2. $RGDX Enters Next Generation Sequencing Market With Proprietary Panel for Lung Cancer http://y.ahoo.it/Hq54XZgg

  3. $RGDX We need some $PLUG volume up in this jizzoint

  4. @two_two What do you think of Q1 earnings? $RGDX

  5. $RGDX perfect short RGDX

  6. $RGDX out with a loss

  7. $RGDX short below 1.20 in RGDX

  8. $RGDX I m out. Sold at a loss.

  9. $RGDX the trading in RGDX is really strange, they are hittin the ask every 15min. trying to create something imo. dont know what it is yet

  10. Watch list video con t including $GM $SHLD $RGDX $MNGA http://y.ahoo.it/ZGG1IZsz

  11. $TKMR best EBOLA play imo: http://y.ahoo.it/xzN7Tdw9 Watching: $MNKD, $FCEL, $SRPT I own: $ECTE $KOOL $RGDX $PPHM $HERRO $CLDX

  12. After-Hour Gainers 4/8 $CTCT $RGDX $APP $CWTR

  13. $RGDX Closed the gap before the contract news.Added some shares here $ECTE ready to make a move before approval.Also in: $HERO, $KOOL, $PPHM

  14. $RGDX hate myself cuz I knew it had to touch 1.20

  15. $RGDX hate myself for not selling at 1.50+ last week...

  16. Becker Drapkin Management Reduce Stake In Response Genetics Inc $RGDX $PACR $PXLW http://y.ahoo.it/hjIGRxVO

  17. $RGDX has to touch 1.20 then up , IMO

  18. $RGDX Not tripping. I m holding this stock hard while squeezing my nuts even harder

  19. $RGDX the only thing green in my portfolio/watchlist today. Well done

  20. $RGDX you will go

  21. $PPHM Bought $CLDX 15.98...I like the red to green intra-day reversal at the bottom of a trend. I own: $PPHM, $ECTE, $KOOL, $RGDX

  22. MOJO Day Trading Daily Watch List Hot Gainers $VOCS $QCOR $AGIO $UCTT $RGDX $PPHM $CTRP $ZNGA $TVIX $GLUU

  23. Pre-Market Gainers/Vol 4/7 $MNK 531356, $GCVRZ 191850, $PPHM 89876, $UGAZ 13148, $RGDX 10200, $AGIO 5286, $NTE 4133,

  24. $RGDX on watch for next week. Trading opportunity exists after last thursday 9.8m volume on 14.2m float 69% traded.

  25. $RGDX guess Drapikins is done selling his securitys, no wonder RGDX didnt fly above that 1.50$ dropping their shares into the bid like that.