1. $PRKR reverse split imminent.

  2. $PRKR it will come up when they win their lawsuit! I m in!!

  3. $PRKR in at .17. Lets see what it does.

  4. $PRKR This will go pass .20 Oversold, look for a bounce upward It has bottomed out

  5. $PRKR Radio Frequency stocks are in play. Keep your eye on them all Includes $MOSY $GSIT $SQNS

  6. $PRKR holding really well. Look for a breakout to above .20

  7. $PRKR great buy Severely Oversold This will spike above .20 first very fast Bears will be squeezed.

  8. $PRKR chapter 11 before the end of q116. My thoughts.

  9. $PRKR heading lower. anyone still watching this play?

  10. The amendment to the Rights Agreement was not adopted in response to any acquisition proposal. $PRKR

  11. price under the Rights Agreement to $1.45. $PRKR

  12. The amendment extends the expiration date of the Rights Agreement from Nov 21, 2015 to Nov 20, 2020 and decreases the exercise ... $PRKR

  13. ParkerVision ($PRKR) amends Shareholder Protection Rights Agreement dated November 21, 2005.

  14. Registration of securities [Section 12(g)] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=2207176 $PRKR

  15. Parkervision Amends Shareholder Protection Rights Agreement http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2207175 $PRKR

  16. I am lucky $GBSN $XGTI $AEZS $AMDA $PRKR

  17. $GBSN I just bought it And change to $XGTI For quick trade .......... $AEZS $AMDA $PRKR

  18. $PRKR buy area : 0.0900 ~ 0.1100

  19. $PRKR trash, dead.

  20. $PRKR ParkerVision beats by $0.02 => http://seekingalpha.com/news/2913326-parkervision-beats-by-0_02 #Parkervision #RF #Tech #Stock #PRKR

  21. $PRKR is reporting today AMC, and is a potential signal for today @investiecomp. EPS est -$0.05 Rev est $10K

  22. $PRKR will it raise again?

  23. $PRKR damn, new low at 16 pennies...hopeless

  24. $PRKR seems to be holding at .24 too well, waiting for another pull back to get back in.

  25. $PRKR ParkerVision Provided Additional 180 Days to Regain Compliance With Nasdaq Minimum Bid Price Requirement