1. $ADHD $CPRX $ALIM $PSDV $ACST $NEPT $PGNX $SLXP bios to watch this week for action, data imminent & PDUFA play

  2. Wkly recap: tda $12682 (-580) schwab $ 91013 (-2632). Long $PSDV $ALIM $LJPC $CPRX $CNAT $SRPT $CYTR Short $UVXY via puts. PDUFA this week!

  3. $PSDV on watch for PDUFA Sept 26 http://y.ahoo.it/2EoDzVR0

  4. So is everyone going to play $ALIM in the short term prior to FDA announcement on 9/26? or $PSDV? $ALIM makes more sense I guess.

  5. $PSDV or $ALIM ? I dont get it... which of these company actually came up with ILUVIEN? and which one do i buy before FDA approval?

  6. keeping my $PSDV posn small, PDUFA is too close.

  7. bougt 400 shr $PSDV @ 4.20

  8. $PSDV Partial fill 4.20. Loading up for another run next week

  9. $PSDV $ALIM sorta expecting these to trade flat tmrw and they ll get propped up into PDUFA..pure binary event so risk is very high

  10. change my mind to $PSDV instead! haha

  11. Tr adePorts(Sep-18-2014): $NAVB $DRWI $GEVO $OXGN $PSDV $RXII $XOMA ...etc.. http://y.ahoo.it/xv2j09SU

  12. Trdes from today(Sep-18-2014): $XOMA $NEWL $SGYP $YELP $MU $PSDV $NURO http://y.ahoo.it/J0sIJK6x

  13. $RNN, $ARIA, $PSDV, $MNKD: Put $BNC.CA on your watch list!

  14. $PSDV very good

  15. @lcc007 i told you bout $PSDV right

  16. out 1/3 $PSDV at 4.54 (~daily sma50) for +12% or +$93. 2/3rd remain.

  17. $PSDV hitting radars finally

  18. $PSDV Sold my 4.2 lot at 4.55 for +8% gain. Still holding plenty and plenty of calls

  19. $PSDV looking for a break .55

  20. $PSDV moving right along guys http://y.ahoo.it/3LHfVrGB


  22. $PSDV - http://y.ahoo.it/jRZPcKgL - People are talking about this UP MOVE - Up 9% for the day.

  23. $PSDV keep going

  24. $PSDV need volume

  25. $PSDV hey.. we re moving.. prob b/c I m in