1. Setups for Thursday http://ac-investor.blogspot.pt/2015/06/stocks-to-keep-eye-on-june-04-2015.html other stocks to watch $FB $FEYE $V $CIEN $JNPR $AMDA $AVEO $XNPT $BLUE $CYBX $CYBR $PWAV $EBAY

  2. $PWAV Anybody has an idea of why this share is still daily trading ? Is there any chance for this.

  3. Competitor comments (Re: Plantronics, Inc. [PLT]) Read the brief: http://y.ahoo.it/g3uwKQaP ... $PWAV $RVBD $TLAB $TESS $VSAT

  4. $PWAV Powerwave s business executives try to find buyers to bid on the company at an April 8 auction.

  5. $PWAV Silence ...

  6. $PWAV Powerwave and Gores Group Reach Deal on Cash Read more: http://y.ahoo.it/3lnvdwjm http://y.ahoo.it/P6cPXwpz

  7. $PWAV PowerWave prepares to fight for cash in bankruptcy http://y.ahoo.it/G69R92Fx