1. Will $RAD test 9 again? What s the stock chart telling us? http://chartstotradeby.com/whats-the-stock-chart-for-rite-aid-telling-us/

  2. $AMDA ready for the week (long) $AMDA & $RAD (short term) $VGGL $CLTX glta to my peoples on the AMDA board we r holding it down cheers guys!

  3. $RAD I just want them to keep grinding higher. I have a lot of shares and calls

  4. $RAD BUT he does think someone could eventually. He s just not sure who

  5. $RAD He said no way WBA can buy them out = no money

  6. $RAD they didn t want to deal with government

  7. $RAD My best customer is on the board of CVS. They talked about buying RAD but decided no because

  8. $RAD Missing something about this company; buy-out/ merger If financial performance keeps pace, it s a buy for me. No position, but watching

  9. $RAD when does rad report August sss?

  10. $RAD crazy how a few weeks ago this was happily in the mid 9s

  11. $RAD weak price action cashed out my 4.50$ shares for a lot of shorts

  12. $RAD shorting poor market easy attack here

  13. $RAD think it s time to jump in

  14. Can Pharmacy Retailers Finally Stop Worrying About Generic Price Inflation? http://www.trefis.com/stock/cvs/articles/311529/can-pharmacy-retailers-finally-stop-worrying-about-generic-price-inflation/2015-08-28 by Trefis Team $CVS $RAD $WAG

  15. $RAD give me a fundamental reason not to own a stock then I might sell it. Otherwise not. This superstitiously randomly picking nos is bs

  16. $RAD George panic trades based on heard mentality fear. Doesn t look at the stock s true quality. The sell off was not stock specfiic.

  17. These are the top fundamental analysts on Estimize for $RAD: quidproquo, @CHFX, phi16 http://www.estimize.com/rad/fq2-2016?utm_content=RAD&utm_medium=top_analysts_by_stock&utm_source=stocktwits#chart=historical

  18. $RAD George w/todays move up do u still have a 6.66 target or r u gonna adjust it upwards or will the market roll over soon just courious?

  19. $BBY $WMT and $RAD all following similar trends today. I shoulf have deversified more

  20. $PYPL $RAD which is an 8 dollar stock is trading better right now. Very happy I got out this morning.

  21. $RAD up 4.27% on the high today. Up 11.86% since recommendation made on 03/16/15. http://thedaytradingacademy.com/

  22. iStockPicker.com s prediction engine just predicted a rise coming for $RAD in the next few minutes, target sell 8.26.

  23. $RAD What would be nice is if we could sustain the bullish momentum. At least, that would be nice for me.

  24. $RAD Good news... Daily HA candle chart confirmed reversal from recent downward drop. Should be confident to get back into original trend.

  25. @SpideyTrader: WATCHING CLOSELY: $SPY, $QQQ, $SQQQ, $XLE, $XLF, $GLD, $AUY , $ORCL, $RAD, $INTC, $BABA, $FB, $CHK,$HAL,