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  2. $PTLA

  3. $PTLA 30 Calls SELLING Activity expiring on 17th Jun, Vol 497

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  7. $PTLA Back to 50??


  9. $PTLA stop the bleeding on this stock!!!! LOL

  10. $PTLA This is the only good decision ive made in 2016 lol

  11. $PTLA Also, is working very well!! Nice Breakout indeed!! Watching for continuation over $26.45

  12. $TRVN $PTLA price actions usually a pretty good indicator on what clinical assets investors are most interested in

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  14. $PTLA stop the bleeding!!!! LOL

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  16. $PTLA Is ready to FLY!! Stay closely on the break above its 50EMA

  17. Stocks to Watch for May 17, 2016 http://ac-investor.blogspot.com/2016/05/stocks-to-watch-for-may-17-2016.html $AAPL $CBYL $GALE $PTLA $REGN $WMB Have a great evening everyone !!

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  19. $PTLA Crossed and closed above its 20EMA with MACD Triggering Buy Signal!! Watching for continuation

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  24. $PTLA #uptrend continuation detected around 11:00 AM, May 13 EDT; use 23.06, 22.11 as stop

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