1. Reiterating Sell $HPQ (but not $HPE, also $RAX $CRM )

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  10. $RAX AMZN should buy $RAX to compete with MSFT, GOOG Data center cloud computing, AMZN is left behind in this place

  11. $RAX lets go 29

  12. $BMRN $RAX nice all day

  13. $RAX buyback started

  14. $RAX is the biggest $AMZN AWS competitor in the cloud services..

  15. $RAX buy

  16. $RAX What is happening? any news?.

  17. $RAX Just short covering after a downgrade.

  18. $RAX the engine is hot.... now go up.....

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  21. $RAX I don t care what all your financial tools says, this stock doesn t act healthy. Does anyone think this is being hurt by $AMZN?

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