1. $GPRO $QCOR used to have bear raids like this back in the day. Then it went from $19/sh to over $90/sh. LT this is a winner

  2. @s55amg you crack me up you always hv an explanation for every move in $MNK. Long and strong since $QCOR $20.

  3. Kase Fund’s Top 10: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1501 $CAR $MU $APD $XONE $HLF $DDD $CALL $HTZ $EXAS $QCOR $GMCR $HHC $PAH $PSH $RDI $SSNLF $JBL $DAL

  4. @BioMedInvestor THEY SAID the same for $QCOR and $AAPL and the rest is history. Been in game a long time. Momentum always exhausts

  5. @cheapohs @Think4self congrats $QCOR think $MNK can still double from here. up/down, stock feels like it s still under accum daily :)

  6. @Think4self Look at $qcor. I bought it through the pain all the way down to $17. I am smiling now.

  7. $ABBV When $qcor dropped to 19 I was told it was dead moolah! 3 weeks later it popped to 60!! Sheep keep talking

  8. @texaspete If you held $QCOR You got 0.895 of $MNK Plus $30 cash. That is worth $120 today.

  9. @Tatensolo what are you talking about $QCOR got bought out months ago in the 90s

  10. $MNK Bad overall day in biotech with $XBI And $IBB Down not helping. Still With $QCOR At $120 and business looking strong, can t complain.

  11. @jamiejaytrader @darienne56 jamiejay you only made two $$ on $QCOR, lol...let s be sure to get you > three $$$s on your next stocks :)

  12. @s55amg @darienne56 He s been a great help to me with my $QCOR investment which merged with $MNK now. Made $$ thanks to his help! :-)

  13. for those who missed my ST last week and followed me on $QCOR $MNK, i m long $BTX $SRNE $ZIOP $IDRA...do ur own work. Giddy up SRNE today :)

  14. SS hack job on $ZIOP couldn t do much. old $QCOR $MNK guys recall SS/shorts desperate moves. giddy up and have great wknd all :)

  15. I found a $QCOR $MNK short seller. Not a pretty sight. http://stocktwits.com/message/31225851

  16. @Arctophylax I know this game, trust me. If happened with $QCOR one time before it jumped to 90 and got acquired in less than a year. GL!

  17. @pach Except on $MNK He got one right for once Its interesting he never got $QCOR right but has done a complete 180 since the merger... Long

  18. $NQ holders look what a buyback after a short attack does $EBIX from $8 to $19, also was in on $QCOR stay strong and long.

  19. check $BTX holders list - smart $ showing up. with former Shire CEO now on BOD, perhaps this will turn into $QCOR part deux! go $BTX go! :)

  20. 2014 Stock Of The Year | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://ibankcoin.com/rcblog/2014/12/24/2014-stock-of-the-year/ $ITMN, $BITA $ANAC $TTWO $AERI $QCOR $BKS $AMBA $SUNE $TSLA

  21. @stevemed I respectfully disagree . This happened with $QCOR and it was 10x worse than anything happening now w $GILD.

  22. @Bt7896 @StockTruth Already did, $QCOR At about $120

  23. $MNK The definition of greed... When I m sad MNK drops $6 even though my avg buy price for $QCOR was in the 40 s

  24. @ismegamanthere I wouldn t mind Don Bailey from $QCOR to take over $SRPT I don t think management is doing everything to protect investors

  25. @StockTruth @Beeglebatty heard good things but not a $QCOR comp as NOBODY grows 40%+ w/ 99% gm and sub-10x p/e, different than $SRPT. $MNK:)