1. Share an idea on $PVA a close over 1 extremely

  2. $SD $PVA $NADL 17% Crude jump in just two days, needed to lift/make them completely wild.

  3. $PVA don t be upset with me bulls but now that I m out I d selfishly love to see this open below $1 come monday so I can buy back in. :D

  4. $PVA http://www.marketwatch.com/story/weekly-oil-rig-count-edges-higher-but-total-rig-count-falls-baker-hughes-2015-08-28 Bingo

  5. $PVA very impressive strength both for Oil and PVA!!

  6. $LEI party going to $PVA

  7. $PVA I sold at 1.07. Was hoping for higher but I ll rebuy next week to get more back. :) good day people

  8. $PVA bear flag confirmed. This is definitely a test of pva bull strength.

  9. $PVA Sep 1 Call buyer +3k for $0.25

  10. $PVA I just got out. I don t see oil making another big move today and I don t have time to watch it to make sure it doesn t drop.

  11. $PVA SEP 1 CALL Activity 3100+ @$.25 on offer

  12. $PVA Oil starting to form a bear flag..

  13. $PVA now the whole market is falling, what the heck, we need to close above 1.08 to keep the momentum going

  14. $PVA Are we expecting any more action today or is this it.

  15. $PVA it s a battle at this price!! Will the bears win like they have been? My $$ is on the bulls. The wind has changed directions.

  16. $PVA As long as oil keeps going up

  17. $PVA decent selling pressure atm. Traders starting to get impatient?

  18. $PVA 47% gains in a couple weeks.... not too shabby. Leaving small size for a runner

  19. $PVA Hope we reach near 1.3 today and I ll sell a portion or all bc close to even is enough for the moment

  20. $MPO $VTG $EOX $SD $NADL $WRES $GDP $PSTR $LNCO $PGN $PVA Does anyone here follow Escalera Resources (ESCR)? Thoughts on oil bounce there?

  21. $PVA looks to me like first serious resistance is at 1.30 then clear until 1.50. :-) Of course that s dependent upon oil not free falling.

  22. $PVA Is rig -8 good???

  23. $PVA long and strong, immune to pain by now, war hardened

  24. $PVA Buying this stock today , very long here big pay off by year end.

  25. $PVA Is it a risk holding through oil rig count or bc of Yemen it s minimal in effect