1. @GaryA Yes, you still in it? I got stopped out last night (B.S.), and back in today, also buying $QID, $SDS, $TWM

  2. Top 4: $SOXS +4%, $BIS +2.6%, $TWM +1.7%, $QID +1.5% $SPY, $QQQ, $IBB, $IWM

  3. Also watching $QID, may buy small position here too. $SPY, $QQQ, $AAPL

  4. $QQQ $QLD New 20-day high $QID New 20-day low. Tech joins Large Caps at new highs.

  5. $QID exit QID position for 1/4% puny profit (hey, it s profit!). Head & Shoulder, broadending wedge breakdown. NASDAQ 5000+ soon.

  6. $QQQ $QLD New 20-day high. $QID New 20-day low. Nasdaq 100 has been the real start of 2015 so far.

  7. $QID guess I was wrong about Net Neutrality having a neg effect on NFLX. However, NASDAQ a bit ballooney. If stops hit replan, re-enter.

  8. @MarketMasta @BlackHawk Watch $BIS here, something happening, Just sold $QLD, buying $QID may be next

  9. $QID Net Neutrality may have adverse affect on NFLX and some Nasdaq stocks. Analysts singing no bubble. In at $35.13 No bubble, really!

  10. $QID Entering at these levels. Market U-turn not that far away.

  11. @Yukon7 yeah. i think $QID probably a much safer buy and hold play but any leverage ETF has loss in the formula = fluctuation hurts it

  12. @sirdt Seems to me should be a good time to go $QID- I m considering PM s, oil right now. So you think technical still apply? Thanks-

  13. Setup Watchlist: $USO-$XOP-$CIVI-$LNKD-$FB-$QID-$VXX-$XLB http://www.thewavetrading.com/setup-watchlist-uso-xop-civi-lnkd-fb-qid-vxx-xlb/

  14. Hammer Stocks for 2/26/15 Day Trading Strategies http://www.dailystockplays.com/2015/02/25/hammer-stocks-for-22615-day-trading-strategies/ $VXX $UVXY $TVIX $SQQQ $QID

  15. The Nasd $QQQ weekly chart still diverging, overbought condition cld go for while but $QID at the ready. $SPY, $AAPL http://stocktwits.com/message/33194406

  16. May buy some $QID here, call me crazy, but $QQQ worst of indexes -.26%, on $AAPL weakness. -2.4% today. $SPY,

  17. $QID Buying some stop below today┬┤s lod #qid

  18. Watching $QID, $TWM here, and $SDS, something brewing. $SPY, $IWM , $QQQ, $AAPL

  19. $TVIX I bailed on this last week at 2.33 at a loss, thinking about trading oil, PM s or if going short $TZA or $FAZ, $QID. GL to all-

  20. Stopped out in $SPXU and $QID remain short $GM and $TSO and long $GLD and $GDX

  21. $QID stop 35.25 #qid

  22. $QID : Long stop 35.10 #qid

  23. $QID Continue selling as we head to 1$

  24. $QQQ $QLD New 20-day high $QID New 20-day low. After an early morning wobble, tech finish strong.

  25. $QQQ $QLD New 20-day high $QID New 20-day low. There wasn t much going on for the markets, but tech was able to register a new high.