1. Putting on some $QID into the close... been highly active in it and this is pre-$GOOG just in case

  2. $QID $TZA and $SRTY look like best inverse funds to me right now. No position in any of them yet.

  3. $SPY The $QID hit that 150ma and fell back hard. $QQQ http://y.ahoo.it/uBphcErQ

  4. $QID is also high up on my shopping list (2X inverse Nasdaq) No position.

  5. Diff. in my trades today. No $BIS short...yet. Big huge $QID buys and no dip buys... again Yet. Looking for Mr. Market to grab a ROOT

  6. Topped up my $QID this morning, breakfast of champions.

  7. Shorting NASD: $QID up 3% on day, chart very nice http://y.ahoo.it/CjXQXg8h

  8. $SPY Shorting NASD: $QID up 3% on day, chart very nice http://y.ahoo.it/q8hvRDSp

  9. $SPY Top 3 etf from 3/6 Market Top: $BIS +47%, $TWM +18.2%, $QID +16%. Still strong charts. very strong,

  10. $QID took some profit here long swing...

  11. $SPY One photo of a Russian tank crossing the border, and we free-fall like Tom Petty. Risk/Reward high negative. $TWM and $QID calling

  12. Sold my $PSQ and $QID @ 84.65, bounce was pretty strong.

  13. Sold my $SQQQ as it bounced at 84. Still have my $QID and $PSQ. I won t let the $QID become a loser. Might give the $PSQ some leash.

  14. @Loyola80 Be careful of $VXX, doesn t always follow the flow. I still like the $TWM and $QID, but they ve come a ways too.

  15. $SPY $QID $BIS worked again. But I m still hungry...$TSLA I m eyeing u; ur gonna get shorted

  16. $SPY Still Long: $TWM, $QID. Sold 1/2 $BIS, darn, up 1% now on day. Still 1/2 Long with tight stop. Snap back Biotech cld happen

  17. Bulls seeing more bottoms than at a Playboy Mansion party! Those aren t bottoms, they are temporary tops! $BIS $QID

  18. $BIS $SDS $QID like I said, selling starts now as religious traders head for the exits. No reason to risk being long over the Holiday.

  19. @Avida_Capital_Group: $SPXU $QID hits the BOTTOM REVERSAL T125 grats to those who saw this !

  20. Down and Dirt. What s Working? ETF 3-D Heat Map ~ http://y.ahoo.it/PxvDDQ59 $QID $FAZ

  21. $BIS $TZA $QID $SOXS weeeeee

  22. $SPY 2x short QQQ etf $QID, Chart looks like a real break out. Volume and On Bal Volume exploding. http://y.ahoo.it/UkMRu7b3

  23. @ink Watching the close here, Not sure, I just have stops on $TWM,$QID, $BIS and $EWV.. Mon could gap down, then short cov. action bad.

  24. @Chamster and now? I think is good now go long to $QID . What you think?

  25. HIGH CALL VOLU $INTU 1000% $JBHT 466% $NI 340% $HRB 302% $HCP 283% $KEY 250% $KKR 241% $QID 203% http://y.ahoo.it/F0RH3vI7