1. $HIMX $RAD $GRPN These 3 in my portfolio fought hard today. Hoping for market bounce back tmw.

  2. $RAD Down market = stable food and drug co s this stock will tank in a bullish market

  3. $RAD Does the bottom red line force a revisit to the 200 or can RAD vault over to 7? http://y.ahoo.it/pEt6Efpt

  4. $RAD Well, looks like the market stole todays MOJO...Certainly could have been worse......

  5. $RAD it sounds that this stock is pinned.

  6. $RAD todays action is telling, need to make sure its not a short term SSS high.

  7. $RAD FLY tomorrow

  8. $RAD 10 min to EOD and RAD is the only green--at 1-cent.

  9. @Helmer: $RAD working on the .71 brake again. There..the volume to follow..

  10. $RAD working on the .71 brake again.

  11. $tsl $gtat $mu $gluu $rad do sellers ever get tired? /wrists

  12. $RAD resilient today, tomorrow will be real test if market red, if holds up again with market deep red bottom maybe in.

  13. $RAD wooopie 2 pennies

  14. $RAD Upper BB, Above ICloud http://y.ahoo.it/aSdJtD7a

  15. $RAD Loves the 6.66 level. First Apple computer sold for $666.66. Today s action is fantastic. Holding up nicely.. We ve reached the bottom.

  16. $RAD sorry, but I just like it when I get to see green next to $RAD

  17. $RAD greeeeeeen....come on greeeeeeeeen !

  18. $RAD in at 6.66 out at 9.99 whenever that may be- hopefully 9.99 won t be on a cold day in hell...4.6% SSS mildly assuring short term

  19. $RAD Expecting a breakout in Down Day, Come on $7

  20. $RAD Not disappointed w/todays action considering the overall markets look the way they do.

  21. $RAD still in the wedge, no change. even after a 200 pt drop. Love it. http://y.ahoo.it/uK6HUnlW

  22. $RAD i still believe we will finish today at 6.75 - 6.80 ....

  23. $RAD Loaded for $8 s today.

  24. @FuriousComeback what do you think will happen tomorrow after August 1 $RAD options expires? Still debating if I should wait until tomorrow

  25. $RAD Buy now, thank me later