1. $PVA chart - nice close above Middle BB - the 50 DMA @ 7.17 is the KEY level to close above - http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=PVA&p=D&yr=0&mn=3&dy=0&id=p62633296380 http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=PVA&p=D&yr=0&mn=3&dy=0&id=p73220905377

  2. $PVA Riding this one for a while. Got in at 4.50

  3. I was pounding the table on OIL stocks since last week to BUY BUY BUY. Who listened???? $EXXI $GDP $SFY $PVA $CPE $TGA $LPI

  4. $PVA I hope you took my advice yesterday. If not, you still have time for $NADL. That is going to make PVA look like chump change!

  5. $EXXI diggin that weekly candle http://www.finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx?t=CL&p=w1 $GDP $OAS $PVA $uso

  6. John Paulson Picks ANV, THM Tumble http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/12/john-paulson-picks-anv-thm-tumble/ $FATE $SSE $PVA $ANV $THM $CYCC

  7. $PVA Love it !

  8. $PVA big time day. looking for continuation next week

  9. $PVA Sold full position at 6.24 [Avg. Pps 5.50]. Nice profit, we ll look for another opportunity on a pullback #TreeTop #QuickMoney

  10. @RaginCajun: Weekly Scorecard | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://ibankcoin.com/rcblog/2014/12/19/weekly-scorecard-82/ $PVA $HERO $FEYE $WB $MBLY #gold #silver

  11. Weekly Scorecard | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://ibankcoin.com/rcblog/2014/12/19/weekly-scorecard-82/ $PVA $HERO $FEYE $WB $MBLY #gold #silver

  12. $PVA After this thing spiked .60 cents I m surprised there aren t more commenters here. Maybe they sold their positions waiting for a dip.

  13. @SusTrader $PVA What is driving it? I don t see a headline.

  14. $PVA crude is going nuts!

  15. $PVA Looking like it doesn t want to make a late day swoon. It would have if I didn t sell a third of my position.

  16. $PVA This is headline driven though. Best to have some kind of substantial position no matter what. meaning most headlines would be postive.

  17. $PVA Many analysts think oil drops next week due to over supply being the same. I sold 1/3 of my pos. at 6, might just tune out til Mon.

  18. $PVA We keep thinking under 5 will happen again, but that was waaayyy oversold. Even if oil goes to 50 it may not dip under 5 again.

  19. $PVA Waiting for a dip toget in... Am I going to get one or not?

  20. $PVA Going higher.

  21. $PVA short possibilities?

  22. $PVA Dividend? Not good.

  23. $PVA 3 minutes to get in on the action.

  24. $PVA good idea add some?

  25. $PVA crude falling, will look to add here once back under $5