1. #trending on longrundata: $QCOR $WMT $KO $MO $T $SPY $JNJ $PG $GILD $XOM #dividends

  2. for those who have followed me on $QCOR $MNK, do ur own work on $SRNE as this sucker is going LOTS higher as it s just becoming discovered!

  3. Long funds are just starting to do work on $SRNE. It s ironic, but the bigger the MC, the more these funds want buy, $QCOR part deux!

  4. $SNY Highest vol in months on Fri. Something is bubbling with a $MNKD buyout. Had this same gut feeling w/ $QCOR $AGN $FRX & killed it. #W

  5. $SRNE more bids scaled in...hope to get more shares here. Haven t been this excited about stock since $QCOR was $25(went to $140). GIddy up!

  6. $MNKD is the next $QCOR

  7. the more work i do on $SRNE, the more excited i get...i was in $QCOR from $1 to $130+, so i hope you guys take the time to do ur own work:)

  8. Hearing from a friend that $BTX insiders think it ll be a bigger winner than $QCOR from $1...Wow! Bam! That s more than 140x! Giddy up!!!

  9. $CPRX remember when they went after $QCOR, dropped like a stone, buy here, small pharma is always a target

  10. $MNK Questcor $QCOR Lawsuit finally OVER!! Much smaller settlement fee than expected too! (38M) Check the 8K

  11. ...and of course we all remember that rascal $QCOR http://stks.co/f20WB{%22range%22%3A%2210y%22%2C%22scale%22%3A%22linear%22} #biotech

  12. $MNK Owned $QCOR since $24 and rode it all the way up to .89 shares of MNK at $132.47 and $30 cash for each share. Going through the roof.

  13. Kase Fund’s Top 10: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1501 $CAR $MU $APD $XONE $HLF $DDD $CALL $HTZ $EXAS $QCOR $GMCR $HHC $PAH $PSH $RDI $SSNLF $JBL $DAL

  14. Kase Fund’s Top 10: tradingcommonsense.com $CAR $MU $APD $XONE $HLF $DDD $CALL $HTZ $EXAS $QCOR $GMCR $HHC $PAH $PSH $RDI $SSNLF $JBL $DAL

  15. remember the good ol days when mkt was down and $QCOR would be up up up? looks like $MNK is keeping up w/ same playbook...giddy up! :)

  16. $LL what has happened to them been going on 4-ever. Remember $QCOR.

  17. Great chance to add to $SRNE near $13 for those who have followed and made good $ on $QCOR...good stuff coming :)

  18. love the $SUPN price action...giddy up! CEO thinks they could be next $QCOR!

  19. MT @BrodyMicolucci: $SPY $NFLX $QCOR $Z $VRUS A look back at Jim Cramer s Featured picks… http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-10/10-year-anniversary-mad-money-objective-look-cramers-recommendations http://stocktwits.com/message/33810682

  20. $SPY $NFLX $QCOR $Z $VRUS A look back at Jim Cramer s Featured picks performance... http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-10/10-year-anniversary-mad-money-objective-look-cramers-recommendations http://stocktwits.com/message/33810682

  21. Kase Fund’s Top 10: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1501 $CAR $MU $APD $XONE $HLF $DDD $CALL $HTZ $EXAS $QCOR $GMCR $HHC $PAH $PSH $RDI $SSNLF $JBL $DAL

  22. $MNKD Hope $mnk will acquired? Just like $qcor

  23. $MNKD U guys remember $qcor? What happened when basher trash this stock, then later who bought them? At what price? Hehehe

  24. Kase Fund’s Top 10: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1501 $CAR $MU $APD $XONE $HLF $DDD $CALL $HTZ $EXAS $QCOR $GMCR $HHC $PAH $PSH $RDI $SSNLF $JBL $DAL

  25. $GPRO $QCOR used to have bear raids like this back in the day. Then it went from $19/sh to over $90/sh. LT this is a winner