1. $MNK $QCOR at $110 QTR and the lemon were sooo wrong. Great move to sell to $MNK. Noise is gone. Stock keeps upwards lt move

  2. when $GLUU goes up on shorts attempts and it s not working, time to get long, baby :) $QCOR part deux!

  3. $WBAI Carson Block does nothing but spread bullcrap rumors, load up on puts, cash them in. $qcor $qihu $z and 500.com, wrong on all of them

  4. @VIPS1000 when stocks like $VNET stop going down on bad news/rumors, it means the shorts are fools at the poker table, $QCOR part deux!

  5. @Blazer1414 @T1ST @mmonday88 similar thing happened to $QCOR at the end of 2013. Fast growth, P/E of 8, everybody bearish; acquired quickly.

  6. @bnkinvest Wrong. $MNK just acquired $QCOR In a stock deal. Company is valued at about $10 billion post merger.

  7. $MNK $QCOR $BAXS BAXS could be next QCOR type long term investment. Great product, $100,000 per surgery.

  8. $NPSP which BioTech will acquire this for $5 Billion, now that it can expand NATPARA & GATTEX for multiple orphan indications $QCOR

  9. @FatCat_Banker that s what $QCOR shorts thot too from $5 to $95+, lol. i m happy dummy shorts are here even as top holders add to $BTX :)

  10. $GLUU article on seekingalpha...lol. clearly somebody s the fool at poker table. reminds me of short articles on $QCOR from $5 to $95+ :)

  11. @maverickinvestments @JaredTyndall $mnk to $100 based on upward earnings guidance revisions due to $qcor acquisition.

  12. all u $MOBI shorts just keep yacking away, like $QCOR shorts $5 to $95, lol. Do my ur work & ck weekly chart. going to $20+. NDR coming :)

  13. Perceptive Advisor s top 5 stock holdings, according to the fund s Aug. 14 13F filing: $nbix $celg $qcor $srpt $acrx

  14. @dero $NPSP FDA-approved GATTEX for short bowel syndrome. $QCOR buyout was for its Acthar. $JAZZ has narcolepsy drug. Buyout is a long wait.

  15. $MNK after officially swallowing $QCOR on 8/15, the digestion has been bullish: http://y.ahoo.it/Nq4ZccJW

  16. @ElevatedTrading @Stoic $INO adam F who? that guy s lost people more money for people than dummies who shorted $QCOR at $10 up to $90+

  17. $NFLX $AAPL $MU $GILD $MNKD $AMRN $QCOR $DNDN $KERX Stocks DD Opines: A simple investment methodology http://y.ahoo.it/VYZVAW7f

  18. +15% on the year. Big winners are... $PCRX, $GPRO, $YY, $AAPL, $SUNE, $CSIQ, $GTAT, $BWP, $DIS, $BUD, $RPRX, $ICPT, $F, $VWO, $MNK, $QCOR

  19. $NQ every day, shorts keep repeating their same ol lies/tricks...like $QCOR $GMCR before, stock s on launch pad and ready to go!!!

  20. Securities registration termination [Section 12(b)] http://y.ahoo.it/rka6a0SF $QCOR

  21. $MNK testing uptrend. Recently acquired $QCOR. Paulson was a buyer around $69 last week http://y.ahoo.it/mowVknMJ

  22. @citronnow manipulation like with $QCOR

  23. I see dead people, lol, shorts on $MNK esp leftovers from $QCOR. Longs keep adding whenever stock s down, and no real sellers until $120+

  24. It s ok if the dumb shorts don t see $NQ going private/bought out...they didn t see it on FMCN $MONT or $QCOR either.

  25. $qcor $5 to $93, now $mnk from $72 to $150+...who is with me on this or go ahead and lose money with Einhorn like he did with $gmcr :)