1. $RGDX a gap up yesterday and today. Lol. I like it. Id join but the way my account is set up... chk and sav. Hahaha

  2. $RGDX stock is at the mercy of mm right now. Probably will continue rest of month. No news from company doesn t help.

  3. $RGDX no news, no updates, decimated stock price... Wtf management??

  4. $RGDX hidden trades and post trade transparency chart - http://rankandfiled.com/#/public/RGDX/market. See also: Ownership influence map - http://rankandfiled.com/#/public/RGDX/influence

  5. $RGDX You guys monitoring level 2 closely? Price action has been bizarre since the CC s merger talk. Starting w/ the suspicious $0.18 trade.

  6. $RGDX Its been holding this level for a while now, some good news and this thing will move up! Hopefully.. if not im throwing in the towel

  7. $RGDX down down down. No news here.

  8. $RGDX wow this pps is suckin eggs right now. Hope they workout somekinda deal soon..

  9. $RGDX also bridger is in on the loan hence the warrants at .37, Bridger not exercising option to buy signals no interest in more shares.

  10. $RGDX The updated credit agreement shows they revised the rev based numbers lower to 15.0 for q1 instead of orig. 17.75m

  11. $RGDX jan/feb account collections x2 of nov/dec. A good sign but the swk loan is a problem. rev based repayment and they cant keep up?

  12. $RGDX 4q rev was 4.1m, total yr 2014 was 16.7m, 3mil less then 2013. Accounts rec 2014 is -7.4mil double of 2013.

  13. $RGDX Sorry dx rev was 3.7MM or 1.23/month. 2.46x3 = 7.38MM. Still in the ball park.

  14. $RGDX in the 7-8MM range right? 1.6MM average per month in 4q, so 3.2 per month in 1q right? The math equals 9.6. We ll see how 1q turns out

  15. $RGDX If Jan/Feb dx rev x2 nov/dec, and dx 4q rev was 4.8MM, it would stand to reason that assuming march did the same, 1q revs should be

  16. $RGDX What was the point of extending toms contract till december now. If it was tied to loan terms the agreement is pretty flimsy.

  17. $RGDX I expect bk announcement by july...

  18. $RGDX Didn t checkup on this one for almost half a year now. Setting alerts around .20 level. Might take a small position when it gets there

  19. $RGDX they blew thru that loan money extremely fast too. Smh

  20. $RGDX wow.. in the 20s... I now think that buy sell merge was a cry for help. Tom did sound tired and defeated in last cc.

  21. $RGDX what s the game plan within this company? Now scratching my head. The picture is distorted

  22. $RGDX and we will see .2s soon. Maybe even .1s

  23. $RGDX Some positive news on financial front would go a long way here...

  24. $RGDX https://twitter.com/BlockTradeAlert/status/589154185859440641?s=09 2nd big block trade this week... idk..

  25. $RGDX wondering if this will even make it till next earnings..