1. Penn Virginia Corporation ($PVA): Keep shorting this Eagle Ford Shale stock? + the performance of $SN, $SFY & $SM http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Penn-Virginia-Corporation-PVA-Keep-Shorting-This-Eagle-Ford-Shale-Stock-SN-SFY-SM/s/via/21051/article/view/p/mid/1/id/944/

  2. $PVA the offer was for $8 total, not per share...

  3. $PVA they should hire one of those penny pumping newsletters

  4. $PVA its regular traders selling it too. If they got in at 4.10 or whatever and are tkaing losses. This could close today under 4.

  5. $PVA how long do shorts have to cover? Have they covered?

  6. $PVA SEP 6 CALL Activity 1100 @$.25

  7. $PVA I ll finish dumping when we drop to $3 then I ll buy another 20% stake

  8. $PVA Hey George, let me know when you are done dumping. Thx!

  9. $PVA Matt hold pattern?

  10. $PVA http://247wallst.com/energy-business/2015/07/02/4-top-eagle-ford-shale-stocks-to-buy-with-huge-potential-upside/

  11. $PVA this will close green today

  12. $pva looking at the three-year chart that looks like a massive double bottom.I m wondering if people were this negative in 2012.patience

  13. $PVA among a list of stocks approaching support. http://www.stock-screener.org/stocks-hitting-support.aspx

  14. $PVA little over a year ago these prices were unbelievable and now everyone thinks it s junk. Welcome to WS $CVX $XOM $AXAS $CWEI $BCEI

  15. $pva I meant to say after hours said $10.68

  16. $pva so I clicked on PVA I see after always $10.68.holy crap my heart is pounding.I clicked on $CHK by accident..felt good though..lmao

  17. $PVA At least the selling seemed to stop the last 3 1/2 hrs.. Or the sellers got tired clicking sell, and will resume tomorrow refreshed.

  18. @fiboman: $PVA bulls need a break above 6.00.below 6 it remains bearish with next target 3.22 PVA failed to break 6$.Next target 3.2$

  19. $PVA Oil prices Hammer HARD. http://www.businessinsider.com/crude-oil-price-july-1-2015-7

  20. $PVA Two days ago: Go to 4, come on, I want that. It goes to 4. Oh my God, this stock is horrible!!!

  21. $PVA The kavetching when a stock goes down into a buying range. Just what we want, yet doom and gloom...

  22. $PVA GIMME

  23. $PVA Here s my thinking. Once pva becomes low downside risk again it is tradable. My pos. now is if anything goes down buyout wise.

  24. $PVA Double bottom in sight $3.70s to .80s, then approx 40% upside potential based on linear regression channel. https://dwq4do82y8xi7.cloudfront.net/x/hGLmQSRd/

  25. $PVA Greece ain t going to bring the world economy down, methinks. And trouble in mideast makes oil rise.