1. $REGN i like this to $330 short term

  2. $REGN 325,327.50 C s, $BIDU 225 C s, $YELP 80-85 C s, $Z 160 C s,boy going to be hard to pick which hand to play tmrw, lot of juicy plays

  3. $REGN EYLEA® (aflibercept) Injection Receives FDA Approval for the Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema.. http://y.ahoo.it/E04DHfHT

  4. $REGN well one can always hope for a general market correction to take this one down to earth for a second helping.duh.

  5. $REGN I think we will see 340$ by Friday if mrkt stys green... I will buy premrkt below 320$ if I m lucky..GL!:)

  6. $REGN $YELP $GILD $BIDU $Z Check out my trading website for beginners http://y.ahoo.it/nIPcRpTY

  7. $REGN $YELP $FB $GILD $BIDU $Z stock to watch tomororw

  8. $REGN Expect Len to appear on CNBC tomorrow

  9. $REGN opens 319-324 tomorrow

  10. $REGN Looks ready to breakout. cha-ching

  11. $REGN up 9-10% tomorrow. If breaks 320.00 goes to 331. At 331 up 9-10%. DME huge news , wasn t a given. Pleasant surprise

  12. $REGN move coming to 320, break 320 goes to 324-337. DME is huge adds another 500mil at least in Eylea sales

  13. @upsidetrader: $REGN and $AMGN will lift $IBB tomorrow

  14. Diabetic Mac Edema @ravenben: $REGN gets FDA approval for diabetic macular degeneration. Pretty big news. Should be a big mover tomorrow

  15. @SmokeyNYY $RXII Either way I have my biggest position in here, because if tech pans out with phase 2 validation this is the next $REGN

  16. $REGN someone siphoning cheap lose shares in AH. $330+ BY fRI

  17. @upsidetrader did take a few $REGN long at 313. Will add tomorrow on strength or go option route. #fun.

  18. $REGN and $AMGN will lift $IBB tomorrow

  19. $REGN $AMGN bios will be looking good tomorrow $IBB $BIB

  20. $REGN $349 median target before FDA approval. Upgrades coming

  21. $REGN above $320 and the shorts start to boil

  22. $REGN trading again. As high as 317 at the moment

  23. $REGN can t believe this isn t trending on ST s yet. Pretty big news, eh?

  24. $BIB $REGN FDA approved DEM. It is top ten holding in $BIB. $REGN still halted

  25. $REGN Regeneron to Resume Trading at 7:00 PM ET