1. $RAX Did not buy the $27 puts ...need the monthly chart to confirm daily and weekly.Getting the next big move up or down will make big money

  2. $RAX Never seen a better display of how HFT creates wealth at expense of everyone else.

  3. $RAX looks ready to fall today looking around 28,77

  4. @CoolBreeze: $RAX Rapidly approaching oblivion. Buying $27 puts // bearish not bullish

  5. $RAX Rapidly approaching oblivion. Buying $27 puts

  6. Wanna know who hasn t participated in this rally? $RAX.

  7. $RAX looks like it wants a new 52 week low

  8. $RAX looks like a Descending Triangle projecting to 26 area depending on how fast http://y.ahoo.it/ZToIo6sw

  9. $RAX adding more puts here

  10. $RAX still running June puts

  11. $RAX Still watching. http://y.ahoo.it/PUUmQha2

  12. From Moore s Law to Bezos law http://y.ahoo.it/V74LOlI6 $rax $goog $amzn

  13. Additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and Rule 14(a)(12) material http://y.ahoo.it/IF3FwI21 $RAX

  14. $RAX clearTREND Research DOWNGRADES Rackspace Hosting Inc on emerging downward primary trend, confidence rating of 83%

  15. $RAX wild ride last couple days

  16. $RAX reshort 1k 1400 total at31.65

  17. $RAX nice support save (31.58 triple support area) >> http://y.ahoo.it/8WP9dCWG http://y.ahoo.it/FpDp8r4S

  18. $RAX How is RAX gonna get above that murderous TL? Must be the growing revenues & expanding margins http://y.ahoo.it/V94IY3hz

  19. $RAX should start auctioning off assets. Everyone is building PAS clouds which will kill $RAX margins.

  20. $RAX should start auction off assets. Everyone is building PAS clouds which will kill $RAX margins.

  21. Long $RAX Target 33 odd

  22. Among my short holdings: $JAZZ $RAX $PETM $LULU $NUS $CONN $NXST - on the lookout for others forging nice patterns.

  23. $RAX fromm33

  24. $RAX took 500 more off at 29.9

  25. $RAX down 10% in a week. And I don t expect it to stop anytime soon. Breaking down H&S on the weekly chart.