1. $PTCT Added more to my short.

  2. $PTCT $SPX $FIT Yep.

  3. $PTCT BUY of this moment. Looking at $8.70 minimum short-term. LT upside significant. $SPX summer melt-up will eat the $FIT shorts live!

  4. $RLYP well glad I passed on $ptx $cemp $rgls and $ptct and stuck with rlyp...

  5. $PTCT saw the 9% spike today and figured there d be pullback, shorted at 8.19, covered at 7.99

  6. $PTCT want to start a short here but if srpt approval happens this will prob spike. Better to wait methinks

  7. $PTCT is this simply a sympathy play? Vol isn t impressive

  8. $PTCT $ENDP strong day for bio or at least me - thinking of reentering $SRPT on that triple bottom!

  9. $PTCT Strong move!

  10. As I predicted $PTCT would be binary, triple or go to zero up 8% today! $XBI

  11. $PTCT moving strongly to highs

  12. $CHMA needs to run up like $PTCT ^_^

  13. $PTCT anyone from Connecticut? I m trying to get a group of investors together.

  14. $PTCT has more cash, $8.81 a share than its current share price of $7.71 interesting deep value trade. $XBI

  15. $PTCT Short this pig. I sold 2k @ 8.20. Shorted the heck @ 8. Will cover @ 4. $SPRT and $PTCT are both junk.

  16. $PTCT Will we build new support in the 7 s or back down to high 6 s?

  17. $PTCT Is it $6 yet? Pls wake me up when we get there! Im waiting with open arms to embrace you fully.

  18. $PTCT speculators are using this name to speculate results on SRPT. trapped bulls are thinking the rescue team is here. LOL, wake up!

  19. $PTCT cover short, looking for long

  20. $CBYL $SKLN $CLDX $PTCT $IBB $OGXI $MGT People are so nasty and do not respect anything.

  21. $PTCT If it doesn t hold $7.60, it may test $6.60 or lower

  22. $IBB is up and $PTCT is down

  23. $PTCT Starts fading as soon as I said that, of course

  24. $PTCT be very careful from now to Thursday. A lot rides on SRPT FDA on Thursday.

  25. $PTCT - calm before the storm