1. $QID until the naz closes below the 20dma its very hard to get bullish on qid

  2. $SOXS $RUSS $TVIX $QID looking like long term holds for a year or so. We see

  3. $vxx $qid leaning in the camp that not many want to hold long overnight and cash will be raised before close

  4. $qid $tza every dip bought, way to hard to short.. im on the sidelines waiting for better times, its a pennies market

  5. $QID would I go long the market with some caution flags? NO nor would I short since its proven to be to strong, just a sit out time

  6. @xpectingu02 I m also short QQQ via $QID.

  7. @Mr_Derivatives I ll need to suss it out. Eyeing $QID

  8. @Sw1ngTrad3r sounds like u got it figured out. $QID is good too.

  9. WHALES are on the move today. Don t be the last to react, stay awake. $SPY $SPX $GLD $QLD $QID $VXX $IWM $DJIA $DIA $XAUUSD

  10. $SPY $VXX $SPX $IWM $DIA $DJIA $QQQ $QID markets are turning BIG TIME!!! Watch out!!!!!

  11. The dip bumped me out of winners and names in development. Currently long $GDXJ $ALXN $MMP $QLD $QID. Latter 2 are paired 2:1 respectively.

  12. @Sneaky @SyntecVentures $QID is short $QQQ and costs you 0.95% per year plus the leverage probably under performs a pure short of QQQ.

  13. @SyntecVentures $QID follows the same direction as $QQQ but more expensive... I meant follows $QQQ but not as expensive?

  14. @Sneaky $QID

  15. IV30(TM) GAINER $FTNT +29.64% $ADHD +26.35% $STX +24.4% $CBSO +19.13% $TS +18.73% $QID +16.27% $SD +14.87% http://y.ahoo.it/nPTMSpJx

  16. $SPY Top 3 ETFs today: $BIS +4%, $TWM +3%, $QID +2.5% (Yes, of the ones I track, )

  17. $SPY Only $1B POMO today. but They will definitely try to bounce this move down.. good Luck. Long $TWM, $QID, $BIS

  18. Yesterday I cut down some winners. Glad I kept some $PPC. Will buy back lower some other longs I let go today. $QID $QLD other holdings.

  19. @cheri1 I m very interested in $QID right now when this comes its going to come very quickly all at once (ie 2011) then resume the bull run

  20. $SQQQ $QID Time to break these out.

  21. If $NDX is down 0.75%, shouldn t $QID be up 1.5%? I don t get it.

  22. $QID - http://y.ahoo.it/uQ7Y0k4U - New 52 Week Low - Crossed daily lows support.

  23. Moved Lower Bollinger Band $AGO $BODY $CLD $CPN $EROS $HTS $NLY $NSM $PSQ $PT $QID $RLD $RYN $TGI $TTS http://y.ahoo.it/oDQvrRlL

  24. $QQQ $QLD New 20-day high $QID New 20-day low. Technology was not to be left out of Tuesday s gains.

  25. @UndeadBear @panamaorangeF I m just as crazy, and some of my $TWM/$QID stopped out on the gap up . Today is pure institution portf rebal.