1. $RGDX Still looks as if this has room to fall. Are there any near-term catalysts?

  2. $RGDX another 10% today? Gonna be at zero in no time!

  3. @totrader2014 waaaaaahhhhh :(.......... $rgdx

  4. @totrader2014 $rgdx wahhhhhhhh :(.......

  5. @Nickfogle $rgdx isn t putting drugs out that have phase testing etc. Why would it have scheduled catalyst opportunities??

  6. $RGDX any potential catalysts between now and next earnings? New lows and lack of management buying makes me wonder what insiders know...

  7. $RGDX piece of crap now becoming a real penny stock!!! I cannot believe how much I have lost on this f%^%^ing piece of shiiiit!!!

  8. $RGDX amazing! 10% down for the 3rd day in a row. Headed to zero!!

  9. $RGDX WOW! Should I dump this trash??

  10. $RGDX http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/rgdx/stock-consultant

  11. $RGDX Again historic low. wow, I am so F^*&%^ed!

  12. $RGDX new 52 week lows...delisting soon. I hate this company.

  13. $RGDX and back down.

  14. @totrader2014 the only reason you re in this stock is because a newsletter said buy , I ve been in since May quit crying $RGDX

  15. Still holding 51,400 shares of $RGDX, only regret is I bought too soon, half way to LT investment !

  16. $wtsl a dodged bullet, almost put 25k into it but the $dlia bk opened my eyes, $rgdx was a blessing that it was at 52 week low

  17. @Mhentho @nano_cap and $RGDX portfolio of products and services are attractive and obviously being recognized

  18. $RGDX http://seekingalpha.com/pr/11960295-response-genetics-secures-new-york-state-department-of-health-approval-for-the-companys-responsedx-r-testing-services via @salphatrending

  19. @Nickfogle $RGDX, the thing is that the best catalysts are the unexpected ones, which rgdx is best suited for

  20. @youngmustang $rgdx u can t buy enough without skyrocketing the pps, so they manipulate to accumulate

  21. $RGDX Someone was selling large blocks in the 8k range. Probably selling news to reduce a large position due to lack of near-term catalysts.

  22. $RGDX not into conspiracy theories but, just who owns this stock? There appears to a concerted effort to keep it down.

  23. $RGDX gave up all gains. Back to .47

  24. $RGDX a promise delivered! Anxious to see where the skeptics find new fodder to keep this SP down. But lets not forget WS is foolish

  25. $RGDX lol and it s red again even after the news.