1. Losers $CANF -60%, $ADMP -30%, $BDSI -25%, $CELP -19%, $WWE -16%, $OVAS -11%, $RESN -11%, $SMTX -11%, $GBSN -11%, $REE -10%, $WBAI -10%,

  2. $REE Rare Element says revised EIS schedule supports guidance of Bear Lodge Project

  3. $MCP $MEIP $CAPN $IMGN $REE $JNUG midday-->. switch to $JDST $RAdA $CYBR $PHMD all very interesting for tuesday. Will consider positions.

  4. $REE next move looks higher,macd ready to cross, slow stochastics oversold

  5. $REE love the gift able to build more into my position we were able to hold support an bounce looking good for a move higher

  6. Certainly like the look of $REE in this chart $MCP $AVL $STOCKS $DAYTRADE

  7. $REE Dear Shorts, Please find a better explanation. Majority of the Rare Earth Metal Stocks will go up. China supply ban & Rising demand.

  8. $MCP $REE REE Worth a read... REE expert Jack Lift on comments. 60 minutes DoD Gov t must step in . MCP at 36 cents. http://investorintel.com/rare-earth-intel/93505/

  9. Losers-2 $REE -11%, $EGY -11%, $SYRX -11%, $APDN -10%, $ASPS -10%, $CNCE -9%, $MILL -9%, $MTOR -9%,

  10. Hi @rahagar! You mentioned the $MCP pop to $1. What about $REE which could be flagging for another pop. Maybe buying over $0.75 or $0.80?

  11. @Nataswollof666 my new watchlist, rare earth miners $pal $ree $dnn also $asti $nadl Check out $MCP

  12. Rare Element Resources Ltd. Just Filed Its Annual Report: The loss per share i... http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/Q/summary/?id=1535823 $REE

  13. $REE we need to stay above the bottoming tail pivot off the 20ma..a big bar over .81 cents would be beautiful. Waiting for next leg up

  14. $REE this had really good news recently why is it going down?

  15. $REE $RES.CA Rare Element Reports Unanimous Support from Wyoming Legislature and Executive Branch http://www.juniorminingnetwork.com/junior-miner-news/press-releases/1311-tsx/res/4065-rare-element-reports-unanimous-support-from-wyoming-legislature-and-executive-branch.html

  16. $REE Rare earths coming back into focus thanks to China. Hope to see sp move above $2.00 this year.

  17. $REE this race with $GEVO seems to me GEVO still got alot juice left ;)))

  18. $REE ree prices are finally moving up. This could be a very big year for the rare earth. Nice steady grind. Time to retrace sum of that gap

  19. $REE http://stocktwits.com/message/33193187

  20. $REE Anybody selling at this point? I hopped in at .75. Just dont want to get burned.

  21. my new watchlist, rare earth miners $pal $ree $dnn also $asti $nadl


  23. $REE $pal $pbio, $mux $asti $nadl $daeg $cycc watchlist for the day

  24. $REE looked good, might not have alot of umph left, but we will see, $pal is on its slow move up , atleast looks that way, im in 2.6k share

  25. $REE Or $PAL....?