1. $PZZA Papa John’s $10 “Kickoff Special” Starts NFL Season with a Perfect Play.. http://y.ahoo.it/uSjKo8DK

  2. SVP of Papa John s International just picked up 5 shares http://y.ahoo.it/8phinaqo $PZZA

  3. SVP of Papa John s International just picked up 12 shares http://y.ahoo.it/OE5mitUV $PZZA

  4. Seeing a good amount of chipotle/subway-style Pizza shops opening up over the past ~year, fwiw. Short $DPZ $PZZA $YUM ?

  5. $PZZA added again under $40.00, just waiting on the consensus pot legalization across the country to un-fold. Smokers want quick edibles

  6. $PZZA added again today.

  7. $PZZA Stock has been a dog - will take over a year to get back to $50...if ever

  8. $PZZA going to follow $yum move up

  9. @valuewalk including buying $pzza and $DPZ

  10. $PZZA feeling that gap early this morning

  11. $PZZA Pappa John leads the industry in both digital mobile text platform. Also first to introduce online ordering.

  12. $PZZA As an trader I had an Ah moment... If $dpz is official an e-commerce co., what does that make $pzza who reported 60% digital sales

  13. $PZZA remember the share buy back program. Authorized 100 mil to be completed by 12/31/14

  14. SVP of Papa John s International just picked up 304 shares http://y.ahoo.it/LfOq6X0c $PZZA

  15. $pzza keep your eyes on your cheese

  16. Buy the pizza cos.! RT @TheStalwart: We might have a cheese glut, as a result of the sanctions on Russia. http://y.ahoo.it/H303Yb4f $DPZ $PZZA

  17. $PZZA nice Triangle forming

  18. New Blog Post! - August Brings Some Great Earnings Alert Plays! $TREX $ANIP $ECOM $PZZA $SGY $QLYS $LIME $OSTK $GEO http://y.ahoo.it/dZC0HzFp

  19. $PZZA Done Adding my shares. Thanks for the discount :)

  20. $PZZA Adding today

  21. @BrianSozzi Forgot Papa Johns $PZZA

  22. $PZZA Up a full 1% in a weak market. Bulls got control of this stock. Hearing to 61.8% fib retrace lvl $42.14

  23. $Pzza need some more volume. A nice surge past $41.60 before 3pm would be great & bullish on our way to taking out $42.14

  24. $PZZA Told youbbig buy in before 11am. Adding here

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