1. $SPY Honey badger market doesn t care. Short volatility long $qld and $spxl

  2. $SPY the $QLD had a big bounce off the 200MA up 11% from 10/16 close. $QQQ http://stocktwits.com/message/28263825

  3. $SPY If 10/16 was closing low: 5 Best ETFs: $BIB +13.6%, $USD +13%, $RXL +11.3%, $QLD +11%, $UYM +10%. Biot,Chips,Drugs,Nasd and Matl s

  4. @SuperDraghi0 Pretty amazing 2 day run, I got stopped out of $QID and $TWM, bought $QLD and $UWM yesterday, ECB and $AAPL popped everything

  5. @Kate49 Yes. Sold $QLD, $UWM and $SSO Friday. Bought some $QID & $TWM. Didn t like $IWM action Friday. Also sold $TAN and $DIG.

  6. $SPY Sold $DIG, still in $TAN, $QLD, $SSO, $USD, $UYM, May sell $UWM if Russell tanks.

  7. Scarecrow Trading sold $QLD and now holds an allocation of 0.0% in their Crow Chaser Investment Portfolio

  8. Stoplossed $QLD $ZSL/$DGZ yesterday for -2% -0.8% respectively. Still holding $XIV. Otherwise in cash waiting for bounce for inverse trades.

  9. $SPY $UWM, $QLD collapsing is always fast, building take 3-5x or more times. I have been buying. Climax selling today

  10. I am buying with cash $SPY $QLD $UWM

  11. Stop loss exit for small $DGZ $QLD positions. Adding to $XIV trade. (Only other position is a little AAPL.) Cash is king. #ETF

  12. $YELP put on a long YELP against short $QLD. market neutral

  13. $QLD $TNA.... and to think I bot both below $30 in equal no. of shs a few years back. Today, QLD @ $100+ and TNA @ $55+

  14. $SPY Big bounce, had to pick up $QLD, $UWM and $SSO, along with $TAN, $USD. covered $QID and $SDS

  15. $QQQ $QLD New 20-day high. $QID New 20-day low. Technology had another bad day, mirroring the heavy 3-day losses of Large Caps

  16. The only good news is the $QLD trade we opened on yesterday s Close. #ETF http://stocktwits.com/message/27898517

  17. $QQQ $QLD New 20-day low $QID New 20-day high. Semiconductor weakness will weigh on Tech averages, but have held up reasonably so far

  18. $SPY Worst ETFs: $USD -12%, $SMH -6.3%, $QLD -4.2%, $SOCL -3.2%, $BIB -3% - Semis, QQQ, Social, Biotech sectors hit the most

  19. @grock1: $QLD $TBT $XIV stops hit not a bullish sign. bearish diamond pattern on $ES_F http://stocktwits.com/message/27832944 breaking down from pattern

  20. $QLD $TBT $XIV stops hit not a bullish sign. bearish diamond pattern on $ES_F http://stocktwits.com/message/27832944

  21. $QLD long $XIV long off of strong buy volume on $SPY second time after stop losses on these yesterday

  22. $SPY Stopped out of $QLD and $UWM, Long $TWM, $DUG, $SOXS, $EEV... still like $SMN, but all hi risk.

  23. Why You Should Stick With Tech Stocks $QQQ $QLD $QID http://etfdailynews.com/2014/10/08/why-you-should-stick-with-tech-stocks/

  24. So final numbers were +4.2% $QLD, +1.3% $URE, +0.6% $VNQ (public trade). Since 6/30 3 ETF losses in 30 trades posted. #ETF #SwingTrader

  25. $SPY Best 5 ETFs today: $BIB +5.3%, $USD +4.8%, $QLD (3.8% nice), $RXL +3.4%, $UWM +3%