1. $PVA is this the week for the buyout or breakout....

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  3. $PVA Reasonable after hours action so far

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  5. $PVA Ok holding for the weekend to see if we get the announcement, then consider jumping ship otherwise

  6. $PVA why such a fall

  7. @MayTepper: @SmarterAnalyst: Oil Crash Showcasing Refiners http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/03/26/oil-crash-showcasing-refiners/ $OIH $OIL $SPY $UCO $USO $XLE $SCO $DWTI $PVA

  8. $PVA what was that?

  9. $PVA Looking strong here . . .

  10. $PVA On the move, volume coming in!

  11. $PVA Maybe this is already priced in, we saw the drop from the WLL secondary

  12. $PVA Nothing decided today I ll figure it out by 4 and will share when I decide

  13. $PVA Glu and Dude...you guys decide yet?

  14. $PVA kiotrader and likes2trade--what are you guys gonna do?

  15. $PVA So we will have dilution before the sale?

  16. $PVA They are increasing the # of shares before sale so insiders make most of the profit

  17. $PVA That is correct. Good luck to you guys, I cashed out my position a few days ago.

  18. $PVA Annual meeting announcement I suppose is also to confirm with SEC law and has no bearing on takeover

  19. $PVA Yes, sometimes companies increase authorized shares to keep in their own treasury, so they can compensate insiders.

  20. $PVA On any level could that be a manipulative tool to create a sell off pre buyout to increase their profits

  21. $PVA Why would they increase authorization without intent to do so?

  22. $PVA Still not the best kind of news. It may mean they will issue in the future.

  23. $PVA It just allows them to issue secondaries if they want.

  24. $PVA not exactly. just because you increase authorized shares doesnt mean they will issue.

  25. $PVA Is that dilution?????