1. $PZZI Average volume over 3 months is 31K and we traded approx 240K today! Impressive!

  2. July 24 2014 Recent Insider Buying http://y.ahoo.it/qX8LUawJ $AA $GE $KEY $FNFG $PM $FAST $PZZI

  3. $PZZI up 8.43% today as their Pie Five concept (the real $CMG Chipotle of pizza) is heating up. Absolutely massive growth opp IMHO (LONG)

  4. $PZZI Nice move today

  5. One of the bigger recent insider buys was yesterday s $102,371 purchase of $PZZI, according to this list http://y.ahoo.it/tWBxlvE6

  6. $PZZI A $750 investment would become $1.75 million if Pie Five gets as big as $CMG someday...think about that....

  7. The secret of Pie Five fast casual pizza that is similar to $CMG is getting out. $PZZI is the ticker for the company that owns Pie Five.

  8. $PZZI s legacy pizza inn business seems like dead weight, but P.I. is providing meaningful FCF to support Pie 5 launches

  9. Insider Transaction: $PZZI Purchase at $6.13 per share of 16700 shares by Officer Mullany Timothy E on 2014-07-21.

  10. Insider Transaction: $PZZI Sale at $6.13 per share of 16700 shares by Director James K Zielke on 2014-07-21.

  11. Pizza Inn CFO Timothy Mullany Buys $102,371 in $PZZI http://y.ahoo.it/vjpyZL7C

  12. Pizza Inn Holdings s Chief Financial Officer just picked up 16,700 shares http://y.ahoo.it/LrlGLFef $PZZI

  13. $PZZI If you re shorting why? Concentrated ownership including myself. Shares not getting lent. Danger of massive squeezes or even buy ins

  14. $PZZI Have to back out depreciation and start up costs per store. Company owned pie fives already turning a profit.

  15. $PZZI If shorting why? Financials? Pizza inn a drag but that s not the story. Unbelievable growth at pie five.

  16. $PZZI If youre shorting why? Mkt cap is 64mm with no debt. Not going out of biz. Dilution? They ve had a shelf outstanding since $2.

  17. IPOs and Transactions: July 14 – 18 > http://y.ahoo.it/tO61BQco $NNVC $QPAC $LEE $PETX $ICLD $VTNR $GABC $PZZI $AMDA

  18. $PZZI Anyone shorting?

  19. $PZZI Pre-borrowed 2K share to short! Good day for profits!

  20. $PZZI I m out. Momentum/Volume is fading along w/ price...good profits...goodbye

  21. $PZZI It s time to eat this pizza

  22. $PZZI out @7.33 -.11

  23. $PZZI did not even wait to the end of the day to announce dilution, shorted here

  24. @1971capital great job being all over $PZZI!

  25. Pizza Inn Holdings just filed its Registration statement under Securities Act of 1933 http://y.ahoo.it/EY0bsZzi $PZZI