1. The Eurozone: Collateral Damage $ERO http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/02/greece-grexit-euro/ $REK http://stocktwits.com/message/32409466

  2. Shorting Real Estate $IYR $REK http://independentcapitalist.com/2014/10/22/shorting-real-estate-iyr-rek/

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  4. $drv $rek US: Annual Pending Home Sales fall 9.0% in January http://y.ahoo.it/EBCyhx3T

  5. $twm $drv $udnt $rek $edz record foreclosures in California not weather related, in Connecticut 82%, Maryland 126%! http://y.ahoo.it/1tehbesQ

  6. $russ $drv $rek $ Record number of foreclosures in January not weather related Connecticut 82%, Maryland 126%! http://y.ahoo.it/yR4o8bJq

  7. Why the Real Estate Market Is Still a Guessing Game http://y.ahoo.it/k1Tly6vG $NDAQ $REK $ITB

  8. Profiting on Existing U.S. Home Sales Whether They Soar or Sour http://y.ahoo.it/9BKGgm4W $NDAQ $WHR $ELUXY

  9. bot 40 $REK #PROSHARES #SHORT #ETFREAL ESTATE @ 25.975 Sld 34 $CWI SPDR MSCI #ACWI #EX-US @ 34.90

  10. $SH $VWO $GDX $REK $RSX Market Strategists: 5 Contrarian ETF Investing Ideas http://y.ahoo.it/GOsJ1qPA

  11. EOD: $ACT $FB $IRE $LNKD $NM $SB $TSK $YNDX $REK long; $DHI $LEN $PHM $RYL short

  12. current: $ACT $FB $IRE $LNKD $NM $REK $SB $SU $TSL long; $DHI $LEN $PHM $RYL short

  13. EOD: $ACT $FB $FLT $IRE $LNKD $NM $PKG $SB $SU $TSL $REK $TBF long; $DHI $LEN $PHM $RYL short

  14. current: $ACT $FB $IRE $LNKD $NM $PKG $REK $SB $SU $TBF $TSL long; $LEN $PHM $RYL short; oops left some out

  15. current: $ACT $FB $LNKD $PKG $QCOR $SB $TSL $REK long; $LEN $PHM $RYL $ZF_F short; WISH I kept $TSLA $QIHU ; $VRX $TBF stopped; pain on USTs

  16. current: $ACT $FB $LNKD $PKG $QCOR $SB $TSL $VRX $TBF $REK long; $LEN $PHM $RYL $ZF_F short; WISH I kept $TSLA $QIHU and more $LNKD

  17. current: $ACT $FB $LNKD $QCOR $REK $TBF $SB $TSL long; $LEN $PHM $RYL $ZF_F short

  18. $ACT $FB $LNKD $QCOR $REK $TBF long; $LEN $PHM $RYL $ZF_F short

  19. EOD: $ACT $FB $QCOR $TBF $PKG $REK long; $LEN $PHM $RYL short

  20. $ACT $PKG $VRX $QCOR $FB $LNKD $TBF $REK long; $LEN $PHM $RYL short

  21. $ACT $PKG $VRX $QCOR $UTHR $FB $LNKD $REK $TBF long; $LEN $PHM $RYL short

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  24. current: $ACT $FB $GTAT $LNKD $PKG $QCOR $UTHR $VRX $YELP $YNDX $REK $TBF long $ZF_F Short;watch: $ZN_F $TBT $CC_F $GLD $FXI $EWP $EWI $IRE

  25. Also long $rek, $udn, $sbnd, $dtys, $xhb. Short $mrc