1. i ve been saying for past few weeks, dummy copycat $NQ shorts being screwed by each other now - i see $QCOR $GMCR part deux in the making!

  2. @PreciousWood feels like many $NQ shorts have covered, & only dumb copycat shorts left. reminds me of $QCOR from $18 to $33, on way to $100+

  3. @s55amg I wish I had some cash to add! Been 40% on this bugger since $QCOR merge.

  4. $QCOR Since last ER, stock gained 18%. Will it continue aftr ER on 10/27 Before Open? http://stocksearning.com/stock_detail.aspx?Sys=QCOR

  5. the shorts on $NQ will disappear like QTR did on $QCOR...these are mainly paid bashers, but at some point, these bashers all become noise :)

  6. @s55amg I know, was a big $QCOR shareholder and never sold on the dips. Gotta get the small gain peeps out the way to let this run

  7. @ExGSman but CB s buddy Citron said $QCOR going to $10 also, lol...and it goes to $100+...wait til they go to jail for manipulating stocks

  8. $MNK You never know. Even a good investor day isn t necessarily good for the stock short term. I always found that true with $QCOR And $GILD

  9. @Beeglebatty @maverickinvestments recall $QCOR had nice run to low $70s then pulled back to $66 on weak tape? then $MNK bot for $85+? $120+!

  10. @LotusAngel $AST doing well w/ uplisting. Insidermonkey good article on $BTX insiders killing it on $QCOR. BTX investor mtg early Nov in SF!

  11. @Mrmookie123 @PACFAN not true look at what happened to the shorts in $QCOR. They were bought out by $MNK

  12. @Billyslc zacks hasn t been relevant since John Travolta was staying alive, lol. $QCOR $NQ $GLUU

  13. dummy shorts on $NQ still in denial, lol, just like when they shorted $QCOR before it tripled :)

  14. @s55amg Any guess as to the time frame of the $MNK $QCOR ALS data. Should be soon.

  15. @s55amg @WealthThruKnowledge Point taken. But how about when $QCOR goes down, does volume dry up too?

  16. @TTRS @WealthThruKnowledge ck historical pattern on big winner $QCOR. Volume dry = no sellers, then slowly back up for 5-baggers. go $GLUU!

  17. good news coming & sooo glad that weak $GLUU holders getting flushed - similar attacks happened w/ $QCOR, but patience was well rewarded :)

  18. not worried re: short coordinated attacks $GLUU - they lost HUGE $QCOR $TSLA etc. KK back to top grossing. dumb shorts focused on old news

  19. reminder for old $QCOR $MNK holders that $BTX has top execs from Questcor joining, PLUS there s 6M shares short...giddy up! (esp down tape)

  20. @LotusAngel great $BTX news keep rolling...liking all the old $QCOR smart leaders getting involved as well. Liking the 6M dummy shorts also!

  21. Love my long term $AKRX usb like $QCOR

  22. lots of dummies thot they were smart shorting $QCOR, but longs got a 5+ bagger. $NQ has similar dummy shorts doing same thing...giddy up!

  23. $Akrx love my favorite long stock, the next $QCOR

  24. @GrindTime @JaredTyndall Agreed.A much needed rest. My biggest position & the best investment vehicle I ve found since $AAPL, $GOOG & $QCOR.

  25. $akrx is my most favorite old stock, keep rising next $QCOR