1. @fame NO green. Only with $RFMD. Very good stock.

  2. $RFMD Huge buys AH. Gonna rebound tomorrow

  3. $SPY Wrong alerts in $BBY $GLD $GDP but other profitable alerts in $IMAX $GNC $THC $IWM $TAL $RFMD $SBAC $AER $AVP etc

  4. POS in $AA (bullish) Watchlist for $GLUU $PES $EJ $MVIS $PPC $RFMD $SWC $PEIX

  5. $RFMD Insider selling - http://y.ahoo.it/S9L5aXDS

  6. $RFMD Got out yesterday at 11.70. Made 300% gain. Will go with 9.00 puts now until turn around.

  7. @Cupid71: @CoreyVZ: $RFMD $TSEM $XRX $FB Hunting for some shares

  8. RF Micro: Companies Announce Effectiveness Of Registration Statement On Form S-4 http://y.ahoo.it/n0zJYNQt $RFMD

  9. $RFMD Rf Micro Devices Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/vbQ6IUio

  10. RF Micro Devices just filed its Prospectuses and communications, business combinations http://y.ahoo.it/K0lh0C9l $RFMD

  11. $RFMD

  12. $ONVO Like Warren Buffet says, down days always make me feel good ...everything on sale today, $PAL, $RNN, $AWRE, $MITK, $RFMD, $KKR, $CVRR

  13. What are your thoughts about Tax Inversion? $TQNT $MDT $AZN $PFE $COV $RFMD $WAG $ABT $SLXP http://y.ahoo.it/S6ZNEcdF

  14. $RFMD Nice pullback to jump in

  15. Other definitive proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/1J6g3As9 $RFMD

  16. $RFMD Surging Earnings Estimates Signal Good News for RF Micro Devices (RFMD) Read more: http://y.ahoo.it/fr51iGxt

  17. RF Micro Devices $RFMD does not fit Texas Instruments $TXN M&A requirements by any stretch, according to Summit http://y.ahoo.it/6nYf3i4j

  18. $RFMD Happy I sold yesterday at 11.70

  19. $RFMD what have we here today? Some one knows what is happening?

  20. @AriDavidson $RFMD is in the final stages of a merger with $TQNT

  21. $RFMD RFMD And TriQuint Schedule Shareholder Meetings For September 5, 2014.. http://y.ahoo.it/twbRf9n9

  22. HIGH PUT VOLU $ITT 12020% $RFMD 8313% $SM 5449% $BGCP 3900% $HST 3605% $TQNT 3164% $SABR 2857% $HRS 1961% http://y.ahoo.it/8IeyLWwN

  23. $RFMD Why is it up so much in the pre markets?

  24. $GTAT $SWKS $TQNT $RFMD $AVGO $NXPI $INVN $CRUS $GLW $AAPL Taiwan GDP rose 3.9% vs. expected 3.1% http://y.ahoo.it/R2JbRD5v

  25. July 30 2014 Bullish Technical Indicators: New 52-week Highs http://y.ahoo.it/XwylJREh $X $EMC $RFMD $GILD $YPF $NKE $HOLX