1. $PVA 17 percent drops seem to be the norm for this stock at that rate I say we have about 6 drops more before we hit zero 😎

  2. $PVA opec with the help of shorts destroying all the small caps oil stocks. Let s hope that this one will survive a year.

  3. $PVA The next small Cap E&P Victim under $1 joins $SD $GDP $HK $MILL $SFY

  4. $PVA 1 yr ago this was at $13, ouch, anyone holding from then?

  5. @RoyaIBIue $PVA was a terrible call. I lost 30% :(

  6. $PVA covered @ $1.11 on the Bid it might get a bag.holder bounce to reshort higher before BK

  7. $PVA seems to be this is an easy double from here regardless whether this is the bottom or not.

  8. $PVA I ve got a stop order at 1 for 2/3 of my pos. I ll let the rest ride. If stopped out I ll set a limit order to buy it back at 1.30ish.

  9. $PVA Below $1s coming like I said...

  10. $PVA I know it s got debt, and I know oil is down, but this drop doesn t match any of that. I m at my limit because this drop has no limit.

  11. $PVA looks great. Never stay in a loser when better companies are available. I was told to sell at 1.99 I didn t listen but sold.

  12. $PVA anyone think Soros, Lone Star and other big time holders are dumping here? these aren t small time shorts here

  13. $PVA Is this wher we are headed :(

  14. $PVA I not going under a dollar. I ll sell then set a special limit order to buy only above say 1.30. I ll lose money, but this is too much.

  15. $PVA Great googly-moogly

  16. New intraday downward move on Penn Virginia C.. $PVA - down -14.5% in 14 minutes - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/symbol/PVA#t:last_15_minutes/absolute

  17. $PVA okay I give. I ll buy PVA lock stock and barrel for a nickel...No NOT a nickel per SHARE.

  18. Penn Virginia s PT cut by Canaccord Genuity to $3.75. http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/PVA/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $PVA

  19. $pva 90 degrees.To hot to kayak ride my motorcycle go hiking or fishing or mountain biking.Sitting in the shade with my girlfriend.

  20. $pva since misery loves company I am still holding..I already notified the make-a-wish foundation they said can not grant me a nuclear WWar

  21. $PVA I m still holding- I m not getting scared out! Any others?

  22. $PVA Recent rundown of ratings: http://www.lulegacy.com/2015/08/02/penn-virginia-cut-to-sector-perform-at-howard-weil-pva/568411/

  23. @shortcrusher $XOM $HK $PVA $WLL $CLR $CVX $MHR $LINE #pleasebetrue I about fell out of my chair!

  24. $PVA OK, now Zacks has a momentum rating for pva at A , up from a recent rating of B , and still a Hold. Value at C.

  25. $PVA How do you buy company debt? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-31/avenue-s-lasry-says-50-crude-means-time-to-buy-oil-company-debt