1. Best ETFs today: $BIB +5.6%, $QLD +3.6%, $UWM +2.4% $SPY

  2. $QLD End of Day Scan: Stochastic Oversold

  3. $QLD dished some out

  4. This Is How Confidence Has Been Eroding $QLD http://realmoney.thestreet.com/articles/02/09/2016/how-confidence-has-been-eroding?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  5. This Bounce Is Creating Some Interesting Trading Opportunities $QLD http://realmoney.thestreet.com/articles/02/09/2016/bounce-creating-some-interesting-trading-opportunities?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  6. Best ETFs today: $BIB biotech +3%, $QLD +1.3%, $UWM +.7%. Mkt ridiculously oversold. $SPY

  7. $QLD $SPY $QQQ I caught the bounce with some 99.50 call s out of the money then pop to 97. Was almost unbelievable.

  8. The 2x Nasdaq ETF - $QLD. 3x normal volume today and accelerated into close. $SPY $QQQ Bounced 8/24 area

  9. Worst ETFs Today: $SOCL (LinkedIn) -6.7%, Nasdaq 2x $QLD -5.5%, Biotech $BIB -5%, Energy $DIG -4%. $SPY

  10. Golden Stone $QUANT System traded on $QLD/$QID and achieved amazing 40% YTD return in 2016. heck https://www.collective2.com/details/98531369 for details

  11. this $QLD down for 3 days in row , enters in to max DD of down by about 25% :( -> http://paststat.com/home/backtest/6628/1day3D,/first_positive_prsnt

  12. The 2x Nasdaq $QLD, nice set uip . $QQQ $SPY

  13. The Best ETFs today: $UWM 2x Russell +4%, $SSO 2x SPY +3.3%, $SMH Semi +3%, $QLD Nasdaq +3%, $DIG Energy +2.5%. $SPY

  14. Well, I guess it s worn me out. Out of all my $QLD 102.75-85. $QQQ

  15. Same as the other day, sold half of my $QLD at the close with $AMZN & $ MSFT earnings on tap. Also didn t like closing below (at) 102.

  16. Same as the other day, sold half of my $QLD at the close with $AMZN & $ MSFT earnings on tap. Also didn t like closing below (at) 102.

  17. Best ETFs: Energy kicking it $DIG +8%, $QLD +3%, $SOCL +3%, $UWM +2.3%. $SPY Dow +114, $QQQ +1.4% leading, $SPY +.9%

  18. I bought back my $QLD I sold yesterday as it came back thru the 5 day VWAP. A little leery here with it having trouble with VWAP. $QQQ

  19. On second thought, perhaps buy $QLD? Since $AAPL is 12% of it.

  20. Sold half my remaining $QLD w $AAPL earnings due. #ChcikenShit

  21. Out of my $TQQQ and $QLD from this morning. Holding my $QLD from earlier.

  22. Selling half of my $QLD up 5.60 per share. $QQQ

  23. Top 3 Sector Portfolio: We like $DIG, $BIB, $QLD and $TAN. $SPY

  24. Winner Index of day?$QQQ +2.5% short cover frenzy.Still love $QLD +8% . FANG, MSFT,LNKD, FB, GOOG, HD, UA +2-4%.

  25. Selling my $TQQQ portion of my buy this morning, up almost $8 per. Holding my $QLD & $QQQ (which bit me last time but oh well).