1. But that didn t stop me from buying $QLD this am. Don t fight the Momentum. $SPY $QQQ

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  9. Hot Sectors: Guess? Biotech $BIB +2.7%, Pharma $RXL +1.4%, Nasd $QLD +.8% Weird cross current, narrow range day, low vol mess. $SPY $AAPL

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  16. Scarecrow Trading sold $QLD and now holds an allocation of 0.0% in their Crow Chaser Investment Portfolio

  17. Scarecrow Trading holds an allocation of 88.9% in $QLD in his Crow Chaser Investment Portfolio

  18. Strong Sectors: Mat ls $UYM +3%, Solar $TAN +2.8%, Biotech $BIB +2.6%, SP500 $SSO +2.5%, Nasd $QLD +2.5% $SPY

  19. Losers Mid-Day: Biotech $BIB -3.5%, Nasdaq $QLD -2.7% (tk profits), Russell $UWM -2.4%, $HEDJ -2% (dollar hurting it), Semi s $SMH -1.6%

  20. Weak Sectors: Biotech $BIB -3.2%, Nasd $QLD -2%, Pharma $RXL -2%, Russell $UWM -1.8% $SPY, $AAPL, $QQQ, $IBB

  21. Scarecrow Trading holds an allocation of 89.0% in $QLD in his Crow Chaser Investment Portfolio

  22. Hot Sectors (Bad yesterday): Biotech $BIB +5%, Materials $UYM +3%, Short bonds $TBT +2.8%, Nasd $QLD +2.6% , Semi s $SMH +2.8%

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  24. 3 Bad Sectors: Biotech -4%, Phama -2.4% Russell -2.3%, Nasd -2.2% ($BIB, $RXL, $UWM, $QLD respectively) $SPY, $AAPL, $IBB, $QQQ, $IWM

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