1. $PRVT PRVT rumor of news next week! It s hit the bottom! HUGELY UNDERVALUED STOCKS IMO

  2. $PRVT Have a great weekend everyone :) The quiet before the storm !

  3. $PRVT Patience is required here. the volume has dried up let s hope it s to the upside !!!!

  4. $PRVT Then that can only mean one thing IMO. Classic MM accumulation going on right now in anticipation of a run.

  5. $PRVT adult netflix . $PRVT netlflix should buy private media. europes number 1 adult TV channel. bigger than playboy. PRVT load up

  6. adult netflix . $PRVT netlflix should buy private media. europes number 1 adult TV channel. PRVT load up...10 billion/year industry.

  7. $PRVT I bought some today and had three other orders lower lying in wait I m not buying huge amounts as my trading rules don t allow it

  8. $PRVT Why would they sell if they are aware of the potential of good news from management Quarterly report.

  9. $PRVT The ones that read the DD themselves see potential. And buying up these cheapies for the huge run that s gonna take place soon!

  10. $PRVT Strong accumulation for massive breakout rally, Big gap UP! To the moon!

  11. $PRVT My bid filled added more shares to the pile What a gift! I added more..smile

  12. $PRVT partners websites. this is huge my trader friends

  13. $PRVT Great setup for a huge run!!! Let s break to dimes and quarters and we re off!! Go PRVT!

  14. This is easy money for experienced flippers. $PRVT

  15. $PRVT Looks like MM s are trying to cover or fill large orders.

  16. $PRVT Today is the last chance to get cheap shares, imo. oh moarket is closed?

  17. $PRVT Squeeze is already obvious either further short that 21 mil bid or get squeezed on the ask we all know there s a huge amount

  18. $PRVT Why did support run and hide? Wonder if it s a trap to take shorty shares?

  19. $PRVT THE AT IS OUT OF THE BAG! LOAD THE CHEAPIES. nickels, dimes, quarters, the big bucks++ COMING!

  20. $PRVT SETTING UP for massive rally! Hitting the Pennnies,Nickels, Quarters, then Dollars!

  21. $PRVT What a gift! I added more..smile

  22. $PRVT Not selling one share either. May even try to buy a few more.

  23. $PRVT Apparently people don t like making money.. Stop selling.

  24. $PRVT MM s doing what the do best manipulation here.

  25. $PRVT Probably still convinced the people in the know are accumulating...