1. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 2.2% in $QCOR in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  2. $qcor..anyone know what just came out on qcor?

  3. Early release as hoppin plane to SEA today (will update fully later) -> BeanScreen for August 1, 2014 http://y.ahoo.it/IbVLFJ3d $QCOR $PCLN $CF

  4. Mallinckrodt incremental $700M leveraged loan backing Questcor buy enters secondary above issue price $MNK $QCOR

  5. Prospectuses and communications, business combinations http://y.ahoo.it/tJfmXBDy $QCOR

  6. Mallinckrodt International #highyield bonds (BB-/B1) price to yield 5.75%; backs Questcor buy $MNK $QCOR #hy

  7. $nq in opinion the pps should hold around 9? Remembered $qcor offered at 80? What happen now? Almost 100!

  8. Cable Car Capital LLC holds an allocation of -4.6% in $QCOR in his Hedged Value Investment Portfolio

  9. they all drunk! :) @drunkenmaster $MNK $QCOR Repeat - BoA/ML target 97,Oppen target 100,Paulson on board,Inst owned, Einhorn -42% on short

  10. $MNK $QCOR Repeat - BoA/ML target $97, Oppenheimer target $100, John Paulson on board, Institutionally owned, Einhorn down 42% on his short

  11. $QCOR I just let some Shortie get out of his doo-doo, at 92.14.

  12. Mallinckrodt sets talk on $900M of 8-year #highyield bonds; pricing tomorrow; backs Questcor buy $MNK $QCOR #pharma

  13. $QCOR no volume whatsoever...how will shorts cover?

  14. $qcor..I m shorting qcor..buying mnk,, just in case .

  15. $QCOR It s funny becuz most experts teach to set/honor your stops, admit when your bet was wrong. imho, losing $30/shr = u were wrong.

  16. What s the short thesis on $QCOR? One trick pony with potential federal oversight? 30% short and that base is hard to argue with.... (Long)

  17. $MNK will likely fall to under $70 to pick up all the stop losses. Then we ll see the short squeeze. $QCOR

  18. Einhorn screwed up the $QCOR trade. I was going to short a lot of $MNK if the merger closed but now $MNK getting killed

  19. $QCOR Anyone know how Einhorn is doing w/this Short? He seems to have 1or2 newswriters in the bag. (Term PAYOLA just came to mind)

  20. $QCOR Admit it, you didn t expect @quoththeravensa to publish a short article today. Just admit it, he caught you totally by surprise! LOL

  21. Old/good: @MelissaLeeCNBC 7/25Clash of Titans>While Einhorn says $MNK cud b a short after $QCOR, Paulson owns 6.7m shrs, he l hold thru deal

  22. Prospectuses and communications, business combinations http://y.ahoo.it/8VxEcEvR $QCOR

  23. My Bios are doing OK today $GILD $QCOR $EXEL $CUR

  24. @lcdnews nice update $QCOR. given lack of quality new issues and funds desperate for new issues, i expect this to be well over-subscribed

  25. @drunkenmaster @TradingTheDate the drunkenmaster is very wise - not so drunk :) right on the $ on $QCOR