1. $PSEC I agree, Tuesday/Wednesday will be big!

  2. $PSEC ill try and scan it for ya ll. Gotta wait until after the game though... Lady is hosting a damn party here today.

  3. $PSEC Tuesday should be a good day.

  4. $PSEC high open interest range is 7.00 to 7.00 for option expiration 02/19/2016. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=PSEC&urk=PSEC https://twitter.com/Maximum_Pain_cm/status/696393096091709440/photo/1

  5. $PSEC WHAT LETTER is everyone talking about?

  6. $PSEC Max Pain = 6.00. Maturity = 02/19/2016. Previous close = 5.99. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=PSEC&urk=PSEC

  7. $PSEC On 1/5/16 Scott Kennedy concluded there was high probability of the divy remaing the same thru at least April. Earnings should be ok.

  8. $PSEC can anyone take a pic of the letter from John Barry and attach it here? Would love to see it. Not on IR site/EDGAR from what I can see

  9. $PSEC and keep their income & bonuses high despite earnins...HEY BUT IT ISN T OUR (their) FAULT. We as shareholders are their fools

  10. $PSEC What they are saying is LOUSY EARNINGS, BUT IT ISN T OUR FAULT that they keep high fees, ignore sh recomendations, are self serving

  11. $PSEC AND SO THEY SENT US A PEP LETTER...MEANS ONLY ONE THING..LOUSY EARNINGS!!! letter is a manipulation scam!!!

  12. $PSEC As to the letter...don t you find it a little WEIRD ...as nothing about fees has been addressed..

  13. $PSEC I think once the weaker frack drillers are gone through bankruptcy Mr. Market will realize valuations are too low in psec

  14. $PSEC there are projections that there will be a loss on a GAAP basis. I personally ignore GAAP & focus on non GAAP along with NII.

  15. $PSEC definitely upbeat letter They emphasized same undervalued theme KKR &Blackstone mentioned I think a year from now will see improvement

  16. $PSEC My letter came today

  17. $PSEC got my letter today

  18. $PSEC Just read my letter . A somewhat comforting review of 1,2,5 & 10 yr. comparison to BDC avgs.Finishes high. Divs were always over 10%.

  19. $PSEC Could you send me a scan to dborn6@aol.com I would be grateful. I think earnings will be good with the profit from Vista Palma Sola.

  20. $PSEC Teriee. I did not get that letter. Was it a personal response to you only?

  21. $PSEC I was told Unless I sign a none disclosure form any company I own shares, gets your info contact info on request. Just so people know

  22. $PSEC Few weeks back I said I got a letter from Barry and was told I was a Liar. Etrade did admit PSEC was given Shareholder info.

  23. $PSEC Sold my PSEC at $7.07 and bought back between $5.92 and $6.05

  24. $PSEC I think I finally have this figured out. So far in 2016 I am up 20.65%

  25. $PSEC down half the rest of market today is good sign. My QUAD and FTR I managed to buy at Jan lows and being in about $6.00 on PSEC is good