1. $LABU $SVXY $SPXL $QLD $SSO $THD $DXJ $VGT $XLK $URE $SPXU $SPXS Top ETFs Daily Market Movers for Sept. 2nd http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-SEPTEMBER-2.html#comments

  2. $qld still long not the perfect entry but close enough looking for $72.30 level retest now

  3. Last 1/2 hour pushes ETFs: Biotech $BIB +7%, $QLD +5%, $SSO +3.6% as Dow finishes panic melt-up +293. Yesterday -470. So normal $SPY

  4. Hot sector Biotech $BIB +4%, and $QLD +3.3% - money coming in. $SPY, $QQQ,

  5. Hot Sectors: Nasd $QLD +3%, Biotech $BIB +2.8%, SP500- $SSO +2.2%, Pharma $RXL +2%, and Semi s SMH +1.8% (helping $QQQ). $SPY

  6. $qld trying some here on weakness for push to close gap target 67.88 for now

  7. $QQQ Likely to Reverse Here & Take Out The Lows: http://rightsideofthechart.com/qqq-likely-to-reverse-here-take-out-the-lows/ $SQQQ $TQQQ $QID $QLD $SPXS $SPXL


  9. exiting $NDX today...been holding $QLD since 2/1/12...been a very nice ride...time to get off the train though...also exiting $GMED (-)

  10. Health Care Hammered: Biotech $BIB -7.5%, Pharma $RXL -4.6% and $QLD 2x Nasdaq -3%. All related. $SPY $IBB, $XLV

  11. Top 3 Portfolio: Selling 1/3 $QLD. Watching short biotech $BIS for possible buy. This is very short term and hi risk types only.

  12. Sectors Weak: Biotech $BIB -5.4%, Pharma $RXL -4%, Gold $GDX -3%, Nasd $QLD -2.2%. $SPY, $QQQ $IBB

  13. $QQQ NR7 day. www.DailyStockPlays.com $TQQQ $SQQQ $QID $QLD

  14. monthly system enters the week long with $EA $ESNT $FV $GMED $HAWK $HOLX $IPXL $QLD

  15. Long $SQQQ for a pullback daytrade on $QQQ breakdown: http://rightsideofthechart.com/qqq-pullback-likely/ $TQQQ $QID $QLD

  16. The $QLD 2x nasd chart. $SPY $QQQ

  17. Best 3 ETFs we like now: Energy $DIG +4.8% today, Materials $UYM +1.4%, and Nasd 2x $QLD +15% from 8/25 low.

  18. Today I sold $qld and $aGN Friday I will buy $spxu or $SDS will tweet when I do

  19. $QQQ $QLD taking remainder of profits. 105s proving to be strong resistance

  20. $QQQ nearing my target 1 area taking some partial profits $QLD

  21. $IBB added calls and $QLD common biotech making higher highs. Still need to clear 200MA. Tight stops

  22. Top 3 Sector Portfolio: Sold $QID, $BIS, Bought $QLD and $SSO

  23. Best ETFs today: Nasd $QLD +4%, Sh Bonds $TBT +3.5%, Pharma $RXL +3.3%, Semis $SMH +2.8%. $SPY

  24. Long $qld with 62.78 be srop:- still $svlt best low priced idea .64 bid should be 1.50 $sklnu be 40 plus in 2 months $eri more inside

  25. $QLD nice , might enter below 60$