1. $PRAN Pierced the 50 hr MA by a penny, 1st time since Marc 26th, no position slightly bullish http://y.ahoo.it/wn5DVnho

  2. $PRAN given up for dead, may be trying to wake up here...

  3. $PRAN hanging out at HOD again

  4. $PRAN In @1.68 small position...

  5. $PRAN @Meddoc2006 who buyout who? :-)

  6. $PRAN rumors of a buyout?

  7. @sogenerous lol you misunderstood me. No positions now but want to buy and long. Good luck. :-) $pran another trial fir PD still good

  8. @sogenerous lol. I am sort of in love with $pran. Wish I have more cash to buy.

  9. $AVNR $GALE $PRAN $OHRP $AMPE $RLYP <-companies I would advise to stay away from as long term investments. Questionable science of MGMT

  10. $OHRP this company will be trading at under $3. 99.9% chance of failure. This is $PRAN 2.0 - stock going to get 70 haircut overnight 1 day

  11. How is $GALE the same price as $PRAN!? PRAN failed and has no FDA drug, at least $GALE has an FDA drug and Neuvax still pending!!!???WTheck!

  12. @SmokeyNYY weren t you big on $PRAN too or was that someone else?

  13. @notdrunkenough I hear you. Thanks for that man. Thank G am not in $PRAN today. Hope we all survive this and live to see a big green day.

  14. @Mikehanna saw how isr making it, lost big chance in it, still kicking myself for it.. And if u wanna see really red, check out $pran


  16. $PRAN screw pran im out

  17. http://y.ahoo.it/UJvDqq87 $SNTA $PRAN

  18. 2014 Hall of Shame list: $NEWL $SPEX $BODY $PRAN $GNI $VTUS $ICLD $RXDX $VJET $EDMC $DRNA $GALE $NIHD $FWM $GERN $WTSL -- Stay a mile away!

  19. @Vegastrader66 Not often you see an RSI of 2.0 on the daily $PRAN

  20. $PRAN New SA article out http://y.ahoo.it/8wAUthzz

  21. @JL1585 not as worse as $PRAN

  22. $GALE SA compares this with $Pran, no way. Galena has one in P3 and a product in market. Just sail the storm. I wouldn t add yet.

  23. Micro-cap Touchning New Low: Prana Biotechnology $PRAN, Threshold Pharmaceuticals $THLD, Curis $CRIS and Gevo $GEVO http://y.ahoo.it/riAD7cWA

  24. $YOD Ummmm jackpot? $Pran $kndi?

  25. $GALE $PRAN $MNKD $CYTR http://y.ahoo.it/rB3ceZFb $VVUS $ARNA Of mentioned Let s see which goes up most % from date of vid. I think $AMRN