1. $PPHM Been long and wrong since >$2.00 but the daily chart is setting real nice http://y.ahoo.it/b1xkhAwx I ll continue to hold. Happy trading!

  2. $PPHM Read message boards Ihub YH etc, 5+ years they been saying just watch wait you will see Monday Friday Next week Next Month YaSURE

  3. $PPHM no wonder less than 10% institutional and 16m shares short they know how management plays the game, whens secondary dilution?

  4. $PPHM better start giving their investors some kind of return appreciation OR soon they will have NO investors supporting them 10 more yrs

  5. $PPHM promises promises management been dangling partnership JV carrots over investor heads for 10+ years. ONLY ones making $ management

  6. $PPHM why not go up to $2.50 then if wants to go sideways for 5 yrs at least showed some gains, could have bought these same prices for 2yrs

  7. $PPHM New highs for many bios and other up very well in this bullish market in history PP can not get and even hold a decent gain 33centsR/S

  8. $ATRS Long this name for quite a while now. It is breaking out nicely & rightfully so. oversold. http://y.ahoo.it/RDgcbziB $MNKD $SNTA $PPHM

  9. $UNIS $OIBR $IDRA $CPRX $CYTR $KWK $MVIS $ETAK $AMRN $PRAN $WPCS $OXGN $GTXI $PPHM searching @ the bottom of the sea for gems. Found some.

  10. Additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and Rule 14(a)(12) material http://y.ahoo.it/nCSIOtpW $PPHM

  11. Other definitive proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/cmAZDNjy $PPHM

  12. $PPHM Based on current fundamentals it s undervalue. At current burn rate dilution is inevitable within year, Risk/Reward ratio OK-3 months

  13. $PPHM don t forget they did reverse split so basically a 32cents stock and zero return for long term holders while insiders sell options+ATM

  14. $PPHM so many bios been making moves and PP you could have bought at these same prices for 2 yrs, ZERO shareholder friendly gain that holds

  15. $PPHM Roche Buyout Of $PPHM PR http://y.ahoo.it/jwmnhOuQ

  16. @NVTino @ForUS2Retire Yah. $PPHM has sure let investors twiddle their thumbs for a while. Held support near 1.47. Binary event plz!

  17. Only problem I see is catalysts never stick 4yrs @ForUS2Retire @SippinCoughy My Guess Next $PPHM Catalyst is between now & Kyoto in 2Weeks.

  18. @SippinCoughy http://y.ahoo.it/HG6IFnr2 LiverConference Sept5-7 $PPHM has Pending Liver Trial Results. Speculate Possible PR coming... GLTA!

  19. @SippinCoughy My Guess for Next $PPHM Catalyst is between now and Kyoto in 2 Weeks. GLTA Real Stockholders, Patients, & Their Families!

  20. Top Picks for rest of 2014: Biotechnology $SGEN $GILD $PCYC $MDVN $ALNY $BMRN $ISIS $CLVS $ACAD $CLDX $HALO $ARWR $SGMO $ARIA $NPSP $PPHM

  21. $PPHM When is a real catalyst expected. Looking at $2 calls.

  22. $PPHM Can we see 1.80 today

  23. $ASTI $PLUG $FCEL $PPHM $RNN Going to be a sloooooooow Friday

  24. Based on your name, I am sure your a bagholder in $VRNG so also sure PPHM never see $1.55 again @vringowinner: $PPHM Buy back in at 1.55

  25. $PPHM <-- Junk stock. why invest in Carrot stic stock while there is solid companies with solid business.