1. $PSDV Been in over a year and at loss. Any reason not to dump this? Even FDA approval barely reached my CB.

  2. $PSDV Important , ALIM will pay $25M on monday 26 october !

  3. $PSDV Stock price should be $20. Buyout coming at $15.00 to $20.00. Multiple products in pipeline. Pfizer partnering with PSDV also on trial

  4. $PSDV I believe the value of the company at $300mil with Illuvien alone. They also receive royalties for two other products. $500mil company

  5. $PSDV Illuvien will produce upwards to 400mil globally annually with PSDV receiving upwards to 80mil annually in royalties for Illuvien.....

  6. $PSDV To receive 25mil payment this week............

  7. $PSDV watching LVL2 bid/ask keeps moving up. Spread staying around 0.02 but B/A keeps reshuffling. Wonder if $OREX making bio shorts nervous

  8. @1ForTheMoney @Jmcmann76 $PSDV is not even worth my time to short, I just don t get it.

  9. @1ForTheMoney @Jmcmann76 The thing is, $VOXX is a great example why $PSDV won t work. I ll explain why:

  10. @Lonari @Jmcmann76 I trade too...but Im investing in $PSDV. Love the global potential.

  11. $LJPC October corporate presentation http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/920465/000092046514000108/oct14ndrsvjl101214finalv.htm $BIND $LPCN $HALO $PSDV $OMER $CNAT

  12. @StupidGains @inverbios I ve had bad luck w/ trading after PDUFA ($OREX & $PSDV). Plan to trade up to PDUFA but no later. Short-term bullish

  13. $PSDV This is a doomed stock.

  14. $PSDV Hi all...new to the board...just jumped in at 3.69 looks like water is warm!

  15. @JoeMac84 Same here. $HALO $IDRA $CYTR $TTOO $CANF $LPCN $PSDV

  16. $PSDV Bought another lot at 3.69

  17. $PSDV Following trend line up

  18. $PSDV Sold 3.72 lot at 3.96 for quick +6% gain

  19. $PSDV Hopefully this means we ve hit the bottom

  20. $PSDV $7.50 coming by EOW

  21. $PSDV the market is crap all around. but I m glad I m in this stock. Only positive things on the near horizon.

  22. $PSDV Pfizer?

  23. $PSDV Buyout imminent

  24. $PSDV $4.00 EOD

  25. $PSDV Bounce Play. MOMO shaking out weak hands.