1. Shouldn t be surprising $HPQ who even wants to grow 3D printing organically isn t buying $RAX -not a news flash to anyone actually long both

  2. Rackspace Hosting, Inc. Not A Target Of HP After All http://y.ahoo.it/HXnOX2ao $RAX $HPQ $IBM $AMZN

  3. Why Would $HPQ Buy $RAX ? http://y.ahoo.it/OPjD56sO $GOOG $AMZN $MSFT

  4. $RAX $SPY $QQQ $DVN keeps going higher since our video analysis post http://y.ahoo.it/GhwimcO2

  5. $RAX more likely buyers would be even ORCL MSFT CRM etc.. not HP.. and either way this is mispriced hence the activism.. trigger happy ppl

  6. $RAX selling cause you thought $HPQ would buy? common now... just gives ppl more buying opps for selling on poor rumours ty

  7. $RAX Even with this dip, they pushed up the Sept premiums quite a bit

  8. $RAX going down a bit. $HPQ has no interest in buying.

  9. HP $HPQ has no interest in buying Rackspace $RAX according to Re/code

  10. Top stocks on the list: $DGLY $RAX $X $LOCO $JRJC $CMCM $DKS $EXAS $HIMX $LUV $KATE

  11. $RAX sold some 34.50 nice entry yesterday guys. Helped along by takeover chatter today. Holding half over weekend. GL

  12. $RAX 150 day EMA at $34.51

  13. $RAX should ve been more patient...%%

  14. $RAX pop n

  15. $RAX if arbs hadn t been blown up on TWX and WAG this would be at 38 by now and then higher

  16. $RAX Nice move

  17. $RAX if it breaks 200 day at 34.81, look out

  18. $RAX working to fill the overhead gap. position

  19. Rackspace Hosting $RAX trading higher by 2% and strength being attributed to a note from UBS that said there is http://y.ahoo.it/kt3T4KYM

  20. $RAX at $34.81

  21. $RAX Thru the 150 day average now looking to the 200 day average at $34.

  22. $RAX Gonna trade with $CRM most likely tomorrow - long both - let s see

  23. $RAX

  24. $RAX going to 50-65

  25. $RAX started a position today. 33.15 looking for 36.76