1. @AaronX: interesting stocks on watch! $VVUS $TROX $TRCH $CLDN Ouch $PSTR

  2. interesting stocks on watch! $VVUS $TROX $TRCH $CLDN Ouch $PSTR

  3. $PSTR LOL - PostRock execs: Don t buy our stock. It s totally worthless. No reason for the run-up. Best. Thing. Ever!

  4. @PennyStockResearch: Oil stocks going higher after crude Broke 5 Day Resistant Levels! $SD $PGN $PSTR $PVA $OAS $SGY $REXX

  5. Oil stocks going higher after crude Broke 5 Day Resistant Levels! $SD $PGN $PSTR $PVA $OAS $SGY $REXX

  6. @PennyStockResearch: CRUDE JUST BROKE $47!! $PGN $OAS $SD $EOX $PVA $PSTR


  8. Wow traders PROFIT FROM SAUDI ARABIA CUTTING OIL OUTPUT! http://emergingequity.org/2015/10/05/amid-opec-price-war-saudi-arabia-slashes-oil-prices/ #BULLISH ALL NOVEMBER FOR OIL? $PSTR $PVA $OAS $AREX $EXXI

  9. Wow MORE Amazing Alerts! Follow for More! $MCUR $PSTR $PVA $NOR $SFXE $LINC $EXXI $PGN $PGH #watchlists #bigwinners #uptrending #bullish

  10. My favorite stocks right now! $NOR $PVA $PGN $ASTI $PSTR

  11. Awesome swing trades going into tomorrow! $NOR $PVA $NSLP $PSTR $TRCH $AMDA $KBIO

  12. Cool alerts on $PSTR others should be moving big $TRCH $SYMX $NES $CLF $EXXI $RNO $SD $PRKR $PGN #watchlist #stocks #uptrend

  13. $PSTR should I buy? Lol

  14. Watchout Oil on the RISE! Stocks to keep on watch!!! $TRCH $PSTR $PGN $NOR $PWE $AREX $EOX $SD $PVA $DNR $SFXE #trend

  15. $PSTR WOW!

  16. energy sector ripping today! $PWE wait for the pullback! $PSTR $TRCH $AREX $FXEN AND WOW $JOEZ alerting in the low .20s!

  17. Major owner of PostRock Energy Corporation was just granted 3,625,070 ownership of the company. http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2063563 $PSTR

  18. $PSTR: New SEC Filing for PSTR: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1500938_000089924315006004_0000899243-15-006004

  19. $PSTR It is going to OTC, be careful with it.

  20. $GBSN I said it along time ago.. $PSTR and $GBSN were pump and dumps. How I ended up in this crap.... what a greedy pig!

  21. $PSTR why is it down almost 20%??

  22. $PSTR this sucker is a piece for sure

  23. @PennyStockResearch: Watch-list Thursday $DXM $ETAK $TRCH $PSTR $NSPR $ASTI $UNXL

  24. Watch-list Thursday $DXM $ETAK $TRCH $PSTR $NSPR $ASTI $UNXL

  25. Stocks to keep on watch $WG $FORD $FREE $XGTI $MELA $TRCH $PSTR $NES #stockstowatch #stocks #stockaction