1. $RAD outperformed WAG; RAD is cheaper than WAG on PE; RAD remodeling on course; RAD hit downtrend channel at 5.10; Up unless index sinks.

  2. @StockMasterHere Do you still think $RAD is going under 5? Consider the fact that it closed at 5.35 on Friday..

  3. $RAD Cramers says mgmt is is dumb for not forecasting the lower reimb. rates, but the rest of the story is working http://y.ahoo.it/n3Oy3ksF

  4. @Sovaldiinvestor well, I took a pretty god hit, I didn t know $RAD would drop like it did, should have sold the day before

  5. $RAD I want to see insider buying to regain confidence. Standley, CFO etc. Until then, not so trusting....

  6. @southernstargazer How much did you lose on $RAD to buy $BABA at 40% premium?

  7. @southernstargazer: sold $RAD $CBMG $SYF AND $BBRY to get hold of $BABA= GREAT MOVE only 1 persons opinion!

  8. $RAD mgmt desperately needs to rebuild investor confidence. if they dont see this they are clueless.

  9. $RAD I mean these lowered guidance revisions every 3 mos collapsing sp 25% is unacceptable and someone should be held accountable.

  10. $RAD Ithink rad mgmt needs analysts conferences from time to time to discuss operations, etc so that they dont bombshell and shock the mkt.

  11. sold $RAD $CBMG $SYF AND $BBRY to get hold of $BABA= GREAT MOVE

  12. Is $RAD a BUY? Citi thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/a9VE8g4D

  13. @punkatassetcapital Cramer is almost always wrong. Like pushing $RAD in June.

  14. 1-star analyst George Hill from Deutsche Bank maintained a BUY rating on $RAD. George has a -0.2% average return http://y.ahoo.it/UhR2sXMV

  15. $RAD not a bad day considering.

  16. $rad re: afterhours. You guys do know today is quad witching day right?

  17. @operaghost88 haha, don t fall for it. Remember what happened to us and $RAD roflol! You lost a couple hundred I lost over a grand...

  18. $RAD 3.03 mill single trade after hours

  19. $RAD whats the book value this Qtr?

  20. $RAD Just keep $HZNP in mind when you look at $RAD! http://y.ahoo.it/hr0TiKKE

  21. $RAD When a stock sells 4 times its avg daily volume do you expect it to sell off and bleed again the next day?!absurd!

  22. $RAD time to go up $$$$$

  23. $RAD could this possible close green, I doubt it, but stranger things have happened, holding up like a trooper today

  24. $RAD Clearly support in low 5 s this is a buy it will bounce and recover in coming quarters - good swing trade here

  25. $RAD Looks tempting, but not sure it s done bleeding yet.