management believed in their own company/science they should ALL in the open market buy minimum 100k shares each

  3. $PPHM We need to see options buyers buying out of money calls in large blocks 10k 20k 25k+ then we can expect some volume and possible move

  4. $PPHM and 1m shares for a penny stock in this case a buck and a half is NOT a huge investment IF they think something goods coming soon

  5. $PPHM We need to see what is called Unusual option activity before we can expect any move, even 10k option buyer only represents 1m shares

  6. $PPHM The last time they run this up quick to $3 is when they SOLD thousands call options to collect premium then run back down below $2

  7. $PPHM When options open interest show only a few hundred or even couple thousand is no way considered a lot, until you see 10k 25k buyers

  8. MaxPain is Yellow line $1.50, MINIMAL options not LOTS @ForUS2Retire: @orion659 Lots Option Buyers Bet $PPHM goes up Sept/Oct as high as $7

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  10. @orion659 Lots of Option Buyers Betting $PPHM goes up big Sept/Oct as high as $7, Oversold & Overdue for Upwards Price Correction, imho,glta

  11. @orion659 Thanks for Sharing Future MaxPain OptionLink for $PPHM http://y.ahoo.it/A0gkAOvt Fyi, must fill in PPHM &Click Submit... WOW!

  12. $PPHM Now has 141 Bavituximab International Sunrise Trial Sites! Glta Real Stockholders! Hold On Tight!

  13. $PPHM $2by November. Ride the boat now.

  14. $PPHM positive short term PT $PPHM Latest Rating: UPGRADE BUY: 5 Day Price Target: $1.60 Issued Sept 25th 2014 http://y.ahoo.it/uWb17EIv

  15. $PPHM Entry point now!!

  16. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Sep/24 SELL: $FREE $VTR $AGCO $WRES $CRK $K $WY $NBR $ST $SN $JRJC $HTZ $CAT $OC $KMI $KMI $PPHM $PDS $BCRX $ARCC

  17. $PPHM BUMP Strong Buy

  18. $GTXI looks like it s being taken up slowly...$NAVB and $PPHM look good too at these levels

  19. $PPHM Somebody s bidding up my Jan calls on a down day. News coming.

  20. $PPHM Ticket To Ride_Roche And $PPHM In Advanced Acquisition Negotiations http://y.ahoo.it/vijwjknA

  21. $PPHM what s up with the big block for 350 000 and 370 000 @ 4:00.., interesting

  22. $PPHM What just happened here??

  23. $PPHM up,ready for the next move.

  24. $SGYP $CYTR $GALE $PPHM $OXGN back to Dec 2013 or lower level now ... bad year for small/midcap Bio

  25. $PPHM Tomorrow next week next month dangling JV/Partnership carrots over heads is getting OLD, IF they want to stay on Russell 2k prove2us