1. $REE Rare earths coming back into focus thanks to China. Hope to see sp move above $2.00 this year.

  2. $REE this race with $GEVO seems to me GEVO still got alot juice left ;)))

  3. $REE ree prices are finally moving up. This could be a very big year for the rare earth. Nice steady grind. Time to retrace sum of that gap

  4. $REE http://stocktwits.com/message/33193187

  5. $REE Anybody selling at this point? I hopped in at .75. Just dont want to get burned.

  6. my new watchlist, rare earth miners $pal $ree $dnn also $asti $nadl


  8. $REE $pal $pbio, $mux $asti $nadl $daeg $cycc watchlist for the day

  9. $REE looked good, might not have alot of umph left, but we will see, $pal is on its slow move up , atleast looks that way, im in 2.6k share

  10. $REE Or $PAL....?

  11. $REE Feelin good on a Wednesday..., I mean a Mondayy!

  12. $REE WOW - missed all the recent action but is now on radar. Looking for a decent swing here. Notes on chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/vi2U5WlK/

  13. $MCP $REE $TAS $AVL $QRM Rare earth industry in overbought zone. Be careful after this huge bounce http://stocktwits.com/message/32928589

  14. $REE I m thinking green tmrw to end the week lets say a close in the .90 s

  15. $AVL slow rise up. Expecting a trend upwards for next week and will continue to hold. Gains will be beautiful as $REE were from 30c

  16. $MCP Molycorp Very Undervalued Here Against $REE

  17. Stil + momentum in $MCP N more + N $REE. Took dip last week 2. Not as much. I just think quick profit taking.Cant stay up every day common!

  18. {video} Chart Analysis $CYBR $FEYE $YOD $BABA $EXXI $REE $AGN $$BIDU $GOOGL $AMRS $$ARTX http://thecontrariantrader.com/members-stock-pick-request-4/

  19. Low float/highly shorted/beaten down commodity stocks making big moves $MCP $REE $AVL $LEU $RTK could be next

  20. @rosk any thoughts on $REE i think they have zero debt?

  21. $MCP this stock is dropping like a rock and $REE seems to have hit support. One of the two will correct itself

  22. meant to put $DGAZ. Sorry big guy $SPX $SBUX $RUSS $CAT $BIOD $REE

  23. $REE I buy on all dips.

  24. $REE look at last year same time. prices surged.

  25. $REE Should I buy in or is it too late?