1. $SH $SDS $TZA $DXD $QID detailed analysis from SA about the best short candidates for 2015: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2842816-cheniere-energy-a-scary-midstream-stock-to-avoid

  2. $BIS $qid $tza if you are short this market, good luck... always honor your stops

  3. $SPY Strategic 3 Portfolio: Long: $UCO, $DIG, $TBT, $GDX, $QLD Sold: $QID http://stocktwits.com/message/31560765

  4. $SPY Don t like $INTC chart here, Semi s may finally take a break, all we need is Biotech to correct and $QID will pay very well.

  5. New bullish conversation activity in $QID. Had been quiet for past 48 hours.

  6. $SPY Strategic 3 Portfolio: Selling: $UWM, $QLD. Buying: $QID, $TWM, $BIS

  7. $SPY Strategic 3 Portfolio: Selling $QLD, $UWM. Watching $TWM, $BIS, $QID, Sold 1/2 $UCO

  8. Best ETFs so far 2015: Everything short: $SOXS +13%, $SKF +10.5%, $QID +8%, $TWM +7%, $SDS +7%. Expecting slight bounce next wk

  9. $SPY Best ETFs since 1/3/2015: Everything short: $SOXS +13%, $SKF +1.5%, $QID +8%, $TWM +7%, $SDS +7%. Expecting slight bounce next wk

  10. $SPY I think that next week s ER will be better however tempered by another FX moment. $AAPL $FB $QQQ $QID $FXE

  11. $SPY Selling $SOXS, $TWM, $SKF, $QID. Long: $UCO, $DIG, $TBT, $SDIV (love the 6.3% dividend)

  12. $QLD $QQQ New 20-day low alert. Tech weak hands continue to outpace activity of shorts (no new 20-day high alert in $QID)

  13. $QID Overbought but no reversal signal yet #qid # sqqq #elliottwave http://stocktwits.com/message/31396409

  14. We called a market top awhile ago, but $QQQ should get hit the hardest. $COMPQ #thatsallfolks #AlgorithmsDontLie $QID

  15. $ES_F Futs not liking Greek bank news. Added to my $QID from yesterday late afternoon

  16. ProShares Ultra Short QQQ likely starts to run now. $QID $QQQ http://stocktwits.com/message/31368859

  17. $SPY Money Flow IN: $TWM +3.5%, $BIS +3.3%, $QID +1.8%, $SKF +1.6%, $SMH +1.3%, $SDS +1%

  18. $SPY The real money maker could be $QID, Love this chart and ready to break out also. $QQQ,$AAPL http://stocktwits.com/message/31363649

  19. @UndeadBear Got stopped out of $SDS, $QID, $SOXS, $BIS in first 5 min, then a reversal, then another, just too whipsawy.

  20. $SPY Strategic 3 Portfolio: Still Long: $SKF, $TWM, $QID, $YCL Sold: $SOXS, $BIS,

  21. Looking for short ideas - check out RED FLAG #2 RECYCLING YESTERDAY S NEWS http://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2015/01/61066-crowd-investors-corner-recycling-yesterdays-news/ $QID

  22. @grock1: $SPX $SPY $DJIA buy the dippers in action, will it last till close? dippers under water, started $QID

  23. @UndeadBear That s why I like $QID

  24. $QID yes...

  25. $SPY Currently Still Long: $SKF, $SOXS, $DUG, $TWM,$QID, $SDS, $SMN, $BIS, Sellling $GDX, $DIG . $QQQ,$AAPL, http://stocktwits.com/message/31240700