1. it will be fun to watch $NQ shorts try to cove their shares at same time as company/execs buy shares...on $QCOR it went up 200%+ :)

  2. @TrendsRFriends not a pump, but l-term holder, owned $GLUU since $1+...similar to $QCOR $1 until $100+(via $MNK)...that s how big $ made :)

  3. @BioWhizz1: $ICPT ugly YTD chart UGLY If u think? U can buy put out to 2015, 2016. Do u remembered $qcor $itmn $idix $isis? N now?

  4. $NQ Welcome, Valiant Capital. And we all know how $QCOR turned out. http://www.insidermonkey.com/hedge-fund/valiant+capital/342/

  5. $ICPT All of us just keep it nice n quiet. After the storm everything will be just fine. Shhhhhhh, and then BAM.... $qcor, $itmn, $idix,...

  6. @clarkjohn18 @kerx must I remind u that it may be a single drug but it has n cud hav multiple indications (CKD ) $QCOR

  7. what joke $RTRX...and to think stupid $QCOR $MNK holders listened to shrek and his street buddies...geez.

  8. just like $QCOR, let s flush out some more weak holders - last flush was $66 Friday before buyout, and now $110+ equivalent. go $MNK go!

  9. $MNK Betting $105 by the end of the year. Who remembers when $QCOR was worth $18?

  10. @damnmaxims no worries w/ each have own style. i go for 300%+ returns & had $QCOR from nothing to $100+, so i don t worry about $GLUU timing

  11. $OMER This is the new Questcor ($QCOR).

  12. @AnalystRatingsNetwork Zacks downgrade is usually a good sign as they often do it at the bottom $AMRI $QCOR $MNK

  13. $OXGN Sell it. Then short time you will be sorry. Remember $qcor, $itmn, $inhx, $idix? I hold long term

  14. @1nvestor can t really trade $MNK on charts as too many catalysts ahead. traders sold $QCOR on pullback to $66 before buyout - now $110+ :)

  15. $STAA liking the insider buying, especially his track record on $QCOR

  16. many made LOTS of $ on $QCOR $MNK, i m long $AMRI on this missed qtr - Patty s in IR & imo stock many catalysts could cause 20%+ in 3 months

  17. @s55amg I was long $QCOR from 30 and hold $MNK now. What s the bull case for $BTX in 140 characters lol?

  18. @marcus20434 all this $MOBI $7-ish resistance talk is silly imo. traders used to say that w/ $QCOR @ $7, then $10, $20, etc...now $100+ $MNK

  19. w/ 4 former $QCOR execs/board members joining $BTX board and/or as investors, i m looking for BIG returns: a ten-bagger would be nice! :)

  20. @StocksUnderground Agree. I ve been through similar FUD roller coasters w/ $GMCR $QCOR $HLF but this $NQ ride has been longest & worst. :-P

  21. Einhorn says Greenlight Has lowest Net Exposure This Year http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/11/greenlight-capital-conference-call/ $GLRE $AAPL $CVEO $OIS $C $MNK $QCOR

  22. $GPRO No position but the best thing longs can do is ignore Citron. Made big money ignoring them in $QCOR. #short&distort

  23. @s55amg: let s shake looks weak $NQ holders - did the same thing on $FMCN $RDA $GA before takeout, same for $QCOR also $66 to $100+ lol :)

  24. let s shake looks weak $NQ holders - did the same thing on $FMCN $RDA $GA before takeout, same for $QCOR also $66 to $100+, lol :)

  25. @rocketPower No!! I have seen this kind of short attacks on $EBIX and on $QCOR. It is Short And Distort.