1. 03/24/15 - Today s Market Forecast™ video can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHsb7kpQLV0&feature=youtu.be $SPY $STUDY $MACRO $RB_F $TSO

  2. API #s: $CL_F 4.8M vs 10.5M prev $RB_F -2.6M vs -0.58M prev $HO_F -0.64M vs -0.25M prev

  3. Didn t see clear chance to get $RB_F short into close, but $CL_F could be a lot of air below 46.86.84.

  4. Ratio of Gas prices to Crude Oil at extremes here with Gas prices not falling nearly as fast as Crude. $RB_F $CL_F

  5. As Crude hit new lows this week Gas prices not adjusting quickly, still 20% above their January lows. $RB_F

  6. Stocks Rally after Fed Loses “Patience” http://bigwavetrading.com/27514/stocks-rally-after-fed-loses-patience/ $CL_F $OIL $CT_F $CRB $RB_F $RUT $COMPQ $NDX $DBO $USCI $DBA $SPX $DJIA $ERX

  7. $RB_F dragonfly doji yesterday. Not enough to make me want to buy though, momentum on daily still looks too bearish

  8. @MktOutperform Crude at new lows, Gas prices still 20% above their January lows. $CL_F $RB_F

  9. Crude Oil Falls To The Bottom Of The Range: Is This A Dip To Buy? http://technomentals.com/2015/03/16/crude-oil-falls-to-the-bottom-of-the-range-is-this-a-dip-to-buy/ $DX_F $CL_F $HO_F $RB_F $SPY $DBO $SCO

  10. $RB_F $UGA diverging (higher lower) from $CL_F $USO as it makes a lower low

  11. Crude at new lows, Gas prices still 20% above their January lows. $CL_F $RB_F

  12. $RB_F headed back toward 1.60 it seems after retracing 38.2% of the Sept-Jan move lower.

  13. Marex Spectron Ethanol Report http://www.marexspectron.com/assets/Documents/Spectrometer/SpectrometerUSEthanol_5_110315.pdf #ethanol #biofuel #rins $USO $CL_F $ZC_C $CORN $RB_F

  14. Shorts in $RB_F and $CL_F from last night s weekly outlook session are playing out very nicely. Great Trade

  15. $UWTI $DWTI $UGAZ $DGAZ thanks for the pocket change. +$780 #pairstrade 3 cents go a long way with big volume lol. $CL_F $RB_F

  16. This is by far & away the most bullish time of the year for Gas prices, NOT the summer driving season , as they like to tell you $RB_F $UGA

  17. CME Increases NYMEX Diesel & $RB_F Gasoline Futures Margins

  18. Gasoline: A Bull Market And It’s Not Even Driving Season http://technomentals.com/2015/03/03/gasoline-a-bull-market-and-its-not-even-driving-season/ $CL_F $RB_F $BNO $SCO $OLO $SZO $DBO $DWTI $SPY

  19. Natty Pits Closed: H: 2.753 L: 2.688 Close: 2.698 Open: 2.729 $CL_F $NG_F $USO $RB_F $HO_F $GC_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  20. Crude Pit Closed: H: 51.04 L: 48.92 Close: 49.60 open: 49.20 $CL_F $NG_F $USO $RB_F $HO_F $GC_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  21. JP Morgan Global Manuf PMI (Feb) M/M 52.0 (Prev. 51.7) $CL_F $NG_F $USO $RB_F $HO_F $GC_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  22. NASDAQ comp has trades above 5,000 for the first time since 2000 $CL_F $NG_F $USO $RB_F $HO_F $GC_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  23. Genscape data show not as large as expected build in Cushing. $CL_F $NG_F $USO $RB_F $HO_F $GC_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  24. Standard Chartered anticipate that Brent would average USD 76/bbl in 2015 $CL_F $NG_F $USO $RB_F $HO_F $GC_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  25. Natty Gas: H: 2.745 L: 2.701 Close: 2.731 Open: 2.704 $CL_F $NG_F $USO $RB_F $HO_F $GC_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com