1. $PSID addition to cap shares in org stmnt. long overdue. likely a sign for raising capitol through issuance for production funding in 2016

  2. $PSID good bad or ugly?

  3. POSITIVEID Corp just filed its Other preliminary information statements http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1347022/000114420415018986/0001144204-15-018986-index.htm $PSID

  4. $PSID disappointing

  5. $PSID soon time to buy at .025 or less. $MDCN ran like crazy.. in at .0042 and out at .0078.. thing is still moving up .0097 or so to close.

  6. $PSID Buy orders in at .022.

  7. $PSID maybe not

  8. $PSID seems bullish

  9. $PSID http://tickerresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/TickerResearch-PSID_Research_Update.pdf

  10. $PSID is this stock a scam or real?

  11. $psid

  12. 3/23/15 Watchlist $AMRN $PSID $ATHX $NSPR $GDAR $OCEE

  13. $PSID POC bench proto done and tested is usually a milestone gate for further funding for prototype molds electronics and field testing.

  14. $PSID this was setting up for a long time.. curious what the reason for the high bids in premarket which set this day up.. new gvt finance?

  15. $PSID shes holding above .03... i think theres more room...atleast a mile of it

  16. $PSID another leg up

  17. $PSID watch the volume

  18. $PSID close over 3 is good...

  19. $PSID - PSID files additional patents bringing its total # of patents for Firefly Dx to 4 & (18 in company total): http://finance.yahoo.com/news/positiveid-corporation-files-additional-u-123000941.html

  20. $RGSE i cut some losses, went to $PSID and $THCZ

  21. $PSID what s the target price to look for ?? Loaded at .0265 2 days back ..

  22. $PSID got an alert from a penny stock on here. His last alert he sent was on tuesday for $FLXP it doubled the same day. fingers crossed here

  23. $PSID pop today guys?

  24. $PSID if u like new tek look at ALSO

  25. $PSID this cud go