1. Biotech & Semi s weak link: BIB -3.3% USD -1.3% And will hit $QQQ hard. May pick up some $QID here.

  2. Biotech & Semi s weak link: And will hit $QQQ hard. May pick up some $QID here. $IBB $SMH $SPY

  3. Hot Sectors: Short Semi $SOXS +3% Sh Biotech $BIS +2.7%, Sh Russell (liking) $TWM +1%, Sh Nasd $QID +1% $SPY, $AAPL, $SMH

  4. $AAPL $SPY $QQQ $QID $FB My new mantra: The flat slope to the Phillips curve $VXX $QID

  5. $AAPL $SPY $QQQ $QID $FB Those comments should have sent the market up 1% ya think? Looks like the Fed mojo is fading.

  6. $SPY $AAPL $QQQ $VXX $QID I couldn t find a better thing to do on a Friday afternoon than to watch a 5 min chart of this market lol

  7. $SPY $QQQ $QID $VXX If you are trading vol today you are loving this market

  8. $AAPL I don t understand why traders feel like they can t make $$$ in this kind of market just day trade ETFs $QQQ vs. $QID example.

  9. $QID $SDS $DXD Bull cross 10-d x 13-d EMA, All three ultrashort ETFs turn bullish, the day after the ultralongs turned bearish.

  10. Watching Sh Nasd $QID, Cld break out thru 100MA if Tech/Biotech sell off continues $SPY, $AAPL, $QQQ, $SMH

  11. $QQQ scenario: http://rightsideofthechart.com/qqq-scenarios-2/ $QLD $TQQQ $QID

  12. $QID $TZA $TWM $SPXU $SDOW hedges saved my bacon again today. Nice buffer against volatility.

  13. 3 White Soldiers http://www.dailystockplays.com/3-White-Soldiers-2015-03-25.html $ACI $AKS $CLF $CRK $MCGC $MPG $PTEN $QID $VVR

  14. $QQQ $SQQQ $QID Support Hit, Bounce Likely http://rightsideofthechart.com/qqq-support-hit-bounce-likely/

  15. $QID I might regret it in the am but i m taking a quick pop here on QID as QQQ near the rising 50 dma after putting in a small double top.

  16. Fast Action: Sh Semi s $SOXS +10% now, Sh Biotech $BIS +5.2%, Oil $UCO +3.5%, Sh Nasd $QID +2.6% $SPY, $QQQ, $SMH, $XLE, $AAPL

  17. $QQQ $SQQQ $QID Update & targets http://rightsideofthechart.com/qqq-likely-to-wipe-out-post-fed-rally/

  18. $QQQ Looks like we got a Double Top at $109. Unlikely more than a 3% to 7% correction as both 50 & 200 DMA s rising powerfully. See $QID.

  19. 3 White Soldiers http://www.dailystockplays.com/3-White-Soldiers-2015-03-24.html $AGU $AINV $AMTD $BALT $FFBC $MSO $OZM $QID $SQM

  20. Hammer http://www.dailystockplays.com/Hammer-2015-03-23.html $SDOW $QID $VIV $SPXU $SH $SQQQ $SDS

  21. $QID Current price is only 30 cents above the 52-week low of $34.65. Expecting a retest tomorrow, followed by a solid dump to low $30s.

  22. 5 Days Down http://www.dailystockplays.com/5-Days-Down-2015-03-20.html $TVIX $TZA $CRK $SQQQ $WTW $QID $SRTY $NAV $AXLL $RWM $TWM $BIS $AEGR $UPIP $MILL $ABCB $HNR $RDNT $PSQ

  23. $QQQ $QLD Bull cross 10-d x 13-d EMA $QID Bear cross 10-d x 13-d EMA. Tech averages perform well against Large Caps.

  24. Below 20 SMA http://www.dailystockplays.com/Below-20-SMA-2015-03-18.html $EBAY $SCHW $SDS $ADBE $SPXU $NKTR $SQQQ $SPXS $HLSS $SH $TJX $QID $TV $YELP $FBR $OPK $PENN $AINV $VLY

  25. I m seeing weakness in $QQQ Tick. Interesting. $QID $SPY