1. $RAD up a nickle in AH trading

  2. $RAD Seems like lots of people want to get in .....but lower. It may slip a little, but not by much, Buyout rumours will hold it up.

  3. @GStein @edfed77 $S versus $RAD next 6 months? Imo $RAD in the short, $S has a lot work ahead I m in green on $RAD entered in @ 7.41

  4. $RAD hope it falls back down to the 8.2 range

  5. $RAD people will say darnedest things to make a buck. Sad really

  6. @edfed77 $S versus $RAD next 6 months? Imo $RAD in the short, $S has a lot work ahead

  7. $RAD no matter what happens 2morrow there are going to be a lot of I told you so from this crowd

  8. $RAD Got out yesterday at $8.67 after getting in at $7.50 Wouldn t be surprised if this is at $8 going into earnings.

  9. $RAD shud I go find sumthing to throw on your pile?never seen sum1 jumping up n dwn.Ur not influencing.just let it do what it s going to do?

  10. $RAD 3 Big Risks for Rite Aid Shareholders http://www.investopedia.com/stock-analysis/032615/3-big-risks-rite-aid-shareholders-rad.aspx

  11. $RAD Prediction: SSS up but not enough, dips below 8, climbs back up to 8.5 before earnings.

  12. $RAD now they re attacking the april 8.50 and 8 strikes

  13. $RAD tomorrow is only same store sales and not quarterly earnings...

  14. $RAD take your gains ppl and run ..

  15. $RAD how much could this go up on a good ER

  16. $S versus $RAD next 6 months?

  17. $CVS Wife wanted cigarettes. Sorry honey. Let s go to $RAD

  18. $RAD additionally, RAD has had previous personality of riding 8 day ema support in uptrends....today=8.44

  19. $RAD technically,as chart has filled out, 2wk uptrend is holding w/coinciding 8.40 breakout support.If were to hold,it we ve got a strong1

  20. $RAD there s a lot of chatter around SSSales.I wud posit that YoY always a coinflip and less imprtnt. Sequentially w/o weather shud be good

  21. $CVS made great moves this year. I still prefer $RAD for their better beer selection.

  22. $RAD couple of BIG blocks just went thru

  23. $RAD Tomorrow will be more pain! Last trading day before a long weekend! No one crazy enough to hold

  24. $RAD wise guys r eating them up like there at a free buffettt

  25. $RAD holy crap, another call sweep at the 9 strike, another 5k