1. I forgot to say I sold the other half of my $QLD at the EOD, like i said i would. $QQQ was @ 105.60. +5.4%.

  2. The 2x Nasdaq $QLD up 13% off the 9/29 low. Still strong up 2.23% today. $QQQ $AAPL $SPY

  3. $SPY $IWM trying to out perform $QLD this morning, need both to keep moving along with $SPY

  4. Sold half my $QLD when $QQQ hit 104.90 up 5+%.

  5. daily system will go long $QLD on monday...

  6. Went long $QQQ via $QLD today as it made new daily high @ 102.18. Bumping up against the 20/30dmas but going to hold it over weekend.

  7. Focus additional resources toward $QLD. $RXL.

  8. We also bought some $QLD on the bounce off lows. This is the only index we re buying, still short $IWM with $TWM

  9. Sold $QLD this a.m. as well

  10. Top 3 Sector Portfolio: We bought $TWM at the open. We are tight stops on $QLD, nearly there. Confusing? Yes. For everyone.

  11. 2x Nasdaq $QLD pops 3.3% on the day. Also Biotech is back as $BIB +5.7%,hopefully won t fade like Tuesday $QQQ $SPY

  12. Indexes: Dow +180 +1%, $SPY +1.4%, $IWM +1%, $QQQ biotech/aapl/semi heavy +2%. $QLD moving, up 3.5% on day

  13. $QLD $QQQ New 20-day low $QID New 20-day high. Tech indices join the slide.

  14. Stop hit on $QLD all out for now didn t post entry won t post exit. Did say I was holding.

  15. Top 3 Strategic Sector Portfolio: Bought $BIB and $AMGN. May buy some $QLD. That s it.

  16. $QQQ $QLD New 20-day low. Tech averages also feel the pain. No index to hide.

  17. into the week long $EA $ESNT $FV $HAWK $HOLX $IPXL (looking tired) $SH...exiting $QLD (-)

  18. @Daily_Stock_Plays $QQQ Bullish Doji - Long over Doji high - $SQQQ $QLD $QID

  19. $QQQ Bullish Doji - Long over Doji high - $SQQQ $QLD $QID

  20. into the week w/ $EA $ESNT $FV $HAWK $HOLX $IPXL $QLD $SH

  21. Worst Sectors: Energy $DIG -6%, Europe - $EZU -3%, SP500 - $SSO -3%, Japan $EWJ -2.7%, Banks $KBE -2.5%, Nasd $QLD -2.5%. Killed. $SPY

  22. Top 3 Sector Portfolio: Topsy turvy mkt and we get stopped out of $QLD, and buy $SDS. This is only for high risk traders, mkt too volatile.

  23. We just bought some $QLD here, bounce underway.

  24. Stopped out $QLD,

  25. ETFs ripping: $DIG +4%, $RXL +4.7%, $UWM +3.5%, $QLD +3.5% incredible, huge volume floods in. $SPY