1. Extremely concerned no insiders are buying at current price level, seems like we have been sub dollar forever $rgdx

  2. $RGDX with all the catalysts why is this stock down.??? Well I guess that means buy...

  3. $RGDX 100 shares and 6% swing.

  4. $RGDX http://y.ahoo.it/vDNlytQ2

  5. Spectacular timing on that PR $rgdx

  6. $RGDX on the pages of CNN this morning with a new diagnostic offering. http://y.ahoo.it/ykO19EkY

  7. $RGDX Response Genetics Combines Cost-Effective, Rapid Turnaround Time With Next Generation Sequencing.. http://y.ahoo.it/ph7vpZbw

  8. $RGDX Bid and Ask both well below current price? Whats up here?

  9. $RGDX Well this fell back off the tracks today.

  10. Excellent Analysis of why $RGDX is currently undervalued: http://y.ahoo.it/MlDDVwjS Expect substantial positive price action w/in 3 months.

  11. $RGDX SA Article http://y.ahoo.it/jN0YBHeZ

  12. @olapanch $rgdx, funny cause the stock currently stinks but the potential is what keeps me holding

  13. $RGDX I like this stock but i m not sure about the potential?

  14. $RGDX 42MM O/S divided by 1.74MM people. The math makes sense... :)

  15. $RGDX contracted membership. Even one % is 1.74 million people. Are you telling me that that one percent is only worth $19.55 a test?

  16. $RGDX stocks out there. Double digit sample growth for 3 cons quarters. Tissue of Origin test roller out. 174 million people with

  17. $RGDX shares outstanding, when it takes off, it s gonna fly. #repeatingmyself Know what you own. By far one of the most undervalued

  18. $RGDX Cost average of .771, which IMO is the new support. Break above .87 and $1 flys by. Who knows when, but when there s only 42 million

  19. $RGDX Sorry, all 105 followers ;)

  20. $RGDX 3Q ER starts the run, mark my words all 88 followers ;)

  21. $RGDX Easy triple bagger in a years time. There s no data coming. Know what you own... NY License soon enough, won t move the pps. 2Q...

  22. thanks! But when it s the next PR or data for $RGDX?

  23. $RGDX so boring here, till someone dumps a few shares and it falls 5%. geez.

  24. $RGDX Or $EXAS Who is the best?

  25. $RGDX When is the next catalyst or data?