1. Sell Stock $REW target $48.68 in 1W, success prob 99.52%. #Predicted via Tino algo A3 - Crowd Psychology IQ

  2. $REW bullish

  3. 19 Bull 1 Buy Signals at https://stopsandtargets.com including: $CALX $ADT $EWO $NLY $EWU $NDLS $BDE $TENX $CASI $VHC $ACW $P $DRV $REW

  4. Inverse Tech ETFs to Hedge Bubble Concerns http://www.etftrends.com/2015/03/inverse-tech-etfs-to-hedge-bubble-concerns/ $REW $TECS $SSG $SOXS

  5. $REW has issued a 1-for-4 stock split and now has 103000 shares - http://www.nasdaq.com/markets/upcoming-splits.aspx

  6. Investors Get Jittery About Tech ETFs http://www.etftrends.com/2014/10/investors-get-jittery-about-tech-etfs/ $QQQ $AAPL $MSFT $SOXX $XLK $REW $TECS $SQQQ

  7. Investors Get Jittery About Tech ETFs $TECS $XLK $SOXX $SQQQ $QQQ $REW $MSFT $AAPL https://www.vetr.com/posts/PruUEWbmwOOein

  8. Sept 15 Posted: I wasn t posting over the weekend for nothing $QID $REW $VXX $BABA

  9. $AAPL I wasn t posting over the weekend for nothing $DANG $QID $REW $BABA

  10. Doing some weekend homework on ideas for next week $QID $REW $TWQ

  11. Conservative Investor? Why Now Is Your Time $WMT $REW $QQQ http://y.ahoo.it/I5VJdRh8

  12. $TWTR $TSLA $NFLX $REW - NASDAQ Foreshadowing a Bearish Event? -> http://y.ahoo.it/cPOY9gH4

  13. Warning Signs Of A Tech Sell-Off Coming? $TSLA $QQQ $TWTR $NFLX $REW http://y.ahoo.it/c8UyqEkD

  14. http://y.ahoo.it/eq1TnDrx - Jan 27 - Unusual Volume : $KIM $THHY $PRPH $REW $DBGR $IRT $GRN $MAGS $BIV $VSB $OVLY $USV $GUR $IFAS $MICT

  15. Wow! $AMZN $YHOO $GOOG are skyrocketing. I don t understand why. I m hedged with $REW but not sure when we will top out.

  16. I hold a few positions on tech but my general feeling is that valuations are inflated. Just bought some $REW (Tech Short ETF).

  17. @ApexV $REW All BP Then. Partner /BASF. Manufng Sewed up....DEEP Pockets....BUY a MKTng Wizard.

  18. $SPY a lot of red but averages being held up into weekend. I like $rew calls, $qqq puts, $tna puts and $fb puts, $abx calls $nem calls

  19. What the Heck? Why is MKT rebounding, ask the Bears. $FAS $FAZ $BGU $BGZ $MWN $MWJ $DOG $SQQQ $QQQ $SPY $DIA $IWN $REW $DTO $SRTY $UVXY $VXX

  20. entered long $REW at 53.80, selling at 59.18

  21. I $REW the day it bounces off the 50dma.

  22. entered $REW at 57.50, waiting for the market to dip again, and then selling

  23. Best performing leveraged ETFs: short: $SOXS (Semicon. 3x) $SKF (Financial 2x) $REW (2x Tech)

  24. long $skf $rew

  25. eying $rew after a minor tech bounce