1. @KPL1974: $RAD my crystal ball is a little foggy but I think it looks like a golden cross & SSS will coincide if it maintains moment bingo

  2. $RAD we got our golden cross!!!

  3. $RAD 5min

  4. $rad holding up really well

  5. $RAD slightly bruised..but still headed higher for thurs SSS

  6. $RAD Doing extremely well considering the DOW is down 350 pts..

  7. $SONS $RAD a couple names with decent charts

  8. $RAD slow and steady wins the race

  9. $RAD lets see if the market will give us a green day.

  10. $RAD God damn rad, just dropped 1.20% in PM, looks like today could be set to be a bad one

  11. $RAD Undervalued. In a sweet spot. Should keep climbing

  12. $RAD today, moving avg. 50D $6.59 vs. 200D $6.54. Golden Cross?

  13. Top Buy Stocks for Jan.27: $CLR, $KBH, $RAD, $TWTR, $YHOO http://www.stoxline.com/quote.php?symbol=clr

  14. $rad I predicted on new years that this would golden cross by the end of the month. 4 more blizzard days of trading to prove me wrong.

  15. $RAD Have to add the generic Nexium ! Higher profit margins !!!

  16. $RAD Long awaited nexium approved , millions of extra income for rite aid !!! Stock up on rite aid !!!

  17. $RAD 8 this week

  18. $RAD can my 8 buck calls actually be in the money come feb 20???

  19. $RAD Insane close!

  20. $RAD wow nice close

  21. $RAD End of day rally? Volume picking up!

  22. $RAD The stock exchange is open tomorrow.

  23. $RAD Our Rite AID delivers in my area . Walgreens ? Nooooooo. Doubt CVS does

  24. $RAD Volume is half of average....

  25. $RAD will it retest hod