1. Watchlist: $ARQL, $ATOS, $DNDN, $DSCO, $IMRS, $NSPH, $REE, $SNWV, $SPHS, $STRI - Will go Long if I see the trigger signal on my system...

  2. $MCP $REE http://y.ahoo.it/L4cPV0xg

  3. $MCP Strong Buy Analysis On Molycorp http://y.ahoo.it/EbByQtsq $REE

  4. $MCP Big Short Squeeze Mounting Up On Molycorp MCP http://y.ahoo.it/X57rYHsR $REE

  5. $ree great place to park money with significant upside.

  6. $XME $REE $TAS man breaking out of his cage nicely..updated.. http://y.ahoo.it/ZN3huz5T

  7. $REE nice 50ma hold @ 1.27. stock is undervalued.

  8. $MCP $REE Rare earth elements or Rarely are there Bidders ?

  9. $SPEX out for now. added more $REE, $DNDN

  10. $MCP may be cheaper but $ree is still a better buy.

  11. $SPEX still long, long $CL_F, long $BORN, $REE, $DNDN, $PLUG small.

  12. $REE Watching for possible move to 200dma.

  13. $REE Rare-earths mine would be ‘world-class’ http://y.ahoo.it/sEQRTPXf

  14. $REE value being recognized. ppl will jump to pay 1.50-2.00 get in before they do.

  15. $REE wants H.O.D.

  16. $REE kicking up some sand.

  17. $ree holding the recent gains.

  18. @bangersnpip Stock watchlist posted 20JUN14: $ARQL $LSG $MCP $REE $UAM http://y.ahoo.it/Qq5V5ySz

  19. $ree nice volume seeing strength into the close

  20. $REE No one knows ?Or there is no one here ?

  21. $REE why is ree up so much and the volume so high?

  22. longs $tvix $vxx $twmjf $ree $thm $ncq $layn $wtsl shorts $psa $odfl $cavm $sig

  23. $ree buy.

  24. $REE Others to follow $QRM $AVL .....

  25. $REE and $QRM also moving in rare earth space thin ones