1. $QID bought 34.25

  2. $QID End of Day Scan: Bullish Pullback

  3. Best ETFs: $BIS +4%, $TWM +3.6%, $QID +3%, Small caps worst. $SPY

  4. Out $QID with a gain!

  5. Just bot some $QID

  6. $QID bought my 2nd third at 37.25, should have watched the market earlier,but one must work!

  7. $63B pulled from stock mutual funds in 3Q, biggest in 30 yrs. Bottom? Or just the beginning? We bought $TWM at open, $QID just now

  8. We continue to like $BIS, $TWM and $QID. $SPY $AAPL

  9. Top ETFs: $TWM +1.8% as Russell struggles, $BIS +1.4%, $QID +1%. All short. $SPY

  10. $QLD $QQQ New 20-day low $QID New 20-day high. Tech indices join the slide.

  11. Falling knives are tricky and $BIB was one of them, gains evaporated in seconds, some big sellers still. $QID remains strong, $TWM too.

  12. Top 3 Sector Portfolio: Selling $BIB. Buying $QID.

  13. $QID bought a third position at 38.25 hoping to see 500 down to 1820

  14. The $QID starts to perk up. +1% on the day, $TWM +1.4%, still place to be. $SPY $QQQ $AAPL

  15. $QID what is a good entry range?

  16. Top 3 Strategic Sector Portfolio sold $QID at 10:20 this am, sorry forgot to update,mkt moving very fast nowhere. Biotech, Pharma,Social up.

  17. AD-Line for $QQQ breaks below August low. Breadth leading the index lower? http://stockcharts.com/public/1229503/chartbook/388727745; $SQQQ $QID

  18. Short Nasdaq $QID. $QQQ, $SPY $AAPL

  19. Down to the Lows We Go Market Update and Stock Scan Sept 29 $SDS $QID $SPX http://blog.afraidtotrade.com/down-to-the-lows-we-go-market-update-and-stock-scan-sept-29/ $$

  20. Favorite tools ... $VIXY $SDS $QID

  21. @Lach14 One way to play biotech weakness/social/tech is $QID, EZ insurance.

  22. The reason we like Just ETFs strategy: So simple to short a downtrend. Buy $QID. No short tax crap end of yr. Occam Razor -

  23. One way to play biotech weakness/social/tech is $QID, EZ insurance.

  24. One way to play biotech weakness/social/tech $QID. $SPY $QQQ

  25. Best ETFs this am: $BIS Sh Biotech +8%, killing it. $DUG- Sh ENergy +3.3%, $EEV Sh EmMkt +3.3%, $QID - Sh Nasd +3%. $SPY, $IBB, $QQQ