1. $PVA oils up 3% and were up 5 cents...

  2. $PVA don t be fooled folks. This stock is sick. And wasting assets. That s why the support is gone.

  3. $PVA looking very strong pre-market. $ptbi Sorros sympathy play working. Oil also up!

  4. Penn Virginia upgraded by Zacks to buy. $7.00 PT. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NYSE/PVA/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $PVA

  5. $PVA chance for $6 broken this week; I will add up more.

  6. $PVA Sorros Fund management just increased their stake in $ptbi, currently up 39% AH. http://www.streetinsider.com/13Gs/Soros+Fund+Management+Raises+Stake+in+PlasmaTech+Biopharmaceuticals+%28PTBI%29+to+5.17%25/10519264.html Maybe sympathy run tomorrow?

  7. $PVA I hope after I m out this worthless company goes bankrupt. Probably a good chance

  8. $PVA they should have sold. Huge debt who are these clowns kidding to think they could haggle. Now they will dilute and punish shareholders

  9. $PVA be careful here. These stocks could absolutely trash on this crap. Like he s the only guy who s analyzed capital in drilling.

  10. $PVA this is by far my least favorite stock that I have ever owned and at the same time my largest holding

  11. $PVA this because David Einhorn is trashing frackers. Well when the guy says one lie to support his point. What s it worth.

  12. $PVA trash

  13. $PVA There she goes :(

  14. $PVA this whole sector(small eps) looks crappy. Long 6.20 something. Oil acts fine.

  15. $PVA $uso $uwti the Saudis have put ground forces down in Yemen

  16. @Traecwiguy $PVA ready for some dough, tired of stale news you and me both brother. Investor meeting this week. Hope mm s pump pps for it

  17. $PVA ready for some dough, tired of stale news

  18. $PVA hope this stock has some movement up this week before ER. Lost some patience but we shall see...

  19. @BHH19 $USO $pva http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/oilandgas/11549582/War-hedge-funds-and-China-why-oil-will-hit-100-a-barrel.html

  20. $USO $pva http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/oilandgas/11549582/War-hedge-funds-and-China-why-oil-will-hit-100-a-barrel.html

  21. $PVA what happen...wheres the buyout...the stock has been down almost(15)straight days...oil has been up n this stock has been down...

  22. $EXXI $GDP $PVA $HK $XCO Playing Nat Gas off of Pickens prediction of 6 dollars, Playing oil with Iran bullying tactics in the Mid East.

  23. $PVA ER on 5/11 After Close. SP were DOWN 13 times out of last 21 qtrs (61%) in Earnings reactions http://stocksearning.com/q.aspx?Sys=PVA

  24. $PVA another weak day - up & down. Small cap has been suffered hard this week. $RUT $TNA $IWM expect V-shaped movement next week

  25. $PVA Anyone using covered calls to avg down? Considering doing this with a portion of my position