1. when would $PXE pick up ...sucker...

  2. $xop $ieo $pxe Bad news for oil drillers http://y.ahoo.it/RVHX9kR3

  3. day-traded $TAL $LOXO my Stifel guy put me in $RIG losing money on m oils $PXE $RES and $HK

  4. $VLO sold 2 calls VLO 141220 C 52.50 on declining trend in refiners. Oil is trending down $XLE $PXE.

  5. $TAL $CBI $HTGC $PXE been buying / trading these this week. Took profit on $DDT too EZ ! it was supposed 2 b a permament income play

  6. #EnergySector: Danger Rating $OIH $FENY $VDE $XLE $XES $PXI $IEO $PXE $FCG $GASL $FSESX $WEGYX $IVEIX $ICENX $IEYYX http://y.ahoo.it/KjjmXL3S

  7. $PXE Sold at 37.32 bot 90 minutes ago 37.16 Wow ! What a country ! Now I will fill up my car !

  8. $PXE got filled on a limit order that I put in on 7/22 @ 37.16 7/28 10:11 am EDT

  9. @Elle2105 $PXE truth b told, I didn t notice the spread. Tried 2 b greedy & buy at 37.68 when it was offered @ 37.73 last 7 min. didn t fill

  10. Today I BOT $PWV 30.64 $PXE 37.16 yesterd I BOT $DON 81.04 Still trying 4 $MTGR at 25.47 bot $MSMLX yesterd at 21.69

  11. @Elle2105 I d be very interested in how you do after mkt. So far I have bot $DON Nothing yet on $MTDR $TAL $PXE

  12. $DON $TAL $MTDR $PXE Cheapskate me ! got limit orders 2 buy after hours & tomorrow. Wish me luck !!

  13. $PBF luckily sold @ 27.72 bot @ 27.477 on day that $VLO warned For Now no more refiners maybe $RES $HK $PXE $PSCE

  14. @Elle2105 I still have my $PBF & bot $HK on 7/11. Been trading $PXE $PSCE $OIH $XOM. A few yrs ago traded $RES $MGRC $MRO another MARATHON

  15. 10 ETFs With Stocks That Insiders Are Buying http://y.ahoo.it/lgMoBbou $FDM $XOP $VTV $PXE $KRE

  16. Sinking $PXE and $FM ETFs....should have exited early...

  17. @jewell69 Nice trade location in $PXE

  18. @NoTalentClown trying to buy India etf $PIN @ 21.33 and MORE energy etf $PXE at 38.47. bot $PXE on Wed @ 38.36

  19. trying to buy $pin India etf @ 21.33 and MORE $PXE energy etf @ 38.37

  20. @NoTalentClown I ve been trading $pxe $psce $tal $cdi $gps

  21. Oil&Gas Exploration/Production 80% +Efficiency! $XOP $IEO $PXE on fire. http://y.ahoo.it/eLJnMJZD

  22. Check out our comprehensive guide to oil and gas ETFs! $XOP $IEO $PXE http://y.ahoo.it/YcvVe8Vl

  23. Check out our guide for Oil and Gas ETFs. $XOP $IEO $PXE http://y.ahoo.it/OR4i4ehk

  24. $REXX Did I mention... Citadel Advisors discloses 5.2% passive stake in 13G filing :) $XLE $PXE

  25. The Nitrous Scan 4/1/2014 http://y.ahoo.it/hyd7lyB5 $PXE $DTN $IDCC $SMP $MTDR $NSIT $STE $AKS $HSII $IBM $DIOD $CAT