1. @youngmustang $rgdx I ve been holding since may, I m not a technical trader, what do you see?

  2. $RGDX all the indicators suggest this will soon break out.

  3. $RGDX A day where I am happy to see no volume.

  4. $RGDX Someone call the company and b I t c h then out!

  5. $RGDX And we have .6 s

  6. $RGDX not pretty today. Might be headed back to the .6 s.

  7. $RGDX Not sure how we close the day at .78 when my GTC & Ext. sell order doesn t get filled at .76 My cheap shares not good enough...

  8. Just put all 51,400 shares on the ask for witching hour $rgdx

  9. $RGDX lots of progress. Earnings will catch up and remain constant.

  10. $RGDX business is expanding and the future is very bright. Current price is good buying opportunity.

  11. $RGDX I think investors are wondering at what point does this Co. begin to make some money.

  12. $RGDX I wish I could just pull this off my watch list (without selling) so I dont have to watch it bleed down on no volume every day.

  13. Extremely concerned no insiders are buying at current price level, seems like we have been sub dollar forever $rgdx

  14. $RGDX with all the catalysts why is this stock down.??? Well I guess that means buy...

  15. $RGDX 100 shares and 6% swing.

  16. $RGDX http://y.ahoo.it/vDNlytQ2

  17. Spectacular timing on that PR $rgdx

  18. $RGDX on the pages of CNN this morning with a new diagnostic offering. http://y.ahoo.it/ykO19EkY

  19. $RGDX Response Genetics Combines Cost-Effective, Rapid Turnaround Time With Next Generation Sequencing.. http://y.ahoo.it/ph7vpZbw

  20. $RGDX Bid and Ask both well below current price? Whats up here?

  21. $RGDX Well this fell back off the tracks today.

  22. Excellent Analysis of why $RGDX is currently undervalued: http://y.ahoo.it/MlDDVwjS Expect substantial positive price action w/in 3 months.

  23. $RGDX SA Article http://y.ahoo.it/jN0YBHeZ

  24. @olapanch $rgdx, funny cause the stock currently stinks but the potential is what keeps me holding

  25. $RGDX I like this stock but i m not sure about the potential?