1. $PPHM Holding & looking for a sign of direction. Daily chart with a couple observations

  2. $PPHM currently out PPHM. no near term catalysts to move PPS. likely move back up, but it will be slow and steady. check back this summer

  3. @SureShot76 Best rebound now that selling is starting to dry up? $BLDP, $RNN, $PPHM, or $MNKD? Go!

  4. $PPHM I have been holding since price of 1.88 while both bio and overall market tumbled for days in a row. It will come back strong. 2-2.40

  5. $CBLI Prices dirt cheap. Get out of $ISR $PPHM $GALE And but piece of under valued gold.

  6. $INO $ICPT $RNN $PPHM I m thinking about jumping back in today or still waiting for the bottom. Thoughts? Which two?

  7. I need to exhibit much more self control and refrain from adding too much right now. $RNN $ino $mstx $gale $oncy $pphm $cytk $vicl

  8. $PPHM Slammed with the rest of biotech. Overdone and should be back to $2 in short order

  9. $PPHM adding to my holdings at 1.61. feel this is the bottom and any sniff of good news and we jump over $2. buy the fear and weak.

  10. $ACHN $ARIA $CYTR $IDRA $PPHM any 13g s or insider buying within the next week or 2 would be nice

  11. $ino $rnn $mstx $oncy $cytk $gale $pphm nothing has changed...just spooked investors! as the oracle says, BUY THE FEAR

  12. $ACHN $ARIA $CYTR $IDRA $PPHM its the end of the world

  13. $PPHM 50% haircut since it s short lived $3.20 high, never seems to disappoint never can hold any gains more than 1day slip sliding away

  14. bio bubble has burst, and now how much will it bleed $ACAD $DVAX $ETRM $RNN $SRPT $EPZM $ATOS $PPHM $PGNX $GALE $ABIO $VTUS $ONTY etc...

  15. $IBB If I had to guess, I d say we re real close to bottom. $aria $ino $rnn $Isr $gale $amrn $clsn $pphm

  16. 16:10 pm AH $pphm http://y.ahoo.it/qs93v9pL $aria http://y.ahoo.it/FnT3c4Ul $gale http://y.ahoo.it/bu03cFNe $vrtx http://y.ahoo.it/g3f9Puti short covers

  17. $PPHM like a hot knife through butter

  18. $PPHM These days aren t fun but the fundamentals of the company haven t changed. Holding strong. Group hug please.

  19. $AMPE $MNKD $PPHM Holding through this nightmare , when is it going to end?

  20. The bleeding continues: $DVAX $INO $MNKD $CYTR $ITMN $OPK $ISIS $PPHM $PTN $XON $ACAD $AMRN $LJPC $EPZM #BiotechPainGame

  21. $PPHM Thankful for a down day to buy more up before this thing takes off. 🚀

  22. $PPHM I believe it going to go down the 1.70s. $RNN is poised for a lift off with the RX-3117 partnership coming up.

  23. $RNN $MSTX $ALXA $ANTH $PTN $PCYC Sold $PPHM for profit&de-risked across portfolio for >dry powder nxt 2-4mnths-Techs&Russia have me nervous

  24. $PPHM $cytk $oncy $ino $arna $vicl $gale $rnn $mstx let s make some $$$ this week!

  25. $RNN $MSTX $CMXI $CTSO $SYN $CBLI $SNWV $AMBS $BHRT $INO $PPHM $ATHX ~imo be careful on adding~not sure we ve seen the major sell yet (JMO)